Why Do Rabbits Thump Their Feet?

Rabbits are unpredictable. The basics of their language may seem unfathomable at first but can be deciphered in the long run with proper perseverance.

Their little fuzzy figure uses body language to tell you how they feel. They are very vocal, though, not all owners know and understand what they want.

One of the most common vocabularies in their body movement is the act of thumping. Some are often alerted as it may go on for hours, without proper knowledge unto what causes it and how to stop it.

To address this, this article will supply you with enough information about this type of movement.

What Is Thumping?

If you are a rabbit owner, you may have witnessed the form of thumping, especially out of the blue. It is when your bunny rapidly stomps one or both hind legs to make what appears to be a “thumping” noise.

Its occurrence depends on your little creature’s environment and personality. Some selected bunnies do not do this, but once they do, it is important to know what it is and what is it for.

It can happen even while doing your playtime adventure. While you are not within their presence, you may hear a sudden thumping sound with their eyes wide and their ears pointed upwards. This may alert you into thinking if it is a bad thing or not.

Well, this form of body language is often done to alert you that they are in danger. Sometimes, it is also done to show annoyance. The cause depends on their surrounding or an action that you have done.

When they do this, it is vital for you to stop them as the long periods may hurt their little legs.

Common Causes of Thumping

Being a rabbit owner means that you have the responsibility to know what your little companion is telling you. Since they are often misunderstood, some bunnies result in having stress, or worse, depression.

Keep in mind that their senses are sensitive, and so they may see, hear, or smell something that we do not. To avoid this, here are some of the common causes of thumping that your bunny makes—


If you have a mouse, cockroach, or other pests that may be living with you, it is best to eliminate them. Their sudden appearance may alert your little one that causes long hours of thumping.

This occurrence may bring them stress, and causes for their overall mood to go downhill. They would only stop once you ensure them that the coast is clear.

Sudden Irritation Due to Your Way of Treatment

When you two are conducting your playtime escapades, and he suddenly thumps, expects that it is not a good thing! One of the leading causes is because you are petting him for a long time.

Some rabbits do not want to be held by their owner for long periods, while some are bothered because you pat him on areas that are too sensitive for his liking.

When this happens, leave him alone for a few minutes or guide him to his cage that signals the end of your daily playtime.

Different Smell

The senses of your furry companion are expected to be sensitive, and he will thump once he is triggered by the odd smell of his surroundings. It may be because of the scented candle that you lit up from the other room, or you have changed your perfume, soap or shampoo.

This may cause them to be hesitant because it is not familiar with them, and alerted unto what causes it. To get a hold of this situation, consider switching back to your old scent or let him adjust to it and find a scent that is rabbit approved.

Rearrangement of Furniture

Once you have placed an odd-looking object and your rabbit notices it, he may thump out of nowhere! This is the common reason that most owners cannot decipher.

If you have rearranged the furniture and your rabbit is not used to it, it is only reasonable for him to be alerted. To avoid this, consider making the place the way your bunny knows it, and do not put any additional furniture for he may suspect that it may harm him.

How to Stop It?

Some owners experience it for only minutes, while some can go on for hours. The interval of thumping can be seconds or hours depending on how alerted your bunny is. To stop him, here are some of the actions that can calm him down—

Find the Root of The Problem

Your little pet’s movement always has a cause. They do not do things because they want to, but because they want you to understand why.

If it is about an object, keep it in a place wherein your bunny would not see it. If it is about your way of interaction, avoid doing it to him. With this, you will notice the thumping sound to gradually lessen as minutes pass by.

Place A Blanket on Their Cage

To ensure them that the danger is gone, place a cloth or a blanket for your little bunny to not see what they think is a potential danger. If his cage is too big, apply a tarpaulin or guide him to his carrier and patch the possible image of their surroundings.

This may be helpful if your bunny is not afraid of enclosed space. Once they stop thumping, wait for a few minutes and remove the cloth. For the following hours, you will notice your bunny's attitude to be happy again.

Neuter Your Rabbit

Spaying your rabbit causes them to lose the raging hormones that may affect their temperaments. Take them to your local vet and consider it, for them to have a more blissful life.

This can also lessen their behavioral triggers and aggression. It may help not only your furry creature but also to you.

Thumping for long periods is bad for your little pet, which is why it is crucial to address this behavior as soon as possible. Make them feel comfortable in their surroundings and to you to ensure a great mood which leads to a blissful lifestyle.

Summarized Analysis

The act of thumping is a sign that your fuzzy animal feels unsafe, annoyed, or alert. It is needed that you should calm him down with the best of your ability, for stress may cause a significant impact, leading to depression.

As their furry companion, you must help them get rid of what appears to be alarming for them. Moreover, it is also best to understand them in every behavioral trait that they may show, to create an understanding existing in your little human-rabbit bubble.

As you are now aware, lead your little fuzzy animal to a haven that is ensured to be safe and sound!

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