How to Remove Rabbit Urine Stains From Cage

How to Remove Rabbit Urine Stains From Cage? Maintain Rabbit Hygiene Today.

Rabbits are very clean pets. They do not need regular bathing and washing like cats and dogs. They wipe themselves clean all the time. They can easily be litter trained, and if you clean the litter box regularly, the rabbits learn to stay clean. But sometimes accidents happen, and there can be urine stains in the cage, in your room, around the cage, or any other hardware.

How to remove urine stains from cage?

There are many methods used for this task, vinegar in hard and diluted form is advisable. Similarly, baking soda can also be used for cleaning. There are many detergents and disinfectants available to help you remove the tough urine stains from the cage.

Many people though love to keep pet rabbits but hate to clean their litter. But the way your rabbit is litter trained depends highly upon you. If you do not clean the litter box on time, they spray the cage and floor around the cage.

How to remove urine stains from cage

To avoid such situations, you need to keep the litter box clean and strictly administer the rabbit's behavior. Urine stains are a common issue with many pets, including rabbits. Sometimes they spray the whole area with urine, making it difficult to break those stains down.

Using vinegar for cleaning urine stains

There are many detergents and disinfectants available but using vinegar is always preferable. It is because vinegar is inexpensive and less harmful as compared to these chemical products. Vinegar works the best for cleaning tough stains and breaking down acid. We mix one portion of vinegar with three-quarters of water to make a cleaning solution.

Remove urine stains from cage

It is always advisable to keep a bottle of vinegar cleaner mixture ready to prevent such accidents with your pets. So, it would help if you had some simple tools for the cleaning process. These are protective gloves, vinegar, spray bottle, water, some good quality detergent, and some brushes. You should use different sizes of brushes for efficient cleaning.

Keeping the rabbits out

Prior to cleaning, you should make sure that the rabbits are somewhere safe. Provide them with food, water, and a litter box. The rabbits can not stay in the cage while you are working.

Keeping the rabbits out

Moving the cage

You should move the cage out in the open to ensure that there is enough sunlight and air for you to work and not miss out on any urine stains. After you have finished cleaning, you should keep the cage in the sunlight for some time to make it dry and germ-free as the heat kills the germs.

Removing the accessories

Remove the food bowls, toys, water bottles, and litter box from the cage. It would allow you to have maximum space for cleaning. Also, you have to throw the litter box away as the first part of the cleaning process.

Removing the bedding                                 

The next step is to remove the hay bedding from the cage floor. If you have a wired cage, you must use some hard surfaces like cardboard or cardstock to protect your rabbit's paws. You need to clean the urine immediately or else remove the wooden cardboard. It is because wood is highly absorbent.

The wood absorbs urine and then becomes filthy and smelly forever. So, to avoid all this, you should spray the vinegar solution over it and then, after 10 to 15 minutes, clean it up using a sponge or a paper towel. Make sure to wear protective gloves during the process.

Cleaning the litter box

Mostly, the litter box becomes sprayed and needs to be cleaned. So, we would first throw away the litter and then wash the litter box thoroughly with a good quality detergent. Use brushes to wipe away the urine stains.

Cleaning the rabbit litter box

After the washing is done, spray some vinegar solution on the litter box. Allow to rest for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wipe away with a clean cloth or a towel. It would disinfect the litter box and remove all the smell from it. Keep the litter box in the sunlight for complete disinfestation and dryness.

Cleaning the walls and floors of the cage

The walls of the cage also become sprayed if your rabbits are not litter trained. Even if there are no issues with the rabbits, there can still be urine marks on the walls. You should clean them off while performing a thorough weekly washing of the cage.

We will use brushes for cleaning and scrubbing the walls and floor of the cage and then spray the vinegar disinfectant all over the place. Then wipe it off with a paper towel and clean with a lot of warm water. It would make the whole cage clean and disinfected.

Using baking soda

Baking soda can also be used for cleaning urine stains from mats around the cage and the cage area. You can create a mixture of baking soda with water, dishwashing liquid, and peroxide. It removes the urine stains and smells from various surfaces completely.

Using baking soda

If you see the rabbit spraying urine, try to wipe off the urine as quickly as possible. It would avoid the stains and smell. Better use a paper towel or sponge for this task. Then you can try using the baking soda solution for cleaning.

Why is it necessary to clean urine stains?

Urine stains tend to harden over time and become extremely difficult to remove, so you should clean the stains as quickly as possible. To maintain the hygiene of the rabbits and prevent bad smells around your house, it is necessary to remove the urine stains from the cage and the area around the cage.

How to remove urine stains from cage

If the rabbits spray at a spot and you do not clean it, they are encouraged to spray urine all over the place again. So, to train them and avoiding further accidents, you need to wipe the place clean. So, vinegar is an easy and inexpensive solution for this task.

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