How To Get Dog Hair Out Of The Car?

You take your cute little bundle of fur everywhere with you, and he too is the happiest when he gets a car ride. Well, your dog is the strength and emotional support system that drives your life.

They can lift your mood within minutes when you go back to them after a very stressful day. Car rides are fun with them, but once the ride is over and you are back home, and it's up to you to get the dog hair from the car, it becomes the most tiresome and hectic job.

Their traces can be found in every nook and corner of the room. Vacuuming the car is an excellent option to consider, but it isn’t completely efficient. Some hair still manages to remain inside.

Well! To help out you guys, I will be giving some tips as for how to get your car interior free of any remnants of the fur that your cute little furball carries with him.

1. Vacuuming The Car

Just as I said, vacuuming isn’t effective for a complete cleanup of the car, and it is because it leaves out short hair. But at the same time vacuuming is one useful method to get rid of the loose hair.

Now once the loose hair is removed, it is about time you start taking out the small troublesome hair with the help of other techniques.

2. Taking The Help Of A Rubber Glove

This is one of the most natural methods to remove all the smaller hair from the interior of the car, and I can assure you, no traces will be left behind.

Wear a rubber glove and wet the thumb and forefinger of your right hand with water. A dry glove can work too, but moisture helps the hair to clump easily. Move your hand over the seats and interior of the car and so large clumps of hair will be formed which can now be easily picked up.

Once the small hair is clumped they can be even vacuumed as now they are no more some small undetectable and troublesome hair.

3. Using Velcro Curlers

These are best to use while cleaning the carpets of the car. The method is just as simple. Take the curlers and roll it over the surface to be cleaned.

They are reusable. Just take the extracted hair from the roller and keep brushing.

4. Using A Balloon

Are you amazed at how a simple balloon can help you out in clearing your car? Well, let me explain it.

An inflated balloon has static energy on it which thus attracts the hair from any surface on whichever it is rubbed over. So in your case, take a balloon and rub it over your car seats, the cushions, etc.

All loose hair will stick to the balloon, and so you can wipe the surface of the balloon clean. This method will help you in clearing the loose hair but will not be effective in clearing that hair which is stranded.

5. Getting The Help Of A Fabric Softener

A fabric softener has such ingredients which loosen the pet hair. All you need is add a few drops of fabric softener to water in a spray bottle.

Lightly spray the surface of the seat or padding. When the pet hair becomes loose, clean the surface with a paper towel.

6. Duct Tape Can Do Wonders

There is no limitation as which type of tape you choose, but usually, the duct tape is preferred since it minimizes the chances to leave any sort of residuals. Wrap the tape around your hand keeping the sticky end outwards.

Press it against the surface containing the hair. Just lift your hand and see the results.

7. Cleaning The Car Interior With Squeegee

A squeegee rubber can be used to clean up dog hair from the cushions and the car mats. This is a very effective way to clean up dog hair from the interior.

By using a squeegee, the pet hair from your car's interior can be removed leaving no traces behind. The razor blade catches the hair from the cushioning as you move the squeegee over it.

Wipe the hair from the blade and remove the hair. This is an inexpensive tool and is reusable.

8. Dryer Sheets

With the help of a wet glove or sheet, the hair can be removed efficiently as I had already mentioned above. But a sheet can be used without any water or solution. All you need to do is to run the dry sheet over the surface to be cleaned.

It will pick up the pet hair and thus, is removed with ease.

9. Taking The Help Of Air Compressors

Air compressor work on the mechanism almost similar to that of the vacuum cleaner. While vacuum cleaner sucks the pet hair, the air compressors blow away the hair with the help of compressed air.

The benefit of using an air compressor is that it aims at a single point that is the target area thus doesn't let the fur to be blown everywhere. Once the hair is blown out, they are very easy to clean.

10. Using A Lint Brush

Sometimes you are hesitant to use any of the tools or methods mentioned earlier to remove the pet hair from the seats of your car since it might provide some harm to the leather used to cover the seats.

In such cases, the best method is to use a lint brush which goes very gentle on the car's seats and the interior. Roll the brush over the surface and then remove the hair from the brush.

Some Preventive Measures

Although there are different techniques to remove dog hair from the interior of your car. Still, you should be a little bit careful when it comes to taking your little four-footed friend with you in the car.

Firstly, you should get your dog a customized crate which is comfortable enough and beautifully designed that will not only limit your dog to a smaller area but will also ensure a safe journey for him.

If your dog is never comfortable in a crate because he feels bound or restricted, then there is another way out. Before you go anywhere, just give a good brushing to your dog. This will remove all the loose hair out of him.

Moreover, you can also opt for a pet cover. These are specially designed. They should cover every nook and corner of the seat where your pet is laying to protect the area from pet hair.

Once the journey is over, take out the sheet. Rinse it well in water, and it is ready and clean for reuse.

Bottom Line

So these are all the information I had to share with all of you regarding the cleaning of dog hair. By following these, you would never have to worry about the cleanliness of your car's interior.

Preventive measures are always preferred. But if for some reason you are unable to take these measures, you never need to worry. Just go through all the techniques as to how to remove the pet hair and you won’t have to worry while you enjoy your pet’s company in the car.

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