How to Clip Dog Nails When a Dog is Scared Of?

It can be a pretty hard job to clip your dog's nails when you do not know the rules or maybe your dog does not let you do it. It is normal that a dog will not like to get his nails clipped, But it is essential to do the job since dogs get hurt pretty often if their nails are long also they feel uncomfortable too.

Even though it is a hard task, it’s a necessity as well. If you don’t do it, you may leave your dog prone to infections, skin issues, and more. To prevent this, you’ll need to clip your dog nails yourself.

Here we will explain the different steps & tips you can follow to do it effortlessly:

Do Not Push Him

Like human babies, even grown-up dogs get scared when you try to clip their nails. This happens because they are animals and thus not accustomed to it. When your dog gets to see you are coming towards him with a strange thing in your hand, it will freak out, of course.

If you get to see him getting afraid of this and not letting you to clip his nails, then do not push/rush him. Wait for a while so that he can get over his stress and let you do the work quickly. Otherwise, a dog may even bite you out of fear – and you do not want that.

Apace It With A Prize

If your dog gets too much traumatized after his experience of getting his nails clipped, give him some treats. This simple gesture will make sure that he will not get stressed during the upcoming sessions. It will assure the fact that he will be obedient to you whenever you want to clip his nails.

Work One At A Time

Do not ever rush while clipping your dog's nails. Instead, go for cutting one at a time. If you do it in haste, you might end up hurting your dog. And that could end up in badly hurt dog’s feet, or even the dog biting your hand in the process.

Start Slowly

Try to be as gentle as possible with your pet. Take time and clip your dog’s nails slowly. First, hold your dog's paw gentle, then start clipping his nails softly. In the meantime, give him a treat so you can appease it to keep going.

Show Him Love

If your dog gets very much scared during nail clipping session then after the whole process is over, he might feel a bit down. Hence, to cheer him up, shower him with love and show him that you care about him. This will make him understand that, through clipping his nails, you mean no harm to him.

Know The Limit

Before you go for clipping his nails all by yourself, watch some tutorials to educate yourself how to do it. Know how not to cut too much of the nail. The standard idea is that you should cut until you can see a black spot in the center of the nail. Then, stop.

Give Obedience Training

Teach your dog to be obedient to you. Try to build up such a relationship with your dog where he has trust in your words and commands. That way, if you ask him to sit and relax while he is getting anxious when you are clipping his nails, he will stay calm.

Tools For Dogs Nail Clipping

Since dogs get very vulnerable while you try to clip their nails, you cannot use generic nail clippers to get the job done. Besides, their nails are not the same as yours; hence you need to have a different kind of clippers for the job.

There are lots of clippers on the market, and you can get any one of those according to your dog’s needs.  Here are some of the right choices that you can consider:

1. Scissor Nail Clippers

This type of clippers looks a bit like scissors as its name refers to. It is applied to use this type of dog nail clipping tool mostly on large dog breeds like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, etc. This kind of clippers works efficiently.

2. Guillotine Nail Clippers


Guillotine nail clippers are designed in such a way that you can clip your dog's nails pretty easily. Besides, it will take less time to clip nails if you use this clipper. But the process can be a bit uncomfortable for your dog. It is ideal for small breeds.

3. Grinding Nail Tool

This one is preferred if your dog gets scared of nail clippers quickly. It is not a nail clipper but serves the purpose anyway. If you are going to use it, it will undoubtedly take too much time, but your dog will not feel uncomfortable during the whole process.


As a dog owner, you need to do everything well for your dog. You should provide your dog with comfort and care. Therefore, though nail clipping is not a pleasant thing for a dog yet, it needs to be done, and you are the one who has to decide how to do it.

Your dog might show aggression while you try to clip his nails, but you have to make sure the situation gets under control so you can finish the task correctly. However, no matter how much uncomfortable your pet gets, you have to do it. If you can’t, then hire a professional or vet to do it for you.

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