How To Keep A Dog From Pooping In Your Yard

How To Keep A Dog From Pooping In Your Yard?

Dogs are adorable and lively creatures that can give you great company wherever you go. When you have a pet dog, you can be very proud to announce that you don't face any difficulty when it comes to the pooping habits of the animal.

But bad luck can hit you anywhere and anytime. Sometimes it could be your dog that out of the blue would forget all the commands and go boldly into the backyard and poop despite knowing that it shouldn’t.

Very uncivilized of the dog, isn’t it? Sometimes, dogs can't help themselves, but you surely can have some tricks and tips that can prevent these dogs from messing up with your yards and pooping all around.  

In this article, I will be telling you about some preventive measures that could be beneficial to keep your dog poop in the right place.

Installing A Fence

The first and foremost method to keep away dogs from pooping in your yard is to build a high fence around your yard.

This fence gives a secluded and isolated position to your yard thus keeping dogs away. When they are not able to enter it, they give up on trying to roam about and hence no problematic poops here and there.

The Use of Vinegar

You have always seen vinegar being used for cooking. But you could never have imagined that it could be used as a dog repellent as well.

When it comes to using vinegar as a repellent, it should be diluted. Once diluted, it could be sprayed around the perimeters of your yard. Unseen to the eyes, a fence will be formed that drives off both the dogs and cats away.

If ever a stray dog or even your pet dog goes roaming around the lawn, as soon as it takes a sniff of the vinegar, it will turn away.

Although vinegar keeps the dog away, it never hurts him. So this method is dog-friendly as it has no side effects but just keeping the dog away from the yards.

For better results, the diluted mixture should be sprayed every now and then most preferably daily.

The vinegar could be useful in those areas where the dog usually poops. Rainy days always take the vinegar to form the soil so you will need to repeat the process in post-rain days.

While spraying the vinegar one thing that has to be kept in mind is that it should be very carefully sprayed for it could lead to the destruction of vegetation. So apply it on the affected area only keeping any greenery away from it.

Taking Help of Baking Soda

The above-stated measures are precautionary measures which are helpful as a barrier to dogs and cats from entering into your yard. But for any reason, if they somehow get there and do their thing you should not panic.

For this purpose, baking soda is a life savior. All you will need to do is take some baking soda and make some mixture by adding water to it. There are not very strict proportions rules, but still, it is advised that for every one gallon of water you should take one cup of baking soda.

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Now, this mixture is to be applied to the area which is affected by the poop or urine of dogs. For better results, repeat this method twice a week. There are many other significant uses of baking soda as well.

If a plant is damaged by the urine, it could be recovered with baking soda. Moreover, the urine has a stinking smell. So to neutralize this effect you can use baking soda as well.

Changing The Fertilizer

Most dogs have an extreme reaction to the smell of organic materials. Since dogs are drawn towards any fertilizer made of bone meal, you should change the fertilizers to repel the dogs.

Keeping this fact in mind, try a plant-based fertilizer for the vegetation in your yard. As they won’t have any such affection for this organic material so it would automatically withdraw your dog from the yard.

Plant Lavender Or Spiky Shrubbery

Most people don’t go for fences as they don’t consider them to be aesthetic, so they opt for plant barriers instead.

Lavender is thought to leave a pleasant effect on human beings due to its pleasant smell yet they have the reverse impact on dogs. Most animals hate the scent of lavender.

Stray dogs could be turned off if you fence your yard with lavender plants and some thorny shrubs so that no dog would be able to get into the yard. This will result in no additional poop to clean.

Installing Sprinklers

The areas which you think are more vulnerable should have motion-activated sprinklers around. The moment a dog gets over, these sprinklers will activate, and the sprayers will scare the dogs away with water.

The dogs will now associate your yard with a place where they get an unexpected spray of water whenever they try to invade. Hence, they will stay away from it.

Taking Help Of Commercial Deterrent

Having tried all the remedies, at times, you can also go for commercial detergents. These products are generally useful, but the benefit is not permanent and can last for a day or two. These deterrents are readily available online and in markets.

Bottom Line

Dogs are no doubt the liveliest creatures alive, but at times you need to either train them to obey specific rules or adopt methods which could prevent any unpleasant thing from happening (such as your dog pooping in unexpected places).

In this article, we gave an account of different techniques that you could use to keep a dog from pooping in your yard. The methods are effortless to follow and DO NOT cause any harm to your dogs. You just need to have them at a distance from your yard and keep them on ideal pooping strategies.

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