How To Keep Guinea Pig Cage Clean?

Guinea pigs are adorable and agreeable creatures. They are a wonderful pet to have which makes life better for the owners. These beautiful creatures need only one thing in exchange for providing bundles of joy, and that is care.

One must be attentive to their pet because a lot depends on the proper amount of care. Owners must be cautious about the food, environment and the health of the guinea pig. But most importantly, one should be concerned about keeping the cage clean.

These little animals spend their entire day in the cage, and if it is not kept clean, will result in an unhealthy environment which can even lead to them getting infected by germs or bacteria.

Keeping a clean cage is an excellent habit. At least a minimum cleaning procedure should be maintained daily, and a thorough cleaning procedure must be practiced every week to ensure that the guinea pigs are living in a healthy environment.

Temporary Home

You will have to look for a temporary home for them to stay in while you clean their cage. Guinea pigs are incredibly adventurous creatures and can run off somewhere and get into trouble. Thus a temporary shelter is very important to ensure its safety.

A temporary home can be a secondary cage or a plastic storage bin. Also, if a guinea pig owner wants they can put it in a safe place with somebody watching it or holding it in their hands. Temporary homes should have a little bit of food and water, and they must be free of any danger regarding cats and dogs.

Daily Cleaning Of Cage

Daily cleaning must be exercised, and some accessories of the cage should be taken care of daily. Food and water should be refilled, and uneaten food should be discarded. Spilled water should be wiped, and the spot should be cleaned. And if the water ruins any grain or hay, that must be replaced too.

Hay must be given to them daily, and it must be replaced should it get ruined. Also, dirty spots should be cleaned, and the water bowls and food boxes should be washed to protect the guinea pigs from germs. If any toys or any other accessories are spoiled, they must be replaced or cleaned accordingly.

Weekly Thorough Cleaning

A thorough cleaning every week must be maintained to keep a healthy environment. Weekly cleaning should begin with moving the guinea pig to a temporary place. After that, all objects of the cage should be taken out no matter how big or small it is.

While taking out the bedding, you might need a spatula. Also, you may use a razor to loosen the hard spots. The dirty things appropriate for disposal might include water, food, litter, hay, etc.

Things which can’t be thrown away must be cleaned such as the bedding, food bowl, etc. These items must be washed with hot water and soap and rinsed thoroughly.

After cleaning the accessories and all the materials of the cage, the cage itself must be cleaned through and through. For that, you may use detergent or soap along with hot water. These things will kill bacteria. Then the bottom part of the cage must be scrubbed.

Two-part spray consisting of water and vinegar can also be used to disinfect the cage. The cage must be rinsed after washing. This should be done to wash off the vinegar spray. After that, the cage should be checked for vinegar scent and should be washed again if it persists.

The cage should be dried after washing and rinsing it. Hair dryer or paper towels may be used in this case but do make sure that the cage is completely dried; otherwise, it will create a problem of the molds which will make the pet ill.

After doing a thorough cleaning, all the accessories and the cage must be rechecked to see if everything was done properly. The cage must be free of any smell, and it should not be wet at all.

Reconstructing The Cage

Reconstructing the cage is as important as cleaning. Before moving the guinea pig back to their homes, the cage must be reconstructed in the right way.

Firstly, fresh bedding must be put into the cage which should be free of any germs or dirty spots. After that, you will have to reassemble all the toys, food containers and water bowls. Everything must be refilled with fresh and new supply.

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Changing the arrangements of the cage somewhat might give the pets a fresh feeling and excite them.

After the guinea pigs are brought to his home which ought to be done with delicate hands, you shall oversee their activity for a few moments before leaving. Again, you can also clean the surrounding area of the cage if necessary because a guinea pig becomes truly cheerful in a clean and healthy place.

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs are prone to illness like any other creatures due to bacteria and germs, and thus they should be provided with the necessary care. While cleaning up, one should be careful about doing it correctly and also use any material like a spatula or gloves in case they fear the contamination of germs.

The cleaning procedure must be done with proper care and plenty of time. Also, everybody should watch out while spraying and drying the cage so that the cage doesn’t remain wet.

While putting the guinea pig on a temporary cage, his/her safety also must be ensured. After cleaning the cage, always remember to put the lid back on.

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