What to Feed Wild Rabbits

What to Feed Wild Rabbits? All About Rabbit Food.

Wild rabbits are seen as pests by many people. But having some rabbits coming in your backyard to eat some grass and vegetables is something really cute. Rabbits generally eat all kinds of plants available. They are well designed to digest all sorts of plants, so they have a stronger digestive system than other herbivores. In summers, the rabbits have almost every plant and grass to eat. The problem arises in the summer season, where there are fewer plants to eat, and the rabbit visits your backyard.

What to feed wild rabbits? Wild rabbits feed on almost everything, including plants and leafy vegetables. You can give them different kinds of cereals and hays and milk to the young baby rabbits. Rabbit treats can also be given to wild rabbits. But rabbits feed on almost all kinds of vegetables and fruits. The most convenient method is to purchase some have for them they are really happy with it.

But you must keep in consideration that the diet for an adult and a baby rabbit differs. Adult rabbit easily feeds on leafy vegetables, grass and hay. A baby rabbit, however, is not adapted to eat much and feeds on milk mostly. In the winter season, most rabbits die because of the unavailability of proper food. So you should keep care of wild rabbits visiting your house.

A guide on what and how to feed wild rabbits

There are a few simple strategies you can adopt to make the wild rabbit feed on healthy things.

feed wild rabbits

Choosing a specific spot

If you don't want your backyard to become messy, it is better that you choose a location for putting the eatables and hay. Rabbits like bushy and covered areas, so you should choose a corner for them. In the summer seasons, there is maximum grass, so the wild rabbits are happy to feed on it.

wild rabbits

 Plus, if you don't cut the grass, the rabbits would do the task for you. In the winter season, the rabbits feed on twigs and shrubs so that you can make a pile of them in a corner. Even wild rabbits can be trained to eat at a specific corner avoiding your lawn from getting messy.

Having some hay for the rabbits

Even if you have abundant grass on the lawn, there is always less hay. Hay is an important component of the rabbit's diet; you can purchase some hay for them. The rabbits love to nibble on the hay components. Also, it is not much expensive; you should pile a small amount of hay in a corner. One important thing here is to avoid spraying pesticides on your lawn. It is harmful to the rabbit's health.

wild rabbits

Placing some pellets and rabbit treats

Though this is an expensive thing, yet highly optional. You can feed the rabbits with some pellets having seeds in them. You can also buy some pet food or rabbit treats from a nearby pet store. But remember that there are rich in nutrients and need to be given in small quantities. A large amount of nutrient rich supplements can make them sick.

rabbit treats

Vegetables, fruits, and grasses

Even there is a specific type of grass in a backyard, but you can purchase some grass and herbs for the rabbit. It makes them healthy and is suitable to fulfill their dietary needs. Rabbits generally love vegetables and leafy green vegetables. They love all types of leaves, including lettuce, mint, mustard, spinach, parsley, basil, broccoli, and beet greens.

These are rich in vitamins, and some are high component iron or protein. But there are certain things that need to be kept in consideration while feeding the rabbits with vegetables. Even though carrots are thought to be the most favorite option for rabbits, yet you should not feed the rabbit with more than half a carrot per day. It is because carrot is a rich source of carbohydrates that might be difficult for him to digest.

Wild rabbits are not usually accustomed to eating vegetables and rabbit treats. So, be slow with the vegetable feeding process and allow them to explore maximum tastes. You should make them have two or three vegetables per week.

Vegetables, fruits, and grasses

Avoid vegetables like broccoli and cabbages that might cause gas problems for them. The gas issues become very serious for the rabbits and adversely affect their digestive system. Also, the rabbits are very picky in eating and like specific tastes. They may take some time to develop a taste for some specific vegetable or fruit.

The fruit choices for the rabbits also vary. They need some berries like strawberries and raspberries. These all are high in sugar content, so a small amount is needed. Only two or three strawberries are enough, along with their leaves. It would satisfy the fruit and the grass content of food.

Bananas and other dried fruits should be taken in very small amounts. Never do this cruelty of throwing everything out for the rabbit. You would kill him instead of helping with the food. Papaya and other fruits can also be given but in small amounts. Rabbits living in the wild are accustomed to eating berries, so they develop a habit of eating them very quickly.

What to feed a baby rabbit?

The diet of a baby rabbit is very specific, and he needs a lot of attention compared to an adult rabbit. Goat milk is essential rather than vegetables or fruits. You can collect goat milk supplies from any nearby grocery stores.

Another essential thing is to create warm and comfy bedding for the baby rabbit for proper feeding. You can use an empty carton or a shoebox for this purpose. You can make hay bedding or, more preferably, with a cloth or blanket.

What to feed a baby rabbit

Ensure that you choose a quiet corner for feeding the rabbits as they are more comfortable in silence. You should heat the milk to make it bacteria-free and then feed the baby with a syringe. But make a proper dosage and do not overfeed them.

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