How To Stop Neighbor Dog From Barking And Out Of Your Yard?

Dogs are men's best friends, but sometimes your best friend can become annoying to someone else because of they're non-stop barking. Or instead, it could be someone else’s dog that becomes a problem for you.

The non-stop barking can take away your peace and can become a severe problem. But don’t worry, as there are ways that can make the pup calm as well as bring back your peace.

Without stretching anymore let me give you some ways of bringing back your peace and keeping your neighbor’s dog out of the yard and stop barking.

Talk To Your Neighbor 

At first before trying anything else you need to talk to your neighbor. They might be unaware of the fact that their dog barks continuously in their absence. Tell them the barking bothers you a lot. And let them know that their dog creates a mess in your yard which takes a lot of time to clean.

Before taking any step to let your neighbor know every single problem face to face rather than leaving an anonymous note.

Your neighbors might be inexperienced with the dog and don't know how to resolve the problems of barking and keeping out of your yard. If so, then show them the right path or tell them to consult with a professional dog trainer.

Block The View And Path of The Dog

The animals are not as intelligent as we are. They only learn what they are taught. Due to inappropriate training, your neighbor's dog might be anti-social or think people as a threat to him.

If your neighbor’s dog bark whenever he sees you then it is better to stay out of his sight and block the view of him with a fence or a screen so that he can not see you and also can’t come to your yard. You can also surround your full property with a fence so that the dog can't enter your yard.

Make The Dog Your Friend

We are all aware of the fact that if a dog sees an unknown person he barks more than usual. So try to be his friend or at least familiar to him.

This will let him follow your lead and won’t bark by seeing you. Also, it will work to give you command over the animal, so you can eventually make him shut up when needed. And of course, the dog will stay out of your yard as well if you tell him will leave or don’t cross.

Use A Noise Emitter 

The best way of training a dog is positive reinforcement, but if your neighbor fails to train his dog in the right direction, then you can take a call for your own sake.

There is a whistle that is not harmful to both human beings and dogs, but the high frequency of the noise annoys animals a lot. You can give a blow to the whistle when the dog starts barking.

At first, the dog will keep going, listening to the whistle but ultimately he will stop barking to avoid the annoying sound. This whistle will keep the dog out of your yard as well.

File A Complain

Now you talked to your neighbor but he is not taking any attempt to stop the barking and can't stop the dog coming to your yard, and all other tactics you have applied has failed then the last option remains filing a complaint.

Talk to other neighbors first if they are facing the same problem or not then file a complaint according to the law of your area. You can also do it by talking to authorities who can take action about it. This will help to finish the problem once and for all.


Most of the people love dogs and treat them just like their family members, but when the barking or the mess they create in yards starts being problematic, then it is critical to take action before it’s too late.

However, it is the responsibility of the owner to train his dog properly. When a pup’s barking becomes a problem for other people, it can even get to legal trouble, so it is better to avoid this by educating the dog as much as possible.

So, the above point might help you to find the solution to your problem. Whether you are in the dog’s side or not, you should always take the right action.

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