How to Ferret-Proof a Bedroom? Beginners Guide

The love for your pet naturally tends to secure them from every trouble. With this protecting tendency, you take every possible precaution to proof your room for your pet.

When your pet is a ferret, you need to be extra careful. The best way to keep your ferret happy and safe is to secure a room perfectly.

Here, we will talk about some steps that you can take to make your bedroom ferret proof. At first, you better know what a ferret-like to do. Then consider those things to ensure maximum safety.

What Ferrets Likes to Do

These little fluffy creatures are so joyful, entertaining and naughty. They love to explore by chewing, climbing, digging and playing with things that can be harmful to them.

So, make sure that such instincts of a ferret are controlled by limiting its movement.

How To Ferret-Proof A Bedroom

To provide a ferret proof bedroom, you need to see the room from your pet’s perspective. Perhaps you are wondering “how to do this,” here you go;

Bend down on knees and hand, check for all the burrows, tiny hidden holes that can be tempting for your ferret.

If you get such burrows immediately seal those.

To find any built-in hole in your furniture or right under the cabinet, let your ferret wander in your room. Utmost supervision is needed here.

Watch carefully while he sniffs around at his new place. You are in a safe zone if your ferret does not tug in suddenly or make any fuss.

But if you see that it starts a sudden movement ortries to disappear, know that there is something tempting him.

Now give that area a good check. Even if you get a too tiny ditch, just block it. You never know what accident this unimaginable ditch can bring.

Keep away chew able things like rubber, foam, wire and other cords from a ferret’s reach.

Also, be aware of somewhat heavy things like plant pot speaker which can be knocked down by the ferret.

Let’s check out how you can proof other things of your bedroom for your loving ferret ahead.


Your bed or couch should be directly set on the floor so that there is no space left to crawl under or hide there.

If your couch or bed cannot be put directly on the floor, please buy hardboard according to the size of your bed or couch.

Pin the hardboard under the hollow space of your bedroom’s furniture.

Make sure there is no space between your furniture and the wall.

Push all the furniture against the wall.

Even 1-2 inches gap is not ignorable as a ferret can squeeze himself within this gap. Thin sheet board can be used to cover such a gap.

If your couch has cushions, it can be a favorite thing to dig in for your ferret. To prevent this mishap, use slipcover made of heavy cloth.

If you get a couch cum folding bed, do check it thoroughly for the ferret’s presence before folding it. There are cases of a ferret that got stuck in this folding process and remained there for the rest of the day unless the owner noticed its disappearance. How terrible! Isn’t it?


Often bedroom has rocker/ recliner if not a couch just to relax. Your ferret may break its back if you do not notice its presence within the rocking chair. Either you have to be highly careful while using this chair or just get rid of it.


Your Closet can be another hiding place for your ferret. Always lock the closet’s door. If it finds a way to go inside, then it may get trapped there accidentally. I think you can sense what type of danger you are likely to call for. That’s why you need to be careful when your ferret is in your bedroom.


Ferrets often fall asleep under carpet and rugs. Make sure your bed room carpet is tightly fitted with the floor. Before you step on your rugs, be careful otherwise you can step on your ferret too.


Keep a rug with your bedroom’s door as ferrets love to scratch them. If they get the rug,they will dig it which is less disturbing than the sound of scratching the door.


They often act like trapeze artist as they love climbing. Keep your bedroom’s windows shut. Covering the windows with curtains will not help.

They can throw themselves out via the window. So, lock your window before you bring your ferret into your bedroom.

Electrical Cords/ Plug-ins

One of the dangers for your ferret might be electrical wires or cords. Being a highly curious animal, they even chew wires to know what it is. You can hook up the cords a few feet from the ground.

The best way to protect the wires is to use a critter cord which is like a tube.It will give the wires an extra layer.

This thing has a bitter taste that prevents animal to chew cords. Buying a critter cord is cheaper than to get in trouble and take your pet to a vet.

If your room has open plug-ins, plug up those with protectors.  You can also seal them with tape if you do not use them regularly.

Heater/ Air Conditioner

As weather demands, we use a portable heater or air cooler. Before you turn them on, check properly that they are not inside these machines. When not in use, cover them with something or put them in their respective boxes.


Sometimes the bedroom comes with an attached bath or toilet. If you own a ferret and allow it to your bedroom, then you must be vigilant about its access to the bathroom. Always make sure that the bathroom door is closed.

Do not leave your bathtub filled with water. A ferret can swim but what if it could not get out of it. He will keep swimming until gets tired and eventually drowns in the water. If the water is too hot, it can partially burn his sensitive body. 

The commode lid should not be kept uplifted. If your ferret can manage to climb onto the commode, they can jump into the toilet bowl as well.

Moreover, all the toilet cleaning products should be kept out of reach from your ferret. Make a shelf or use cupboard high up on the washroom wall to store the liquid chemical.

Also, a ferret can play with empty paper towel roll, and out of curiosity, they may peep through the roll. The obvious cause will be sticking inside the roll. If something like this happens, just rip off the roll.

Do not forget to check your toilet’s waste bin which is another hiding place for him. It is better to use a bin with a lid. This is all about checking things thoroughly to ensure secure life of your pet.

Wash Basket

We do keep a wash basket beside the bathroom for laundry. Your ferret can find it as a new sleeping space.

Do not just take all the clothes together from the basket and put it in the washing machine. Shake every piece of cloth. Who knows you can find your ferret inside one of the clothes that you were about to throw in the machine.

Advantage of Ferret Proofing Bedroom

To have a ferret proof bedroom means relief for you and extra security for your pet. The great thing about it is, you are allowing your pet to enjoy and explore a new area, giving him the chance to do more of playing and free roaming.

Disadvantage of Ferret Proofing Bedroom

The only problem with proofing your bedroom is it will cost extra money. The whole process can be tiresome for a few ferret owners. In addition, you need to be super cautious all the time.

Some Additional Tips

  • Fix a play time with your ferret only when you can supervise him efficiently.
  • Satisfy him by providing boxes, ball, tunnel or ferret safe toys to keep him busy, playing and hiding within these.
  • Choose a room with less furniture for his free roaming.
  • Any new place apart from the cage will make a ferret happy.

Final Word

Proofing bedroom for a ferret is like creating a child-safe room but in a different way. When you love your pet dearly, you can take responsibilities happily to protect it.Hope you will not be in hazard again to ferret proof your bedroom if you follow what we have discussed so far.

Enjoy your time with your bundle of fur even in your bedroom. Cheers!

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