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How to clean a rabbit cage

How to Clean a Rabbit Cage?

Cleaning a rabbit's cage is a tiring task for most of the people. A clean rabbit cage is essential to maintain your rabbit's health. The cleaning process becomes easier if you develop a routine. It is better if you keep the food compartments clean and throw away the food residues daily. If you train your rabbits, the cage would be less dirty.

How to clean a rabbit cage? This is what most rabbit owners are concerned about. To clean a rabbit's cage, you need to have a disinfectant and some dish cleaner or a surface cleaner. You should wash the food holder, change the water from the water bottle daily and clean the litter when required.

It is good if you develop a routine of cleaning the rabbit cage. For most of the time, cleaning the cage thoroughly once a week is good. But it depends upon the number of rabbits and the size of your cage. To prevent bad smells and stains from your rabbit cage, you can use some calcium salts.

Rabbits are generally very good pets and can be trained very easily. They cost low maintenance and are easily trained as compared to other pets like cats and dogs. They easily develop a routine and are very playful pets. If you keep them and the cage clean, they would be healthier.

How to clean a rabbit cage? A detailed guide.

The first step is to move the rabbit away from the cage while you do the cleaning. Place them in a closed room with a can play without getting themselves hurt. If they don't disturb you, the cleaning process will become much easier.

Clean a rabbit cage

Daily cleaning routine

If you establish your daily routine of the cage, it would be easier to perform a thorough cleaning at weekends. Daily cleaning requires about 15 to 20 minutes to ensure that your rabbit is in good health. Even if your rabbits are trained, but there would be some litter in the cage.

For daily cleaning, you require replacing litter, a small bucket for replacement of litter, and some holder for picking up the litter and cleaning. You can use a brush or broom for the best purpose.

Daily cleaning routine

The type of litter you use depends, but it is advisable to check what type of bedding is useful for your pet. Sometimes a rabbit is allergic to some material used in litter and can develop breathing issues. The daily cleaning involves the following steps.

  • Place your rabbits in a safe place away from the cage and take the cage in some open and airy space.
  • Using a broomstick, but the bad litter in the dustpan and throw it away. Add some fresh litter to the base. You can also mix the old and new litter but make sure it is a clean one.
  • Then remove food residues from the cage. Clean the food bowls with a good quality scrub and refill the water bottle.
  • It is better if you scrub the stains daily because it is a difficult and time-consuming process as they become dry.
  • If you have provided some toys for your little bunny, he would probably chew on them. Wash them with a disinfectant and replace the toys sometimes.

Weekly cleaning routine

You can wash the cage weekly and replace the litter with a new one. Also, mop the area around the cage. Use a good quality disinfectant to keep you and the rabbits healthy.

Wash the dishes with a good quality dishwasher. Boil them in clean water and repeat the process with the water bottle; it would protect them from germs.

Weekly cleaning

Make sure that everything is clean and dry. Then refill the litter bed and add fresh water and food to the bowls. Make sure not to pile up the food dishes. Add only the required amount of food. It is advisable that you change the diet of rabbits and include some different and healthy treats to keep them happy and interested.

Monthly cleaning routine

You can develop this routine twice or once a month. It would be much easier if you have been following the daily and monthly cleaning routines. For this purpose, you would need a broomstick and dustpan, cleaning towels, vacuum cleaner, clean litter bedding, sponges, disinfectants, spray bottles, some vinegar, water for cleaning, and dishwashers. It is somewhat a time taking process but ensures a healthy environment for the rabbits.

Monthly cleaning
  • The first step is to make the cage empty by moving the rabbits to some other place. Remove the food bowls and water bottles from the cage.
  • Now make a mixture of vinegar and water, having one portion of vinegar in three portions of water. Use a towel or cleaning paper and spray the vinegar mixture in the cage. Then wipe it clean with cleaning paper. Clean the walls and floor of the cage thoroughly and remove all the stains. You can use some detergent mixture and some baking soda to remove the stains completely.
  • After the cage is clean, you should put it in the sunlight to diminish all the bacteria growth. You can use a hairdryer to make the cage completely dry before putting all the components back.
  • The third step involves cleaning the food, dishes, and beddings. Wash the dishes with a good quality dishwasher and then sterilize them. You can replace the food bowls with new ones. The water bottle should be sterilized necessarily. Wash the beddings thoroughly if you use cloth or a blanket as bedding.
  • If you use plastic toys to satisfy the rabbit's chewing urges, replace them with new ones. You can also sterilize them or at least use a disinfectant to clean them thoroughly.
  • Before you put the rabbit back in the cage, clean the area around the cage using a vacuum cleaner. It would make sure that the area is completely free from bacteria and germs. You can also use a disinfectant mop afterward.
  • Then fill the food bowls and water bottles.
  • Place the rabbits back into their place.

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