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Rabbit Cage Floor Covering – Everything You Need to Know

Rabbits are quite the affectionate animals and can be a stress reliever after a whole day of compiled paper works. They are known for bringing the blissfulness inside your life, as they hop around and play with your little furry heart.

A few of them likes to snuggle on your feet, or happily sit on your lap as they reach in for a cuddle.Adorable as they may be, they still need high standardized maintenance to sustain them.

In taking care of your fuzzy companion, you will need to set up a cozy home for your pet to be comfortable. Though often, it is hard to find what is best for them.

Worry no more! As here are some guidelines to ensure that your bunny is getting the best of the best cage floor covering.

The Usage of Rabbit Flooring

Some owners prefer to let their rabbit stay indoors. In this case, they should have a cage wherein they can rest upon. The little creatures cannot roam around the house unsupervised, and so they need a place to stay when you have many works under your sleeve. In the cage, the correct floor covering is important to ensure that it is rabbit-safe.

It is extremely important in cages with wired floors, as it is hard on their little feet.The rabbits do not have pads on their feet unlike some of the pet animals, which causes the wire to bring discomfort, or in the long run, an injury.

Without the covering, the rabbit would most likely spend their time on litter boxes, which is not that ideal regarding their cleanliness. Make sure to have the ideal floor covering for your bunny to be comfortable and happy!

Ideal Cage Floor Covering

One of the important factors in the process of rabbit ownership is finding their preferred floor covering. Some like to sleep on the cold hard floors, while others like a soft surface to lie down into.

If the preferred cage is wired since it is easier to clean, it is crucial for the floor to have a base or a solid area for your bunny’s weight support. Not being able to do so may cause pododermatitis, a condition common among rabbits.

Sliding pan and Coroplast are often suggested as flooring for the rabbit cage. To add more comfort, some owners add carpet or linoleum. Though, for the first few days, observe if the rabbit often bites it and ingest some of the material. If yes, take it away, for it may cause serious health problems.

Ensure that the flooring has no-slip pads, for a ground that is too slippery may cause injury for your little creature. Some of the floorings that require stability include natural hand-woven grass, playpen cover, or rabbit mat.

It is not preferred to use bedding. First-time owners often do this mistake and cause for the rabbit to mess up their potty training. Bedding such as hay and shredded paper is already used in their litter boxes, and doing this may cause misapprehension into thinking that the whole cage is the litter area!

Bunny Cages

Now that you have an idea about the needed floor covering, you also need to pick the most suitable cage depending on the chosen covering or vice versa.

A comfortable living space ensures the positivity of the little creature, which can also be seen on your daily playtime. Here are some of the cage selections to choose from in order to elevate the bunny’s playtime adventure!

Typical Rabbit Cage

It is suited for temporary accommodation especially if your rabbit tends to stay outside its premises.

Though, it is ideal to put a hiding area since the constant exposure may bring stress to your pet.It should be six times the size of your rabbit or more, to prevent any complication or suffocation.

Multi-Level Rabbit Cage

It offers a stackable design suited for your energetic bunny! The utilitarian design has layers that are interconnected with paths or ramp to transport your rabbit form one level to another. In the process of buying, you need to consider the space, access, durability, and its assembly.

DIY Bunny Condo 

It is often built to add another glam to your bunny’s house. Much like a multi-level cage but has additional tubes, toys, and fun paths for the rabbit to play with.

It is often built using the owner’s imagination. First, one needs to plan the walls of the condo, tie the individual cages together, and insert wooden dowels or other accessories according to their likes.

Despite having multiple layers, all of the floorings should be lined up according to your rabbit’s preference. Avoid any visible wiring in floors, and ensure the stability of the individual cages in order to prevent any injury or health problems

Step by Step Process for Setting Up the Cage Floor

Now that you have concrete information on what to choose from, here is the step by step process in assembling the rabbit housing correctly—

1. Buy The Ideal Cage

However it may be constructed, you should ensure that all of the sides are rabbit-safe. Pick the right cage with reference to your rabbit’s size and weight.

2. Apply Solid Flooring

If your cage consists of wired flooring, cover it with a solid surface. NEVER leave it as it is. Such consequences may include feet injuries or pododermatitis.

3. Add A Rabbit Matt Or Soft Covering

Depending on your rabbit’s preference, you have to add a soft covering or matt. Some rabbit prefers cold floors, while some likes to sleep on their cage’s soft spots. Observe your rabbit and adjust the flooring depending on their liking.

4. Get a Urine Guard

Aside from the applied flooring, the cage should also have a urine guard for any leakages.Sometimes; the rabbit tends to have some “accidents” inside the cage, or the urine reaches outside the litter box.

In this case, applying it is advisable to avoid any mess on the actual floor of your house. It can also be used to stop the straw from spreading all over your floor.

5. Insert A Litter Box

To prevent cleaning the cage daily, a litter box is preferred. It is crucial for your bunny to be potty trained for your benefit, especially when outside the cage.

Additional Key Points

Ensure that the cage floor covering is fixed, in order to prevent your little fuzzy creature from chewing and ingesting the little materials it consists.

Every bunny has different preferences when it comes to their preferred floor to sleep into, as they are very sensitive about their surroundings. Make sure to find out what is the most suitable, and insert it into your bunny’s home.

Furthermore, adjust their home the way they like it. A rabbit often shows their preferred spots for sleeping, eating, and defecating. Move the selected things depending on what they want, to ensure their comfortable lifestyle!

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