How to Cut Rabbit Nails

How to Cut Rabbit Nails?

Rabbits undoubtedly make a cute pet. But you need to keep great care of them. Having a rabbit's nails clipped is probably a very difficult task for a rabbit owner. Most people are scared to hurt their pets. For a young rabbit, cutting the nails is more complicated.

So, most people ask how to cut rabbit nails. There are many useful tools for this process. All you need is a nail clipper designed for cutting rabbit nails, protective gloves, some treats, torchlight, and styptic powder. If you have someone to help you, the task will become much easier.

Naturally, rabbits who live in the wild dig through their nails. So, their nails are not much longer. But a pet rabbit does not have the opportunity to dig.  So, their nails grow long, and you need to have them cut. For young rabbits, if you develop a routine, it would become easier for you.

Preparation before cutting

It is essential that you prepare your rabbit before cutting nails. It would save him from having serious accidents like bleeding toes and pain. Rabbits are generally very nervous creatures. They will sometimes hop in your lap, but they would not be comfortable if you cut their nails.

How to Cut Rabbit Nails

So, you should make them comfortable by having some treats and stroking them. After you feel your rabbit would not go anywhere, the next step is checking their nails. There is no regular pattern of rabbit nail growth, so you need to check after a month or two.

Looking for rabbit nails

If the rabbit's nails are long, you will observe that he has difficulty in jumping and walking. Having long nails can be harmful to his health. If the nails are curved at the ends, it suggests that nails are long.

Cut Rabbit Nails

In a rabbit claw, there are five toes in the front feet and four toes at the back. These are dug inside the claw; if you press them lightly, the nail will come out. It is advisable that you remain patient throughout this process and have someone hold the rabbit.

Selecting the perfect nail clipper

The second step is to select a suitable clipper for this task. Most people ask if it is suitable to cut the rabbit nails with a human nail clipper. So, it is better if you use nail clippers designed for pets. It is because they come in different sizes and shapes. They are safe for cutting the rabbit nails.

rabbit nail

Mostly, there are two kinds of clippers generally used for cutting nails of cats and dogs. Choosing the perfect size of nail cutter ensures the safety of your pet. If you select a nail clipper similar to scissors, your job would be much easier.

Seeking styptic powder

The fourth most important thing is to keep a styptic powder at the ready. It is needed in case if the rabbit paw bleeds when you cut the nails. It is due to the presence of a blood vessel inside the rabbit nail. If you cut the vessel, the rabbit claw bleeds. So, you need to be very careful not to clip the vessel while cutting the rabbit nails.

Calming down the rabbit

The last step before you start cutting the rabbit's nails is to make him calm. If you have someone to hold your rabbit, it is the best.

But you can also handle the rabbit yourself. Put the rabbit close to your body. Make him sit in your lap and gently stroke his back. Some people suggest pressing the spine, which makes him paralyzed, so cutting becomes easier. But this is the cruelty with your pet.

Calming down the rabbit

It is better that you give him light strokes on his back. If he tries to run away, you can apply some pressure at the sides of his back legs to hold him in place. Patience is the key to this step. And if your rabbit sits peacefully in place, your task would become much easier.

Step by step guide on how to cut rabbit nails

Cut Rabbit Nails

After you have made all the necessary preparations, you can now proceed with the process.

  • The first step is to hold the rabbit against your body. Place him on your arm by moving an arm around his chest. It is better that you carry out the process in a sitting position. Make sure that you have better light to locate the rabbit nails.
  • The second step is to wrap a towel around your rabbit. It would help to hold him in place and make him comfortable. You can then easily stretch out his paws by pulling them out one at a time. Place him on the surface suitable for him and you. It can either be the floor, your lap, or a table.
  • Use a mat to place the rabbit over it. With one hand, hold his paw, and with the other, hold the nail clipper.
  • Locate the rabbit nails by pressing his claw lightly. The nail stretches out. There is a vessel at the place where the nail is attached to his paw. If you cut the vessel, his paw would bleed. So make sure that you locate the vessel and cut it around it.
  • If the rabbit nails are white-colored, finding the vessel would be easier for you. But if your rabbit has brown nails. You can use a flashlight to locate the vessels.
  • Hold the nail clipper against his nails and press. Be careful not to hurt him and use the perfect size of nail clippers.
  • Rabbits usually move or get fearful when you trim their nails. So, in case if you accidentally cut the blood vessel, use styptic powder and give him some treats to calm down during the whole process.


So, cutting the nails of your rabbit might seem to be a difficult task for many people, but using these simple steps will definitely help you out. Most of the rabbit owners are scared of attempting it. But if you develop a routine, you and the rabbit will get habitual to it.

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