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How to Set Up a Rabbit Cage

How to Set Up a Rabbit Cage? Rabbit Care Guide.

Rabbits are very low maintenance and are perfect if you want something active, happy, and playful. Rabbits are easily satisfied if you take care of their basic needs. They love to hop around the house and seek their cage as a hideout. Whenever the rabbits are unhappy, scared, or unwell, they sit at a corner of the cage. So before purchasing a pet rabbit, you should think about the setting of their cage and providing them with a protected space.

How to set up a rabbit cage? Setting up a rabbit cage is a stepwise process. First, you need to select a suitable cage for your rabbit, depending upon its size. Then you need to make some changes if necessary, like adding some shells and a ramp to the cage. After that, you need to add some necessary items like food bowls, water bottles, and some toys for the rabbit. Bedding is the most important thing in the cage. A cloth or hay is generally used for this purpose.

Setting up the perfect rabbit cage

There are some steps to help you throughout the process of setting up the perfect cage for your little Bunny.

perfect rabbit cage

What is better, a cage or a hutch?

When you go for the selection of house for your pet rabbit, the most common concern is which one is better, a hutch or a cage. Rabbits like some space for hiding some time and do not feel comfortable when exposed to people. A hutch provides them space for hiding and having their own time. In a cage, the walls are open, and it does not make a perfect hiding place.

a hutch

But a hutch is not suitable if you want to keep your rabbits indoors. It is always better to have an indoor domesticated rabbit as he would be friendlier and attached to humans. Caretaking becomes easier when the rabbits are inside the house because accessing them is easy for you. So you should choose a cage for them. Even though the cage is open at all sides, there should be a corner less exposed and covered so that the rabbit feels safe.

The cage size

The size of the cage matters a lot. It should be big in height and width. If you have one rabbit, then you should choose a cage times bigger than his size. If you have more than one rabbit, then a large cage is required. A cage is better for the indoor keeping of rabbits; it can be cleaned easily as cleaning is necessary to maintain the health and hygiene of your pets.

For calculating the height of the cage, it is a general estimate that you should choose the cage high so that when the rabbit stands up, his head does not touch the roof. As the rabbits prefer to live in the dark, there should be a room in the cage where they can hide. It would keep the rabbits happy and satisfied.

cage size

Rabbits grow very fast, so you should keep an account of their growth and size. The cages generally available for the rabbit are usually smaller in size. You can also create an easy and unique cage for your rabbit.

The floor or base of the cage

The rabbits are generally accustomed to living on the ground, which is a soft base and perfectly suitable for their paws. They have the instinct of digging and are satisfied on solid grounds. In cages, there is a floor made of wire. This floor is highly uncomfortable for the rabbits, and they get sores from sitting and standing on the wire floor.

So the cage must have the floor made up of some solid material like metal or plastic. It is better that you have a solid base screening, and maintenance becomes easier. If you have the floor made of wires, you should place a wooden plank or a thick plastic sheet over it.

The sides of the cage should be made up of wires. It allows easy access and airy comfort to your rabbit. The cage should not be enclosed and covered from all sides. It would not be suitable and probably too warm for the rabbit.

floor or base of the cage

The sides of the base tray are equally important. It would prevent the bedding, urine, and feces from coming out of the cage. It serves as a guard against all these things. You can also make additional corners or sides using cardboard or a wooden sheet if you are still worried about the mess.

Selecting the cage location

Now you have chosen the perfect cage for your rabbit, the next step is to place the cage inside your house. You should choose a spot that is in the visible range. The rabbits should not feel captured and left out in a separate and far corner of the house. It is better that you keep the cage near so that the rabbits feel close to nature.

cage location

You should place the cage in a well-lit and airy room so that rabbits do not face extreme temperature conditions. The space around them should not be noisy as the rabbits get scared due to sudden and noisy movements. Keep the cage in a place where you can easily interact with the rabbits and keep an eye on their water and food supplies.

Primary requirements of the rabbits

Now the cage is all set up; you need to put a few things for the convenience of the rabbits. The first important thing is to make bedding. You can use hay or clothes for this purpose. The other basic requirement is the litter box. It is good if you train the rabbits to use the litter box to make the cage messy.

Primary requirements of the rabbits

The next step involves the installation of a water bottle at a corner. It is better to put water in a bottle because the bowls are easily turned over and make the hay wet. You should also place some food bowls and toys for the rabbits but make sure not to pile up the cage with things and give them some free space for activities. You can also place a soft cushion for the rabbits to sleep on.

So, this is how we set up a cage for a pet rabbit.

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