How to clean a rabbit cage with vinegar

How to Clean a Rabbit Cage With Vinegar? Pro Cage Cleaning Tips

Rabbits are exceptionally clean pets and do not need proper bathing like cats and dogs. It is easy to maintain good hygiene with rabbits. All you need is to clean their cage on a regular, weekly, and daily basis. Cleaning the rabbit cage is easy if you take 10 minutes daily for proper maintenance.

How to clean a rabbit cage with vinegar?

Vinegar is an excellent disinfectant and highly suggested for cleaning purposes. It not only cleans but also removes bad smells from the surfaces. The vinegar is diluted with water to be used for cleaning purposes. We mix one portion of vinegar in three portions of water and then spray it throughout the cage and wipe with a cloth.

How to clean a rabbit cage with vinegar

You can clean the rabbit cage once a week with vinegar to maintain a safe and clean environment for your rabbit. But this weekly cleaning would become easier if you maintain the routine of daily check and cleanliness. Following are some tips on cleaning the rabbit's cage.

Daily cleaning process

You can fix a time for ten minutes daily to maintain the rabbit's cage. All you need to do is refill the water bottle and food bowls. Change the hay bedding that is unclean or wet and throw away the litter. If you have a wired floor and use some cardboard over it, you need to check whether it is clean or not.

So, first of all, we would remove the rabbits from the cage and place them in a safe place. You can make them have some food and water and some space to run and play. Then remove the water bottle and food bowls from the cage.

The next step is to remove the hay bedding from the floor of the cage. You can use a broomstick for this task. Remove the filthy hay and keep the clean hay separated from it. Now inspect the cage and your rabbit's condition by checking how much he is eating. Also, you need to check that there is no difference in the rabbit's comfort.

Daily cleaning process

Any breakage in the cage, especially the cage wires, can be extremely harmful to your pet. So, keep check for any sort of disorder. Many cages have a tray attached to hold any sort of droppings; check the tray and clean it. The whole process requires about 10 to 15 minutes, and then you can put the rabbits back in.

Weekly cleaning process

This is somewhat a thorough cleaning process and requires some time. But it saves you from a lot of trouble while you perform monthly cleaning of the cage. So, you need some protective rubber gloves, a bucket, detergent, some brushes, and vinegar for this process.

It is essential to disinfect the rabbit cage once a week to ensure the proper health of your rabbits. Hay bedding, though, is essential for your rabbit but is dangerous if you use wet or filthy bedding. It develops bacteria and fungi that can cause serious health issues to your rabbits.

Now to begin the process, it is essential that your rabbits are safely present in a corner and do not disturb you throughout the process. When the cage is empty, place it in some airy and well-lit place. Then remove all the bedding from the cage floor. We would place a complete new bedding every week.

Weekly cleaning process

Also, remove accessories from the cage-like bowls and toys. Then we will proceed to the thorough cleaning and washing process of the cage. Use a good quality detergent and different-sized brushes for this task. It is advisable that you use warm water for washing. Scrub all the stains from the floor and walls of the cage.

The trash tray is an essential component that needs to be cleaned with hot water. You can use a good-quality surface cleaner or dishwasher for this task. After the washing process is done, the next step is to disinfect the whole cage to ensure that there are no germs and bacteria left.

Many chemical detergents available in the market are very good in their working, but they prove to be harmful to your rabbit's health. So, we would choose a natural disinfectant, i.e., vinegar. Vinegar serves as the best disinfectant, but we need some water to dilute it.

So, we would mix one portion of vinegar and three portions of water and put this mixture in a spray bottle. Spray this vinegar mixture evenly, and then allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. Take a clean towel, cloth, or a sponge to wipe the cage.

After that, we need to wash the cage thoroughly with warm water. Having the vinegar residues is not good for the rabbit. So, make sure that the cage is disinfectant free completely. Before putting all the things back in, it is advisable to keep the cage in proper sunlight for drying.

Now we would sterilize and wash the food and water holders of the rabbit. So, put them in boiling water for about half an hour and then wash thoroughly with a good quality dishwasher. You can also use a vinegar mixture, but make sure that the disinfectant is completely removed from the dishes afterward.

Weekly cleaning process

After this process is done, we will now make fresh bedding for the rabbit. But before putting in the hay, make sure that all the components of the cage are completely dried up. Moist hay can serve as a host to bacteria and fungi that are harmful to the rabbit's health.

Why use vinegar for cleaning?

Vinegar mixture is not necessarily used for weekly cleaning but can be extremely beneficial in daily cleaning too. You should keep a vinegar mixture bottle handy to clean the area around the cage.

use vinegar for cleaning

It is because vinegar is an excellent disinfectant and keeps away bad odor. It is also very organic and safe for the rabbit's health as compared to other chemical disinfectants.

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