How to Build an Indoor Rabbit Cage

How to Build an Indoor Rabbit Cage?

Whenever you think of having a pet, there are many options that come in our mind, like having a cat, a dog, or some Bird. But what about having a rabbit for a pet. Rabbits are really good pets and are hygienic. They are extremely playful and joyful. But the question that arises when you consider having a pet is where would they live?

So you can make a hutch for them inside or outside your house. So, the question arises how to build an indoor rabbit cage? You can make a cage out of some metallic wire or convert the cage of other pet animals to accommodate your rabbits. The basic tools required for this task are a drill, hammer, some nuts and bolts, spanner, wooden planks, metal baton and wires, and a drill.

While you set up a cage for the rabbits, make sure of the requirements and size of the rabbit. The cage size should be according to the size of your rabbit. Sadly, the cage sizes for certain rabbits available in the market are too small and allow him to stand inside the cage.

The cage is at least four times bigger as compared to the size of a rabbit. If you have more than one rabbit, the size of the cage will differ respectively. The other basic thing to consider is the floor of the cage. It should not be made from metallic wires as the rabbit has paws, and he can not stand on those metallic bars. It should be plain metal or plastic with bedding made of hay or cloth.

Step by step process

First of all, we need wire cubes for making the walls and roof of the cage. There are a different number of wire panels with every packet. You need to have one and fix them perfectly in place. Now we will make one sidewall. For this purpose, we will use 9 to 12 panel cubes with three cubes each arranged to form a row.

The direction of the panels needs to be kept in consideration. The length of the cage is kept high as the rabbits need space to stand and jump. You should keep in mind the rabbit's activities while designing a cage for him. The living space of the rabbit is very less as compared to the activity space he needs.

 Build an Indoor Rabbit Cage

Now we will create the front and back walls of the wired cage. For this purpose, attach the three panels of the wired cubes together. Make another row of three panels beneath it. It is a total of six panels. Remember that the front and back walls are one row less as compared to the side walls. Keep in check the direction of the wire before joining the panels together.

We will now make attachments of the panels together with the help of cables. Initially, make loose knots of the cable and then tighten them strongly when satisfied with the panel arrangement. Make the knots at the inner side of the panels. It is a fat chance that your rabbits will chew or eat those cables.

At this point, there are four walls generated of the cage. Now we will proceed towards the next step of making the roof and attaching it with a base. Now we will connect the four walls. A cable is required for this purpose. Attach the sidewall with the two walls consisting of six panels on each side.

 Indoor Rabbit Cage

Similarly, attach the walls on the opposite side together. Cable knots now need to be tightened to fix the walls securely in place. You will now obtain a square of four walls with metal cube components. Here the body of the cage ready. We will now need to install the internal components.

It is always interesting to have a multi-story cage while you are creating it yourself. It gives you more space to add to the rabbit cage. It also gives the rabbit adequate space to play and move around the cage. So, to create floors or stories, we will install wooden planks and shelves inside the cage.

Wooden or metal dowels are required for fixing the wooden planks. These wooden planks make the surface of a multi-storey cage. For the topmost shelf, we would take the wooden plank exactly the size of the cage. For a lower shelf, leave about one-foot space for the rabbit to move and jump around the space.

Now install the dowels throughout the width of the cage. Remember that there should be two dowels, one at the front and the other at the rear to hold the wooden planks in place. With a drill, you can make holes in the wooden planks and the dowels. Then fix them together with the help of screws.

Indoor Rabbit Cage

The next step is to add some ramps to the shelves that we created. Although the rabbits can jump from one place to another, yet there is a chance that they might get hurt. So we will use wooden planks but with a lateral placement to secure them in place.

Now use a metallic or a plastic tray to fix the cage bars into it. We need to fix the bars inside it so that the cage is not unsafe. For the roof, we can make another plane of the cubes and attach them. Fix them over the walls and secure them with the help of a cable. The cage structure is now ready.

Furnishing the cage. Why or why not?

Rabbit needs some necessities for survival. They seek their cage as a hideout, so it should be comfortable and well equipped according to their needs. First of all, we need to make bedding throughout the floor area of the cage.

Furnishing the cage

Then we need to place it in the water bottle and food bowls. The most important thing is to add a litter box to a corner. You should also litter train the rabbits. Toys are also needed to maintain the healthy activities of your rabbits.

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