How To Teach Your Different Dog Tricks?

You love dogs, and you got yourself some cute puppy let's say a cute Pomeranian or a playful Pug. Now, it's time to train them some different tricks. The more playful they are, the more adorable they'd become.

You have this vague idea that training a dog must require some professional help. Well, this is where you are wrong.

In today's article, I will be sharing with you guys some methods as for how to teach your dog some of the most basic yet amazing tricks which are surely going to make your adorable baby be one of the most skilled dogs the world has ever witnessed.

Remember, learning should always go hand in hand with incentives. Shower your dog with treats as rewards whenever he is about to learn something new. Trust me on this; it will make the learning process a lot easier, smoother and fun for your pup.

Mending His Barking

This is one of the most primary tricks where you have to train the dog to bark and stay quiet on command.

Most of the dog trainers suggest that usually the training to "speak" and "quiet" is the most important training that can be helpful to make your pup stop his unnecessary barking whenever you please.

When you want him to learn this skill, give him the command "speak" and when he does so, award him with a treat. Same goes for "quiet" command. Professional trainers usually recommend to start with the “quiet” part and then move on to the “speak” bit.

Teaching How And When To Kiss

You are back home after spending a tiresome day out. You reach home, and your dog runs towards you wagging his tail and showers you with his wet smooches and kisses. You love it as this was all you needed to relax your wrecked nerves.

But! At times, you want to have him stop for a while but to no avail because of the loving and adorable creature that he is. This is the time when you train him how and when to kiss.


As I told you already, incentives help a lot. It is called positive condition where you incentivize every step of the way.

Here too, take a treat and place it on your cheeks. Command him to get it from the cheek. By repeating this trick a few more times, you would be able to make him learn how to kiss you on demand.

One more privilege that you will be getting after training him for a demanded kiss that it will relieve you from unwanted licking. Whenever you want to cuddle with your pup, he is now a behaved and well-mannered cute baby.

Teaching Your Dog To Shake Hands, Give High Fives

Trust me, your adorable buddy giving you a handshake or a high five is a scene that will melt anyone's heart let alone yours. This trick is one of the most basic ones which you need to make him learn.

Dogs love tickling. Ask him to sit and start tickling his back and keep on doing it until she lifts her paw. While caressing him, use verbal commands like "shake your hand," "raise your paw."

The moment he lifts his paw, as I said earlier incentives are important, reward him with his favorite treat. Once, your dog continues to paw, train him for a warm handshake.

Get a fistful of his favorite treats and give him a glimpse of it before closing your hand. He is going to struggle for it. Make him try to paw at your hand and use the command "shake hands".

He will never let go of the chance to have those mouth-watering treats in your hand and will eventually open your hand and give you a high five.

Congratulations! He is ready to give anyone he likes a warm high five. Remember, practice this trick with him repeatedly before he becomes a pro at it.

Teach Your Dog How To Spin And Roll

A happy and joyful dog is everything you would want to cuddle with. Teach him to roll over and spin around cutely thus making him one cute little pup. For making him pull off a spin move, again take the help of his favorite treat.

Hold the treat near the dog’s nose as he will try spinning around in orbits just to have his mouth over it. Repeat this act a few more times just to train him a little more.

Once he is used to with the spin tactic, it's about time you teach him how to roll over. Make your dog sit in a down position. Put the treat in your hands and take it back behind the dog’s neck.

The moment his head turns back to sniff the treat, you roll your hand and so will the dog. Now, treat him with his favorite delicacy because your dog has put such an effort. Repeat the trick a few more times to master it.

Teaching Your Dog To Play Dead

Your little pup is just like your baby. The way you put effort with your kids for fruitful results, you do the same with your dog. You make your little champ learn some joyful, funny tricks and the feeling you get when he responds to your commands in front of others can never be described.

One such trick is making your dog learn how to play dead. If he already knows how to roll over, then it won’t take much of an effort to teach him to play dead. It’s almost the same except you don’t make him roll over.

You make a gun with your fingers and point to the dog’s head and say bang. Bang will be the keyword, and he will play dead making your friends astonished and amazed at this little feat.

Making Your Dog Beg

What else could be more cheerful and satisfying than having a dog who is very much obedient and always takes orders at the first go?

Take some treat in your hands. Hold your hand just a little above him and make him sit on his hind legs to get it. This is a cute scene, right? I bet while making him learn this trick, in the end, it would be worth all the effort.

When he sees that there isn’t any other way to get the treat from your hands he would keep sitting on his hind legs and eventually beg to get it.


So this was a detailed account of different ways as for how to make your dog learn some amazing tricks which will make your little champ stand out among the rest.

The main thing though is that you will get to do all these cool things with your best friend. Your dog is just like your little kid who needs to be nurtured in all the good ways and if you do it properly you’ll have an obedient and a well-mannered pet.

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