How Often Should I Walk My Dog And Why?

Walking your dog is an essential activity if you want your dog to be healthy and mentally sound. The habit should be forged from the early age of the dogs for better brain development.

Vets highly recommend walking your dog as it gives them a boost to the dogs and the owner health as well. Although most people prefer walking their dogs once or twice a week, the ideal time is daily.

With proper knowledge, you can quickly identify how often you should walk your dogs and the pros behind it as well. Here’s what you should know:

Duration of Walking Dogs

Dogs can be taken on walks as often depending on the type of species they are and how they respond to walking frequently. In the case of small puppies, walks are usually preferred once in three or four days.

In the case of growing dogs, walking is usually preferred daily or once in two days. Walking every day is essential in building their physical and mental functions as well as giving them a boost of energy.

So it must be cultivated as a habit to regularly walk dogs daily to promote their abilities and functional capacities.

Pros of Walking Your Dog

Walking with your dog is probably the best thing that any dog owner gets the feel of. But did you know, walking your dog around is also beneficial in a lot other ways?

Keeping The Dog Fit

 Dogs are generally kept fit and healthy if they are taken on walks every day. The walk gives them the exercise their body requires, and they stay energetic in the process.

As much as our body needs practice to stay fit, the same goes for dogs. Walking helps their muscles perform their activity smoothly and boosts their metabolism as well.

As a result, dogs do not face abnormal intestinal problems and can overcome indigestion related issues. The right amount of time spent each day for a walk is the key to the health of your dog.

Bowel And Bladder Habits

Walking has a significant impact on the bowel and bladder habits of your dog. Usually, kidney and intestinal diseases may arise over time due to lack of exercise and activity.

Walking boosts up the metabolism of the dog and as a result, the dog faces no difficulty in digestion and elimination. Moreover, the bladder is also enhanced by walking regularly, and the kidney function remains intact in the process. As a result, the dogs face little difficulties when it comes to kidney and intestinal issues.

Mental Stimulation

 Walking has a vital role in maintaining the cognitive function in dogs and keeping their mental health. Walking releases their mental stress and helps them relax. It prevents dogs from developing hyperactivity and compulsive disorders as well.

Letting the dogs walk forward regularly provides them with an instinct that the dog is leading the way and protecting its owner. By doing so, the dog develops an instinct and foresight and can mentally function well.

Pros Walk Dog

Disorientation and cognitive dysfunction are usually seen in dogs lacking adequate mental exercise. Walking provides them with proper mental training and helps them stay oriented and focused.


Dogs can socialize with the environment when walking. With this, they can interact with the environment and meet other dogs during their walks, and it greatly benefits their mental abilities.

Through walking, they are exposed to the external environment which paves the way to new sights and sounds. They learn coping skills through walking and become more submissive.

Walking allows them to become comfortable with the environment around, and it is essential for their socializing skills. Dogs can be exposed to the entire natural environment through walking which profoundly enhances the visual functions of the brain.

After all, meeting new people, new dogs, and new visions are essential for a dog to become socially accustomed to the outside world.


 During walking, dogs can be adequately trained to follow basic commands like sitting down or getting up, fetching something you might throw, etc. The habits should be cultivated when they are puppies so that when grown up they can easily be well accustomed and adjusted.

These commands and patterns can be quickly adapted to your dog by walking daily. Through walking, the dog can get friendly and comfortable with the owner as well. It helps to develop their bond to a great deal.

Health Benefits of The Owner

Besides keeping the dog mentally and physically relaxed and fit, the dog owners can benefit through walking their dogs daily as well. Walking with the dog can be a great form of exercise for the owners and is extremely beneficial for patients with hypertension, diabetes or cardiac diseases.

Slow walks with dogs can keep the blood pressure and heart rate regularly maintained. Walking brings out an effective change in the mental health of the person as well. So it is useful for both the dog and its owner to walk daily.

Points to Remember

Here are a few points that you must keep in mind. These might change your dog walking experience altogether.

  • Take walks slowly and do not make your dog run fast so that it starts panting. It will ultimately serve the opposite purpose of exercise and make your dog tired quickly.
  • Avoid walking your dog off the lead as it will make it go confused and disoriented ultimately making him tire faster than expected. Always make your dog take the lead during walking.
  • Make the walk fun by bringing balls to play with or getting your dog accustomed to other pets around the neighborhood.
  • Refrain from taking your dog on walks especially when it faces joint problems or limb pains.


Bringing it to an end, it can be said that walking your dog has a significant role in improving its physical and mental progress. It doesn't only provide your dog with social skills but also plays a crucial role in adjusting with the outer environment and bonding with its owner.

As a result, for the sake of your dog’s physical and mental stimulation, it is highly recommended that they should be taken on walks daily. Do this with your dog every day and you’ll develop a great relationship, but also your dog will be as healthy as ever.

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