What Animals Eat Rabbit and How to Keep Your Bunny Safe?

Today it is seen that many people treat their pets as one of their family members. Most of the time it is seen that dogs, cats, and fishes are kept as pets.

Many of us opt to keep rabbits as pets. They are small, but they need space for running and to explore. For this, we need to be very careful of the predators of the rabbit.

A bunny can't protect itself from any attacks as it does not have any defensive skills. So, we must keep our rabbit safe.

Here I will talk about the animals that are dangerous for rabbits and how can we keep them safe and sound.

Predators of Rabbits

Rabbits are prey animals which means that they have a wide range of predators. Most of the animals that are carnivore are dangerous for rabbits.

They are very small and does not have any defensive skill. For which it is quite impossible for them to save themselves from the attack of the predators.

In the jungle, the mother rabbits can protect their babies by staying away from them so that her presence does not draw the attention of the wild animals to the nest.

I know it is hard to believe that birds eat rabbits, but this is true. The birds that are carnivore eat rabbits especially the ones that are young and small in size. Such birds are owls, sparrows, falcons, hawks, eagles.

In jungles, there are different types of animals, and most of them are carnivores. Wildcats and dogs are the common predators of the wild rabbits.

Besides them, the other animals that are dangerous for the rabbits are weasels, stoats, snakes, badgers. In the jungle, the rabbits need to be out of sight of different birds for their existence.

Now let's talk about the domesticated rabbits. The rabbits are safe when they are inside the house without any other pet or if they are inside their hutches, but when they are outside, they need to be kept under constant supervision.

Depending on the area where you live, i.e., if you live in an area where there are foxes, then the rabbits need to be kept away from Fox.

That means you cannot keep both rabbit and dog/cat as pets in one shelter as that will be threatening for the life of a rabbit.

The rabbits might also die due to shock or heart attack. It might be absurd, but the rabbits have a weak heart, and their body cannot handle the shock. If a rabbit is followed by any animal or stalked by an animal, it can die due to heart attack or due to shock.

Sometimes the bunnies injure themselves when they try to escape away from the predators. So, it is evident that one needs to be very careful and always need to keep rabbits under supervision. As they do not have any defensive skill, they need to be under regular checks.

How to Keep A Bunny Safe?

Bunnies are very small in size and are also very soft. For keeping them safe one needs to keep in mind the followings:

1. Keeping Away from The Predators

Thinking of predators, one might think only the wild animals like raccoons or hawks are dangerous for bunnies. But predators can be domesticated dogs or cats.

While you are keeping a rabbit as a pet, you cannot keep any dog or cat with them as they are dangerous for the rabbits and threat to their lives.

If the bunnies go outside, then they should be kept under constant supervision and need to keep in that area where dogs or cats can’t get in.

For keeping the bunnies safe and sound, they need to be kept in wire cages that are very safe and popular for the indoor rabbits. Moreover, wooden hatches also give protection to the rabbits from the predators.

2. Daily Checkup

Bunnies are very sensitive and can be easily attacked by many diseases like outgrown teeth, snuffles, hairballs, uterine tumor, etc. These diseases sometimes can be life-threatening.

For keeping them healthy, regular checkup from the veterinarian and necessary vaccines should be given.

The diet of the rabbit should be strictly maintained in order to prevent diseases. Even the signs and symptoms should never be left unchecked.

3. Shed for Rabbits

Sun is a friend of our environment but not a friend of the rabbits. For the outdoor one, the sun is harmful as they are sensitive to heat. Also, keeping their hutches directly under the sunlight is hazardous for their health.

It should be kept in a shaded area. Keep in mind that cold weather is not harmful to rabbits. Still, the hutches should be kept in such a way that heavy wind doesn't harm the rabbit. 

In case of inclement weather, curtains made of plastic material can be used to cover the hutches. But you need to keep in mind that one side should always be kept open for ventilation and fresh air.

4. Daily Checks

You should always pay close attention to outdoor rabbits. Check them twice a day if they are out of food or water or is there any change to their attitude.

Through regular checking, you can keep track of their health, and you will be able to notice if they are facing any health problems.


That’s all I can say about the animals that can be dangerous for your bunnies. So, it is wise to keep your rabbits inside in a cage and not keep any other pets with your bunnies.

Following the above-mentioned point, you can keep your bunnies safe and sound and out of reach of predators. Sometimes humans can also be dangerous for them. So, if you are keeping a rabbit as a pet, you should keep it under constant supervision.

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