DIY: How To Build A Dog Run at Home?

A dog run is a blessing to those pet owners who find it difficult to take their dogs on walks for regular exercising. It saves a lot of time and energy. Instead of taking your dog outside for their regular training, you can build a running home indoors.

Although it might seem like a huge task, the benefits of building a dog run are incredible. With the right do-it-yourself ideas, you can easily make a dog run at home and resume the exercise sessions of your dog from home.

Benefits of A Dog Run

  • It gives the dog a safe and quiet space for being sentient. The dog finds a space to feel comfortable at.
  • The best alternative for visiting dog parks every other day for a walk or exercising. Proper conditions provided in a dog run helps the dog train inside the dog run without visiting parks every other day.
  • Provides a better comfort zone to the pet than the kennels.
  • Provides an opportunity for the dog to have a place to feel safe when there are guests at home. This helps to keep children unfamiliar with dogs, or with guests that don’t like pets away from them. But always safe and comfortable.
  • The dog run serves as a confined space for the dog to play around and relax most of the time.

Features of A Dog Run

  • The dog run should be built in an ample space behind the backyard or a free space indoors. The approximate space for the area should be around 10-15 feet.
  • Avoid too much-congested spaces as it will not serve the purpose of building the dog run. The animal should be able to breathe and move freely around, run back and forth and have ample space to play as well.
  • It needs to be adequately fenced and gated. Mesh of wires can be used to gate the area properly at a suitable height.
  • The area can be both permanent and temporary. If you want it as a temporary space, you can use cheaper supplies to build it. But if your plan is for permanent use, it is always appropriate to use high quality and durable supplies which may be a bit costly.
  • To make the area more comfortable, add a bunch of toys your dog loves having around, a fluffy cushion to lie and you can always include a kennel inside if you want the space to get permanent for the dog.
  • Keep the area shaded to a moderate extent to avoid extreme sunny conditions so that the dog is comfortable. You can also use a roof in case the climate is too rainy or sunny.

Establishing The Dog Run

Here’s the steps that comprise the establishment of dog run.

Initial Groundwork

The primary task for building a dog run is proper planning and foundation related to the location and area of the space suitable for the dog run. Consider making the space by keeping your dog and its habits in mind.

If you have a large dog, space should be wide enough to give him room to run around comfortably. The setting should be kept as natural as possible for the dog.


The framework should be as simple as possible with necessary supplies so that it is cost-effective. You can use wooden logs, pipes, metal bars, and pipes depending on your budget and criteria to make it permanent or temporary.

Dig four holes on four corners of the area you have chosen and place the wooden logs inside the holes. Use dirt to mount the logs tightly. Metal bars can also be used if you want better quality and durability.

The most long-lasting one would be to use poles cemented to the ground as it gives a more durable base. This option is suited for those who want the space to be permanent for their dogs.


Use any single insulated wire to chain around the four poles covering its outer perimeter using a nail gun. The fence should cover the entire rectangular area of the framework and should be attached tightly to avoid loosening.

The fencing is the most crucial step as it indicates if your frame is strong enough or not. Use a roof to place on half of the side to provide shade and protection to the dog and also keeping space open for the dog to find it natural. The roof can be of sheet metals for long-lasting and durable effect.

Adding Amenities

The dog run needs to be sportive and playful enough for the dog to feel comfortable. For this, supplies such as squishy toys can be useful. You should place food and water inside as well.

Those who require making it a permanent zone for their dog can add a kennel inside for the dog to settle in permanently. The den can be made out of wood by carving techniques, or you can buy one from the superstore as well to save time and energy. A padded cushion can be useful for the dog to lie down and relax. 

Keeping The Dog Run Clean

The best way to keep the dog run clean is to have the necessary facilities to get rid of the dog feces daily. You can also use a disinfectant which is safe for the pet to sprinkle around the area once or twice a week. Maintaining such quality of the dog run will make it last for a long time without any unnecessary hazardous effects.


While bringing it to an end, it can be said that, if you build a dog run with proper knowledge and ideas for making it last longer, the dog run can be effective in many ways.

It not only provides a comfortable and safe zone for the dog to be in but also saves from the task of taking the dog out to walk to dog parks every day.  It is highly recommendable for pet owners who require a safe space for their dogs. And you could leave your dog unattended without any problem.

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