How To Play With a Rabbit?

Rabbits are sensitive creatures. In the first few months in your household, they do not like to cuddle very often and sometimes treats you as their enemies. In this occasion, a question may be asked to oneself, and that is "How do I play with my fuzzy little creature?"

It is hard to conduct your daily playtime escapades if you are not aware of your bunny's mode of communication.

Not correctly earning its trust may lead to an awkward situation, wherein your rabbit does not know how to adjust to you, and neither do you.

To correctly build up your relationship, here is the following information to properly play with your rabbit.

Steps for Your Playtime with Your Bunny Buddy

The fuzzy animals are known for their social instinct, which means that they like to interact. But first, learn how to gain their trust for them to not think of you as a predator.

You can do this by talking to them quietly or giving them treats. With the tasty food, use it to encourage him to take a step towards you and praise him in doing so.

Know that gaining their trust takes weeks or months, which means that it is important to be patient and not to be frustrated towards them.

Once you have captured his tiny flurry heart, here are the guidelines to make your playtime hours worthwhile;

1. Knowing Your Rabbit’s Preferences 

You need to be one step ahead and understand his movements. Once you have properly trained him, allow your little bunny in an open space and pay close attention to his actions as this will indicate the stimulus that he can respond.

One of these clues is your rabbit finding a prone playground spot. Another is his mode of interaction. Specifically, if he likes to shred, toss, dig, or knock things over. You can use this as a reference when getting his potential toy.

2. Picking Toys

When choosing your little rabbit's toys, it is important to consider that he needs it for two purposes: one for a while you are within the premises and when you are not.

For your playtime hours, it depends on the game that you want to play. You can buy bird toys, straw mats or logic toys. Keep in mind that it depends on your observation regarding the ideal toy that they would want.

In times wherein you are not present, you should keep him entertained. This will ensure that they are not stressed out when you get back due to extreme boredom. Many suggest building a cardboard castle for your little bunny, especially if he has a pen. Their curious little minds definitely will enjoy this adventure!

3. Regular Play Dates

It is best to get your rabbit to be used to you, and this includes daily playtime. They are crepuscular, but mostly prefers to be active early in the morning.

Consider scheduling your escapades at this time, and this will also start up your day with lots of bunny love.

Also, keep in mind that if your rabbit is sleeping, grooming, or littering, do not engage with them as they prefer to be alone. Instead, leave their cage open and wait for them to hop towards you.

4. Use Treats to Get His Attention

If you want him to do something, consider giving him treats or praising him for your little one to be happy. Make sure to not overfeed your rabbit, and do not give him treats every once and a while as he may get used to it.

It is more advisable to give them a tasty treat that is healthy, such as strawberry, apples, and celery, instead of rabbit treats in pet stores.

5. Don’t Scold When the Rabbit Bites You

During your playtime, they may sometimes bite due to an attempt of affection or stress because he does not like the way you are petting him.

When he does this, remember to never scold him, as they are fragile creatures that tend to easily be broken or scared. Instead, scream a little or show that you are hurt. Another way is telling him “no” with voice command or a bell.

6. Let Him Decide When Your Bonding Ends

A signal of him determining that you had enough playtimes for today is when your rabbit loses interests or often looks and hops towards his cage.

Know that not all playtimes have the same hours, do not disagree unto what he wants, even if you want to lengthen your bonding or shorten it, for this will pose a negative image of you for your little bunny.

Games with Your Bunny


A game should be fun for both parties. When we play with them, we establish a stronger relationship while encouraging them to exercise along the way. Do not know the games that he wants? Here are some suggestions to stimulate your playtime adventure;

Rabbit Choices

In this game, hold a treat in your closed fist and let your rabbit pick which one has the tasty treat. He will most likely hop to the hand or point it using his nose.

Trapped Rabbit

Place him in a box, and then show him a treat that is above the edge of the box. This will encourage him to hop or stand with their hind leg which is an excellent source of exercise.

Jump and Hop

Sit on a chair and offer him a treat. This may cause them to jump on your lap and cuddle with you!

Rabbit Toys

If you want to make your playtime worthwhile, you can make them toys that best suits them! Here are some of the right toys to start up with -

  • Cardboard rolls
  • Plastic slinkies
  • A whisk broom
  • Towel
  • Paper bags
  • Cardboard boxes full of shredded paper or hay
  • Dried pine cones

Final Analysis

Ensure to establish a robust human-rabbit relation so that they trust you with all of their tiny heart. In adopting a bunny, not only do you have a pet, but also an adorable companion that will make your days blissful.

They may make your heart leap as they hop around and be endearing, and so you need to return this favor by making them blissful every day!

Now that you have all of the necessary information, your playtime adventure will surely be fun!

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