How To Put Weight On A Dog To Fatten It Up?

According to some research in 2016 conducted by The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over 50% of dogs are obese, yet there is another big percentage of dogs who are underweight.

If you are reading this article, it means your dog falls among the group of the malnourished ones, and you want him to gain some weight.

Well! Your worries should end here as in this article I will be pointing out some possibilities for you as to why your dog is not gaining weight and how aptly you can deal with the situation and make him gain the necessary pounds.

Try Finding Out If Your Dog Is Underweight

Before you adopt some methodologies for having your dog gain some weight, you should consider checking whether or not he is certified underweight. In most cases, his appearance is all you need to note.

If the bones of your dogs are very prominent and you can see his ribs, spine and pelvic bones with no sign of fat, then the little champ is no doubt underweight. Moreover, if he has low energy and his coat hair has lost its shine, then it's about time you bring changes to his routine and make him gain some necessary pounds.

You can also check with the Breed Weight Chart or BWC to know how heavy your dog should be as per the standards of the breed. You can also calculate his BMI or Body Mass Index to be sure of your dog’s health in regards to his weight.

Consult A Veterinarian

Once you find out if your dog is underweight then before changing his diet always consult a vet. Most often, the reason is gradual weight loss due to some stress and anxiety that we human beings are of course not able to comprehend.

In such cases, the wet then prescribe the pub with some medication or change diet making him gain weight. You also need to realize one more thing that strategies won't work unless you don't relieve him off from the stress and anxiety that your dog is facing.

Set A New Feeding Schedule

Normally, we are advised not to eat before going to bed as the metabolism process becomes slow at this particular time and so there are more chances to put on all the extra kilos. But here, since the case is opposite and your main concern is to make your pup gain all the weight so why not change his eating schedule.

If your dog has this eating schedule where he is having meals twice a day in little portions, change the timings. In the morning give him a smaller portion of the usual meal and in the night treat him with larger pieces.

In this way, he will store all the fats during the night, instead of burning them in any sort of activity. In the night the dog won't be doing any sort of exercise or physical activity, and hence, the desired calories will not get burnt.

Best Quality Dog Food

The main key towards having a healthy cute dog is getting him the best quality dog food. Never in your life, compromise on the quality of food that your dog is taking. First and foremost, the food should have enough vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

The cheap food will be lacking all these ingredients for obvious reasons. Furthermore, these low-quality foods have artificial fillers as substitutes for the nutrients and can thus cause severe health issues for your dog.

Why would anyone need to add artificial fillers to dog food? The main reason is to increase the constituents of food at a lesser price. This is outrageous, isn't it?

The ultimate solution to the problem is that always go for high-quality food. It will cost you some extra bucks but believe me; it is going to be worth it.

Food Rich In Proteins And Fats

You might have heard that the idea of high protein food is acceptable by everyone as you too are advised by your doctors for acquiring such a diet. But a high-fat food diet? Well! You read it right.

If your dog is underweight and you want him to gain some kilos overnight, then you are supposed to add rich-in-fat food to his diet as soon as possible. This is the easy and simple way he will be able to put on weight.

Adding Supplements To The Diet

Adding supplements to your dog’s diet is a great idea but NEVER go for it without having your pet checked from a vet. After the checkup, there will be a proper assessment of the question of adding supplements to dog food.

The reason behind it is that, if you are already giving him food rich in vitamins and minerals, then an excessive amount of these could harm your dog's health. The case could get as worse as leading to diarrhea or blood issues as well as joint pains.

So it is always recommended never to initiate the medicine by yourself but consult a vet before doing so. You can always replace the supplements with food containing a good amount of vitamin B.

Making Your Dog Exercise

You might be wondering if exercise is effective even in gaining weight. The answer is, yes.

Exercise is crucial in both ways. For an underweight dog, exercise is necessary to increase his muscle strength and appetite. You should add different fun activities to his daily routine which have a good amount of running and jumping in them, so he never ends up being fed up with all the exercise.

The routine where there is a lot of activities will lead to a better appetite and thus resulting in higher food intake.

Always Help Your Dog With His Food

Your dog needs your attention!

Most often, you don't realize what you are missing at. You provide him with his favorite food, but still, he does not make himself eat that food. The reason can be your attention which he is not getting enough. Dogs can go without eating, but never your attention.

While giving him food, always give him your attention as well. During his meals, hand-feed him and praise him for showing even the slightest interest in the food. With such love and affection, he will end up eating all the food with a lot of enthusiasm.


These tips are going to help you a lot in making your dog gain all the necessary weight. Always make sure you transform him into an active, healthy pup rather than stuffing him with all the fatty food just to make him fat.

This will no doubt increase his weight in an unhealthy way.

Get your little champ the best quality food, treat him with affection while feeding him and make exercise a regular thing. All of these combined are going to make him healthy and also help him gain some weight.

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