How to Get Rid of Ferret Odor in Room?

Ferrets are cute little creatures that we are bound to adore. If you are a ferret owner soon to be one, you would be familiar with their characteristics.

As these mammals got pretty popular as pets nowadays, people are noticing a key problem with having a pet ferret. It is the smell. Ferrets have musk glands concentrated around their face and lightly spread throughout the whole body, which creates the stench.

So, you might be thinking about how you can remove or get rid of the ferret odor. Here I’ll provide you with tips on how to get rid the disgusting smell out of your room.

But first, let’s get to know the reason behind the odor in the first place.

Reason for The Odor

Ferrets are mostly known as a stinky creature. They are also known as “Mustela putorius furo" that refers to “rat-eating, the stinky creature."

As I mentioned above, the smell comes from musk glands. Ferrets are born with anal scent sacs. Which doesn’t contribute a hefty amount to the smell, but It still causes some stench. The natural ferret odor comes from other musk glands in the skin around mostly in the face area.

Now some people find the smell of ferrets beautiful and lively like sweet musk or curry and some people heavily dislike the smell calling it stinky and such.

If you are going through this article, then you might not be the people who like the smell.

So, for you, here are the ways you can get rid of the ferret odor in the room.

Ways to Get Rid of The Ferret Odor in Room

Here are a few viable ways you can employ to get rid of the ferret odor in your room.

1. Clean Environment

At first, you will have to keep the ferret or ferrets in a clean cage or any sort of clean housing for them. The ferret needs to be litter box trained. The litter box inside the cage should be cleaned regularly. Litter can cause the smell to spread all across the room. So, you have to clean both the cage and the litter box once a day.

Weekly launder the bedding of your ferret with unscented laundry detergent so that the fabric remains clean. Scented detergent might cause an allergic reaction to your ferret.

You have to also clean the toys your ferret play with. Those can be infected with germs too. So, while you are cleaning the cage, make sure everything inside it is also clean.

Also, keep your house as clean as possible. You have to make sure that your house doesn’t have garbage or dust lying around. Because that can cause the area of the cage stench up more with contents from outside.

2. Give It A Bath

Every pet needs to be given a bath. And in the case of ferrets, it’s very important for it gets a good bath.

Giving a bath is the best way to get rid of the stench as fast as possible.

You have to use ferret-safe shampoo while you give your ferret a bath. A ferret should be cleaned monthly. Not too often. If you bathe your ferret too much, the smell will get worse.

Once a week, you can use the ear cleaning solution to clean the ear of your ferret with cotton swabs. Use a small toothbrush to brush its teeth so that it can have a clean set of teeth.

3. Switch Food

What you feed your ferret has a huge impact on its body system.. It also affects the ferret's stool.

You have to pay attention to what you are feeding your ferret daily. Sometimes you might notice its stool to be offensive. If the vet rules out any signs of sickness, then you have to change the diet of your furry friend.

You should not change the food right away. You have to switch the food slowly. Add new food with your ferret’s regular meals throughout a few weeks.

You will have to keep it going until you are able to fully replace the meal with all the new food. After a while, you’ll see the dissimilarity in your ferret's stool.

4. Use Odor Eliminating Solution

In the water of your pet, you can use ferret waste weather eliminator which is made up of natural ingredients. It has the ability to deodorize the urine of your ferret. Which will lessen the stench?

To give your ferret a shiny and healthy coat, you can use what is called an odor eliminating shampoo. It is made up of aloe vera and jojoba oil. The shampoo makes use of micro-encapsulated enzymes to wipe off its odor.

Another solution you can use to keep your furry friend odor free is called Coat Spritz. It’s a mixture of conditioners, odor modifiers, neutralizers, and aloe vera.

5. Maintaining the Bedding 

The most important thing to look after to remove the stink of the odor from your room is the household of the furry creature.

The skin of the ferret takes the scent of it’s the bearer, and it causes the smell to spread. The fur can shred all over the bedding

The bed sheets shouldn’t be dirty for more than three days, body oil of the ferret’s body stinks up the surroundings. That oil will bring out the worst smell imaginable.

6. Taking Care of Your Pet

There are many ways your pet ferret can stink up your room. But the one that causes it to be out of proportion is the stool. The stool of the creature creates an enormous amount of smell.

So, you have to look after your pet. Whether it’s eating right or not or if it’s sick. A healthy ferret will cause less smelly stool.

In the ferret's meal, you have to avoid fruits, fat, grain, vegetables in high amount.

If you see any sign of sickness, you must consult with a vet. If your ferret gets infected, then you need to take measures given to you by the specialist.


I hope you have your worries cleared out and gotten to know how and where the smell comes from and the ways you can remove the stench from your room. The pointers provided above are helpful, and these will be able to help you get rid of the stinky odor from your room and your house.

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