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How to Build a Wire Rabbit Cage

How to Build a Wire Rabbit Cage? All About Cage Construction.

A wire cage with a solid base is something perfect that you would create for your pet rabbit. It is very inexpensive and can be created very easily. There is always a size issue when you go to purchase a readymade rabbit cage. So if you construct the cage yourself, you can make the desired size and give it your unique touch.

How to build a wire rabbit cage? There are some simple steps that you can follow to create a perfect rabbit cage out of a wire mesh. All you need is a wire mesh, some cables, drill, wooden planks, pliers, wire cutters, and cage latches. Once you have an idea of the size of the cage, it will be easy to buy the instrument and create a cage of your style.

Preparing the rabbit cage

The first important thing is to get an idea of the size of the cage. Estimating the sizes important are you have to purchase the mesh of wire likewise. As the size of the cage is important, so is the size of the mesh wire because some small baby rabbits can cross the bars of the cage and can be prey to someone, which no rabbit owner would want. Similarly, make sure that they cannot pass their head through the wire. They would get themselves hurt.

rabbit cage

Wire mesh

So the choice of wire mesh and the cage depends upon the number of rabbits you have and the size of the rabbits. But you should also check the standard sizes given it will help you get the exact idea of the mesh size because it is difficult to cut many feet of wire in equal sizes repeatedly. The general size is 36 by 24 inches for a rabbit cage. For small breeds, we can have a 30 by 24 cage. You should make more or less similar sizes of the cage.

Wire mesh

Attachment of panels

The next step is to consider what we would attach between the holes to connect the panels. If you are making a large cage or sections of a large cage for accommodating many others, then there should be something metallic or solid between the walls so that the rabbits do not hurt each other.

Size of cage

The next step is to keep in check the size of the cage according to the accessories. You should bear in mind the number of things you want to fit in the cage. The door should be wide enough to access the food bowls, water bottles, and the rabbits present inside the cage.

Size of cage

Hay racks or feeders

In a large cage system, you need to have hay racks between the cages. Hay racks and hay feeders are essential tools because the rabbits eat hay, and it is used to create organic bedding.

Cage floor and bedding

 Even if you create a cage out of a wire mesh, you should keep the floor as smooth and simple as possible. Standing and sitting on wires can be painful for rabbits. Hay bedding or a blanket can be used for bedding; it ensures that the rabbit lives in a safe and natural environment.

Cage floor and bedding

Constructing the cage

As we have gathered all the objects and taken the necessary measurements, the next step is to proceed with the cage construction process.

Cutting the cage floor

The first step is to make a floor for the cage. As it is the base, we would attach the baby wire mesh to ensure the safety of rabbits that they do not cross the cage. For this purpose, we cut the wire in width of 30 inches and 80 inches. From every corner of the wire mesh, leave a solid block of space about three inches. Now we would cut two portions from this wire mesh of about 24 by 3. This is a standard size ready for the floor.

Build a Wire Rabbit Cage

Cutting the sidewalls and panels

Now we will proceed towards cutting the walls and panels of the cage. We will now cut four different parts of the mesh in size about 24 by 16. These are enough walls to create three compartments of a cage. Similarly, we would cut the front and rear walls of the cage. We can use a single sheet of wire mesh in it and can cut the doors later. The size of it is 16 inches in width and 73 inches in length.

Cutting the doors

We would cut out three sections of 4 inches width and 14 inches height for cutting the doors. They make three separate doors for the three compartments of the rabbit cage.

Cutting the doors

Here the cutting process is completed, we will now proceed towards the arrangement of the cage.

Arranging the cage

The floor

So, likewise the cutting process, we will follow up the arrangement process. Starting with the floor, we will first lay the floor panel of the wire mesh and then attach the clippers at a measured distance where the side panels and walls are needed to be attached.

Side panels and dividers

Arranging the cage

With the help of clippers, metal wires, and cables, we attach the wire mesh components of the cage. Use enough clippers and wires for the attachment of panels together. Adding the walls and roof is tricky, so you need some pliers for the task to be done perfectly.

Front and rear panels

Now we have three sides of the cages successfully installed. The next step is the attachment of the door part. Now we would here make an opening for the door. Here is a little precaution that the size of the opening is smaller than the size of the door.

It is about 3 inches wide and 8 inches in height. It is to open up the door for adjusting the food bowls and water feeder. We would now place a wooden plank or cardboard at the base because the wire is not suitable as a floor. Also, make the bedding with hay and then install hay feeders.

The wire rabbit cage is now ready for use.

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