How To Play With Your Guinea Pig?

One of the vital roles as an owner is setting a time to spend with your furry little animal. Though, it is indeed hard to schedule your playtime escapades, especially if you do not know how to make your pet happy.

First-time owners often do not know how to interact with their guinea pig, especially with their fragile bodies that seem to get hurt easily, if accidentally applied pressure.

Though, being afraid should not be a hindrance in terms of attempting to play with them and show affection. They are within your premises as a companion and a furry little friend, that is why you should make the most out of it.

Guide On How To Pet Your Little Furry Guinea Pig

Playtime adventure is often done to encourage affection. What is another way to do it? It is by petting them. Though, before doing this, it needs time for your pet to adjust and trust you with all of their little heart.

To properly pet them, here are the following steps;

1. Pet using one or two fingers to ensure the amount of tenderness.

2. Stroke at the direction of the fur.

3. NEVER sneak up on your guinea pig.

4. Do not chase your guinea pig in the process; they feel threatened.

5. Start by petting around the face area, specifically under the chin or above the head. The areas to avoid are feet, underside, and for some pets, their back. Observe their body language to have a comprehension regarding what they prefer the most.

6. If your guinea pig walks away, that means stop.

7. Pet them for a short amount of time initially and make them get used to the petting.

Guinea Pig’s Toys & Accessories

Playtime is not only used to encourage blissfulness and improvement of mood but also exhibits enough exercising capabilities that your guinea pig needs.

To further stimulate their minds and physical aspect, here are some homemade toys that they will surely love;

Cardboard Playhouse

Even a simple cardboard box can be a toy for your adorable little pet! It can provide blissfulness within their being, and also a place for their wild adventure existing within their imagination.

To do this toy, cut out small openings like doors, and create tunnels using oatmeal canisters or chips cylinder packaging. Also cut out windows, so that your guinea pig can look outside from any level he is in.

A Brown Paper Bag With A Twist Of Surprise And Treats

This toy can be a little intimidating for their senses. Individually, fill the paper bag with hay and a few treats. Since their thoughts are most active, he will be intrigued by what's inside the box and attempt to enter it.

To encourage your little pet, produce holes on its side to make the peeping session and entrance easy.

Obstacle Course

You can create a do-it-yourself obstacle course using the materials available at home. This can be made with multiple cardboard boxes, toy blocks, cushion, and treats to spark your pet's interest.

The mental stimulation can not only improve their running capabilities but also their ability to think and comprehend which may be useful when you try to interact with them.

Hanging Toys

Since guinea pigs like to nibble, that is why they cannot resist the urge to yank and tug certain toys with their little teeth. It entertains them and can be fun due to the different colors and sizes.

To do this, you need to hand some twine on the cage, then attach some toys, or blocks with different shapes, and a bell at the end to make them more fascinated.

Step-By-Step Instruction On How To Play With Your Guinea Pig

To maximize your playtime escapades, here are the following steps to conduct it;

1. Schedule A Time With Your Pet

It is best to know how to properly make time for your little pet, for if not, you will most likely end up not spending time with it which will leave an anxious, depressed and sad guinea pig. They need your affection for they are social beings.

If you know that you cannot attend to his every whim, then consider adopting another guinea pig that is neutered or is of the same gender so that he gets to have a playmate!

2. Let Them Play Indoors, Outside Of Their Cage

Keeping them locked up in a cage every single day can make them feel agitated and frustrated, for they cannot use up all of their energy. Though, before letting it out, make sure that space is ‘guinea pig proof’ by removing holes or patches and hiding electrical cords that they may potentially nibble.

Also, cover any accessible furniture such as table corners and chairs.

Ensure that other animals are out of their reach, as they may think that the guinea pig animal is just a toy to play with. Along with this, make sure that you are supervising every step of your pet closely.

3. Let Your Guinea Pig Outdoors

Allowing your pet outdoors can bring positive feedback on her health and well-being. Though, before doing so, you should prepare an outdoor enclosure to allow your pet to be safe while they are playing outdoors. It keeps all the predators outside and your guinea pig inside.

You can build it using a wood frame and a wire mesh. Then, place some toys or things that can get their interest. Mostly, when they are already tired with the gaming process, a toilet paper tube or plastic tube can be used by them to rest in.

Also, provide hay and water when they are outside, for the draining of energy can also mean wanting to eat or drink more. If the grass is damp, place a towel as a base. Also, remove weed and harmful materials in the enclosure cage.

4. Keep A Close Eye And Observe

Since they are sensitive to extreme temperatures, it is best to look out for them in cases he suffers from heatstroke.

It can be seen when they seem to be too painful to move, weakens, and pants. If this happens, bring him home and contact your local animal hospital.


Conducting your playtime escapades can stimulate their mind and physique, and at the same time, strengthens the pet-owner bond.

Failure to comply with this need can lead to an anxious and depressed furry animal, as they tend to be too bored, contrary to their nature of being social creatures.

On the long run, they can feel depressed or anxious if not given the attention, and in worse case scenarios, they die.

Now that you know the essentials and essential information regarding the pet bond make a tidy schedule for your guinea pig right away!

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