How Many Years Does a Pet Rabbit Live?

Death is inevitable for all creatures, and as an aspiring pet owner, we want to have a gist about how many years can we be with our furry companion.

One of our roles in their lives is to make the most out of it, which includes the daily escapades and achieving their award-winning blissfulness.

As they binky and hop throughout their lifespan, we can mostly feel our flurry hearts leap. Their gestures and movements are adorable that we wish it would not end.

Though, their supplements and food intake mostly depend on their age. That is why we are conscious about how many years are they living in this world, and when does it end.

In this article, we will state the information needed to have an idea about the number of years a rabbit can live.

The Period of a Domestic Rabbit's Life

A rabbit that is within your premises, specifically inside your home, can live up to 8 to 12 years if taken care of properly. Keep in mind that rabbits are social creatures, which means your involvement in their lives plays a crucial role in their survival rate.

This duty includes supplying their needed food and playtime adventure. Even if your little pet does not trust you at first, learn to be patient and caring for it to adjust and treat you as their playmate.

Meanwhile, a domestic rabbit that is located outdoors can leave for half as many years an indoor rabbit can. It is with consideration of the weather, surrounding, and attitude that it can achieve while they are outside.

It is aforementioned that house rabbits tend to feel safer inside than outside your home. They are also safe from sudden climate conditions and hazards compared to an outdoor rabbit.

Also, mixed breed rabbits tend to have a longer lifespan than that of purebred rabbits. Size also plays a big role, as giant breeds live shorter than dwarf breeds.

Specifically, large rabbits live for about five years on average while small rabbits are often 10 to 12 years. It is for the reason that they tend to laid back which makes them prone to health problems and diseases.

The Lifespan of a Wild Rabbit


Sometimes, you encounter a wild rabbit and think that it can live for as long as your little pet at home. Though, this is not the case. Rabbits that live in the wild have a life expectancy of 1 to 2 years, which is much shorter than domestic rabbits.

This is because of some certain factors that they experience, and your little bunny does not. The experience includes lack of food, predators, disease, and harsh weather conditions, especially in winter.

What Happens If A Domestic Rabbit Lives in The Wild?

Keep in mind that you shall never abandon your poor little furry creature in the wild. It is for the reason that even the most eccentric and energetic rabbit do not stand a chance.

The house rabbits tend to be dependent on their owners, and suddenly being independent like wild rabbits cannot be learned in an instant. They are used to be given food, specifically hay, and with this being provided for years, the little creatures may not be able to find their needed food with only themselves.

Another issue that they may come across with is the weather conditions. Pet rabbits are more at risk to heat stroke, and failing to make or find a burrow can make them be exposed to their surroundings.

Not having a home will also mostly attract unwanted threats such as predators. They are not skilled when it comes to their daily survival rate with the interaction of the animals that may kill them, which means that they can barely escape.

They are also susceptible to parasites and other diseases. Their health is not well-trained, unlike wild rabbits which are used to internal parasites and fleas. The furry one can even die with just a mild sickness if encountered with such parasites.

Moreover, most of the house rabbits tend to have lighter fur than wild rabbits, which means that they fail to camouflage with the surroundings that can pose them at risk.

With this said, it is better to alert your local animal protection program if you see a domestic rabbit lost in the wild, for there is a low possibility that they can survive. Not only will you be giving them a better life, but you saved them from potential harm!

Extend Your Rabbit’s Life

As an owner, you only want the best care for your furry little creature! This includes added years of lifespan, for your furry companion to be around for long and keep you blissful. Here are some of the factors that affect your bunny's life expectancy and how you can extend it -


Domestic rabbits are a clean creature, which is why hygiene is important. Keep their toys, cage, and other things nice and clean to ensure their safety. Make sure that they are also properly groomed, especially for breeds that tend to have long hair.

If this matter is overlooked, your little bunny may be prone to diseases and depression. They always want everything in order, which is why as an owner; you must help them.


Extending your daily playtime escapades can brighten up his mood for the whole day, and a happy bunny lives longer life! Encourage them to interact and to play some of your mind games.

This also helps them exercise which can give stronger stamina in the following years. Let them run and hop while ensuring that your place is rabbit proof.


It is important especially if you tend to take your rabbits outside or they live outdoors. Being the little furry animals that they are, some tends to be curious, and this will ensure that they have protection against any potential diseases that may come at them.

Additional Reminder

Keep in mind that adopting a rabbit is like having an additional family member. It is not only for a couple of days of pleasure in having a pet but takes commitment for years as you are responsible for its safety and overall way of life.

Having a fluffy companion is like a blessing in disguise, which is why treasure it with lots of kindness, love, and care.

Their average lifespan does not define them but reflects the way you are taking care of them. Ensure that you are sustaining your little creature with the best of your ability for they deserve it with all of the adorable things that they do!

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