How Much is a Rabbit Cage in Different Online Stores

How Much is a Rabbit Cage in Different Online Stores?

Having a proper cage is a basic necessity if you are thinking of keeping a pet rabbit. Though rabbits are low maintenance pets, yet their cage needs to be very well equipped. You can make a rabbit cage yourself at home. But why spend so much time and energy if there are various cages available in online stores.

So the question arises how much is a rabbit cage in different online stores? The price range of a rabbit cage varies from a few hundred to a thousand dollars depending upon the type and size of the cage. There are many online stores like Amazon providing you the best quality rabbit cages for your furry friend.

Luckily some cages are under hundred dollars, but their size is small. But before purchasing a rabbit cage, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Some simple tips would help you to choose the perfect cage for your pet.

  • The cage sizes are smaller in most online stores for the prescribed age and size of a rabbit. So, you should always go for a bigger cage.
  • On average, the size of the cage should be four times bigger than the size of your rabbit.
    Rabbits grow very fast, so choose the right size of the cage. It is worth spending some money on a large cage rather than purchasing different sizes of cages afterward.
  • Never choose a cage with a wired floor. They are not comfortable for the soft paws of your rabbits.
  • Look for the cage door. It should be wide enough to move the rabbit in and out and change the food bowls and water bottle.
  • For many rabbits, you should purchase a multi-story cage. It would give them more space to move around in the cage

Different types of cages available in online stores

There is a variety of cages available online.

Different types of cages

Ware small cages

These cages are available in different sizes and shapes. These are plain cages having a plastic bottom which is extremely suitable and comfortable for the rabbits. They have metal wires as side panels which are bunny proof. So, it ensures the safety of your pet. They can not move out of the cage except the door.

The plastic base covers the metal walls from all four lower sides. It makes sure that the hay bedding and feces do not move out of the cage. So, you do not need to add additional cardboard to protect the floor around the cage.

Ware small Rabbit cages

You can easily place the cage on a floor and a high table near the window. Amazingly, the price of these cages is extremely low; it ranges from 30 to 90 dollars which is the perfect start for your little rabbit. This cage is ideal for small-sized, mostly newborn rabbits.

Stand rabbit cages

There are many rabbit cages available with stands underneath them having wheels attached. It makes the cage portable so you can move the cage around without taking the rabbits out. The size of these cages is large and is mostly multi-story. They are made to accommodate two or more rabbits.

The price range for these cages is from 100 to 500 dollars available online. The price range varies with the size of the cage. With some models of this cage, there is a small hut at the upper corner which acts as a safe hideout to satisfy the hiding instinct of the rabbits.

Stand rabbit cages

Multi-story cages allow you to have more space so that you can put in some toys and other accessories at various locations within a cage. The solid plastic base is durable and allows the perfect comfort for your rabbit. You can also add as much bedding as possible to the cage.

Ferplast rabbit cage

Ferplast Rabbit cage is an extremely durable metal and plastic cage available at the amazon store. It is a good-looking, grey-colored cage having two floors. On the upper floor, there is perfect space for the placement of food bowls and water bottles.  It is perfectly suitable for a young rabbit. Its price is about a thousand euros.

Ferplast rabbit cage

PetNest rabbit hutch

These are probably one of the most stylish rabbit hutches and houses available. There are some models made up of wood and are fully covered. They are suitable for rabbits who prefer a hutch compared to a cage and are more comfortable being hidden.

PetNest rabbit hutch

The most interesting thing is that these hutches are painted so that the outlook is fabulous and makes them worth buying. Its price range is somewhat high, ranging from 500 to 1000 euros. The size of this cage is average and made for two rabbits.  But it is perfect for making an outdoor rabbit hutch.

Indoor rabbit playhouse

This includes a very interesting set of rabbit accessories and toys that you can use to create a play area in any corner of the house for the rabbits. It is better if you choose a corner and then install the wired gates for the security of rabbits.

Indoor rabbit playhouse

The accessories include huts and slides for the rabbits. Also, some impressive logs for them to dig and climb. The floor is ok with all the rabbit toys, and you do not need to make bedding like a cage. But it is better that you choose a litter box for the rabbits. The price for the whole setup starts from 600 dollars and increases depending upon the accessories.


So, these are some of the cages available in online stores. The choice of cages depends highly upon your need and purpose. The rabbit size and number should be considered while you select the perfect cage for your rabbit.

There is a variety in colors and styles if you are particular about the theme of the rabbit cage. There are many accessories available in online stores along the rabbit cage like fancy huts, food bowls, and water bottles. So, you can purchase a simple grand sized cage and furnish it yourself for the rabbit.

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