What do Rabbits Need in Their Cage

What do Rabbits Need in Their Cage?

Rabbits are low-maintenance pets and require only a few things in their cage. But all that he needs is the space to hop around. So, if you keep rabbits as pets, it is better that you keep them in the house instead of in a cabinet. You can create a simple space for them in a room with a few simple pots, bedding, and litter.

What do rabbits need in their cage? All they need is some space, water and food bowls, some hay litter, and proper bedding. Make sure that the cage is clean and comfortable for them. Make a cage out of durable metal wires and just the perfect size for them.

Does cage size matter?

In most of the online stores and other pet shops, the cages available are of smaller size. When you place all the things inside the cage, you will note that there is very little space left for the little bunny. You should choose a larger cage than mentioned. Also, keep in mind the rabbit's natural instincts.

Rabbits Need in Their Cage

Sometimes the bunny feels exposed to danger or scared. So, he needs a hideout to feel secure. Make sure that he feels safe inside his cage if he upset, scared or unwell. If you have more than one rabbit, then make sure there is space for each of them. It is one of the basic needs that most rabbit keepers need to understand.'

What is a cage floor, and why does it matter?

The next very important thing to consider is the floor of the cage. With the iron or metal bars at the base, it becomes really difficult for the rabbit to stand. He might get hurt while jumping or hopping. So, you should choose a solid base for him. It is better to choose a plastic floor. It is safe for the rabbit and easy to clean.

For setting the cage, you should first set the bedding and floor for it. Any cloth or blanket, or hay can be used for bedding material. Cover the whole floor area with hay. It would protect the cage floor from getting messy and would take less time for cleaning. You can also keep some bedding over a newspaper or padding.

Then the next step is the placement of water and food bowls in the cage. You should select an appropriate corner for the food bowls. If you make your rabbits trained about litter, changing and keeping the cage healthy would become easier for you.

Rabbits Cage

You must have a cushion as a bed or some small blanket for your bunny. It would develop his habit for certain activities. When he gets out of the cage, take some time if the cage is too small for your rabbit. The other instinct or rabbit is chewing. You must place some plastic toys or soft toys for him.

Then you should add the litter box at a corner easily accessible for your rabbit. If you litter train the rabbits, it would be better. You can change the litter twice a week to develop a proper routine. Installing a water bottle is good because it would spoil the whole floor when the rabbit jumps if you put water in a bowl.

Setting a multi-story cage.

For a multi-story cage, you have more space and can arrange things differently. But hay bedding is still required. You can keep the food bowls and water bottles on an upper story. It is always better to keep the litter box at the base or floor.

So, it becomes easy to access for the rabbit and you while you clean. In some cases, the bedding can be optional. Undoubtedly, it keeps the cage clean but having the hay at the base gives a wild look to the cage, so rabbits are never trained to go to the litter box, and you might have feces everywhere.

If your rabbits are well trained, you can use hay bedding for their comfort, but it depends highly upon your rabbit. The next optional thing is a hay rack or a hay holder. You can have one if you want. It keeps the ay thing within the cage, so it is easier for you to change.

multi-story cage

Some owners, however, stack the hay in a corner, but the rabbits get it messier as they sometimes nibble on the hay mixing the clean and dirty one. It is merely a wastage of hay. The food choices also vary with the pet. In multi-story buildings, you have more space so that you can have more than one food bowls.

Keep them in different places with different food items. It would make things more exciting for your little bunny, and he would eat healthily. You can make him have nuts, vegetables, and rabbit treats. Rabbits are attracted towards green leafy vegetables, making him have some daily or make a diet routine for your bunny.

Equipment and physical activities

Having the toys is also optional, but you should leave your bunny alone with nothing to play with. But leave him the space for jumping. Do not pile the cage with lots of toys. The rabbit owner needs to be very peculiar about their choices of toys. The toys should not be harmful to the rabbits and should be according to their age and sex.

 It is also not good for a rabbit to spend all the time in an enclosure. Let them out for some hours in the grass if available. It would keep them feel safe and close to their instincts of digging and chewing.

physical activities

Rabbits are physically very active creatures and love to move around really quickly. So, you should not bound them physically in a cage all the time. It is possible that they would develop some dangerous physical activity.

Rabbits become unhappy and depressed very quickly, so you should keep all their necessities in their cage, making it a safe hideout. But letting them out a few hours is also essential.

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