Why Does My Rabbit Dig On Me And Clothes?

As you and your bunny are doing your daily escapades, you may notice him digging on you out of the blue.

This may be seen as cumbersome for selected owners, especially if you are having mixed communication with your fuzzy little creature.

The action can also hurt you in some instances, but learn to be patient for your little pet and know the cause before providing immediate action.

Rabbits are mostly misunderstood by their owner, and it is because they do not have the leisure to pay close attention to them. Do not make this mistake! Be informed about this sudden gesture!

Why Do They Do It?

Every action a rabbit does always has a reason, negative or not. If they find you disturbing, make sure to stop what you are doing to them and leave them alone.

Though, if they are simply playing with you, then you have earned the trust and captured their little heart. Learn to be grateful, and do not waste this opportunity.

Many mistakes are unconsciously done by some owners, and this may cause for a bunny to think that you will hurt them which can cause to bring out the natural animal distinct defense that they do with the presence of predators.

Do not be this type of owner! Here are the possible reasons why your rabbit digs on you unexpectedly:

Top Bunny

Sometimes, it is done because he wants to be dominant! Even if the gesture is adorable, implying this is still not preferred because some owners may find this movement disrespectful.

If he digs and bites a lot even if you are not petting him and you know that it is not affectionate, try putting his head down gently and turn your back. Most of the time, he will act as if he is sorry and consider if you are worth his attention.

It Smells Another Bunny on You

Rabbits are territorial, especially if not neutered and reached their adulthood. It is best to spay your little one to lessen this movement.

Though, even if you do this, it is still not the best idea to play with him after you have conducted your escapades with another bunny. Remove the scent to ensure a playtime without unwanted jealousy.

Pay Attention

If you are doing your daily tasks and he suddenly hops on you and do this, it is most likely because he wants your full attention.

He is bored and needs someone or something to play with. If you cannot give him the pleasure, might as well give him a few toys to start up with.

Though, it is best if you can spare a few hours playing with him to establish your human-rabbit relation stronger.

Enough Petting 

Not all rabbits want to be petted, and in this case, you have done this in an ample amount of time that causes your bunny to be irritated.

To find out if this is the case, lower him to the ground and see if he thumps, if he does, then it is a sign of annoyance.

If he is potty trained, another reason is he wants to go to the nearest litter box to prevent any "accidents". Make sure to praise him for not ruining your clothes!

Pet Him More!

If he can leave but still chooses to stay and dig your clothes or occasionally nip you in doing so, it is finding the right area for a snuggle or to use as a cuddle movement while you are petting him.

Also, if he chatters his teeth, it is a sign of purring and means that you are hitting the right spot in the field of petting. If this movement hurts you, try applying a towel on the location of your body that it wants, and both enjoy the pleasure of your playtime!

How to Avoid It?

Although mostly done affectionately, some owners do not appreciate this gesture for they find it painful.

Know that a rabbit will always have the "digging behavior" in them, with their nature of living in a burrow that can be seen for those that are not domestic.

Though do not worry! For there are ways to stop them from doing this action. Here are some of the ways

Give Them Cloth or Towel to Dig On

If you are petting him, you can apply a towel on your lap for it not to be painful, or place him on the floor together with a towel.

You can watch as the silly little creature digs until he is satisfied with the position of the cloth. If you cannot stop them from digging, it is best to embrace it and let them have fun without getting hurt.

Train Them

Like other domestic animals, rabbits can be trained. You can stop them by simply saying no or with a bell.

You can also scream or pretend to be hurt if they are digging too much, which they can register as they are bothering you and therefore will stop. If he looks satisfied with you suffering, then it is a sadistic little bunny, and you have wronged him!

Play The “I Won’t Pay Attention to You Anymore” Game

Rabbits are social creatures and are affectionate. If they tend to do this, put them down and turn your back.

They will know that they have offended you and that the action is wrongdoing.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that digging does not always mean he wants your attention. If you find him in the corner of the room and is doing this, that is because it is natural for them to have a "digging behavior."

Give them a carpet or cloth to dig on, for their playtime to be worthwhile!

Remember that it is easier to train them if you understand their little movements. Now that you know what it means, feel free to have playtime with your bunny buddy!

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