How Do You Know If a Guinea Pig Is Happy?

Guinea pigs are easy to maintain because they don't need constant care or attention. It's an easy job to take care of them, and in return, these animals are always ready to shower the owner with love. So the owners must know how to make them happy and more importantly how to understand if they are happy.

It is often tough to decipher when a pet is comfortable, but that is not the case for guinea pigs. These beautiful creatures express their joy in a way that most of the times an owner will easily be able to know if the pets are satisfied.

But in case someone is not sure and notice some changes in their guinea pig, they should look for the signs mentioned below to see if their pets are genuinely happy.

Pop corning And Roaming Freely

A happy guinea pig leaps into the air with happiness when in a good mood, and it is called pop corning. These little animals are often seen jumping in the air which also motivates others of its kind to take up this habit.

Pop corning is done by the guinea pigs to express happiness but it also helps to utilize extra energy, and only a happy cavy can move around freely and leap from time to time.

Younger guinea pigs popcorn more than the older ones, but that doesn't mean the older ones aren't happy. It just says that the younger guinea pigs are more energetic. 

Also, a happy guinea pig roams around the place where he/she feels free and content and doesn't care about anything. A sad guinea pig, on the other hand, doesn't move as much and when it runs, it is usually an attempt for escaping.

The Appearance Of The Guinea Pig

A lot can be derived from the outlook of the guinea pig, and an owner can easily comprehend if the animals are happy easily from their body language.

Usually, a happy little cavy has a dry nose, bright eyes and also they are very enthusiastic and welcoming towards food. Happy guinea pigs don't look tired and weary, and instead, they always seem active.

Sleep-Related Activities 

A happy pet can sleep anywhere and everywhere. If it is comfortable, it will not take the time to think about where it is relaxing and instead enjoy the nap pretty much anywhere.

Guinea pigs often look for a place with a shelter or a roof for sleeping which also means that it is happy and comfortable and therefore, it can move around freely and go around searching for a comfortable sleeping spot.

A happy one can also be identified by observing its activity after it wakes up from sleep. Usually, when a guinea pig wakes up from sleep, they yawn and stretch for a bit.

This is a sign of a happy and safe guinea pig who has enjoyed a good rest. If a cavy isn't happy or feels unsafe, he/she will start running around trying to escape from the location he/she is in. Thus, if your pet enjoys their sleep, it means they are happy.


Guinea pigs often like to explore the place where they are being kept. They move from one place to another trying to recognize the location and identify the nook and corners of it so that they are comfortable. On the other hand, sad ones are usually bored, and they don't do anything apart from sitting in a corner.

Sounds Of A Guinea Pig 

A guinea pig owner can pretty much tell if the animals are happy from their sounds. Usually, a cavy makes a lot of wheeking, cutting and chirping noises when they are happy. It is mostly seen when they are roaming around in the hay or having food. The sound is enough to understand that they are indeed, happy.

Some of the little ones also make sounds when they are moving around which also means that they are enjoying their time. Sometimes, from their body language, it seems as if a pet is describing all its activities, and doing a lot of verbal communication with the other guinea pigs when he/she is happy.

Sad guinea pigs are often quieter than the happy ones, and they hardly make any sound, or they are seen to make teeth chattering sounds.

The Weight Of A Guinea Pig

Weight is a pretty important factor in determining whether a guinea pig is happy or not. The happy animals are usually more energetic and thus, they have a well-balanced weight, and it is often noticed that a healthy guinea pig is happy.

On the other hand, unhealthy ones are usually not content with their life, or at least, that is what it seems like.

Greeting The Owner

If the guinea pigs come running towards their cage when the owner comes to visit them, it usually means that they are not afraid of the owner.

The animals come running towards the owner to see if he/she has brought food for them and thus it means that the animals are comfortable and happy in the environment they are in.

Also, it is often noticed that the happy pets are aware of the steps or voice of their owner and is comfortable taking food from the hand of the owner. Most importantly, they show unlimited love by jumping or nibbling at the body of the owner if they are happy with him/her.

Mostly, an owner will easily be able to understand if their pets are happy or not. It is straightforward to follow as they are simple creatures. If these happy creatures are seen sitting in a corner and not communicating or responding, then the owner will easily be able to understand the problem.

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs are a happy creature and even if they are unhappy about something it is more often than not a short term of unhappiness. These beautiful and pleasant creatures should be handled with maximum care, and thus an owner must know if their guinea pig is happy or stressed.

Usually, if the pets are happy, they are more energetic and they behave in a good way and are welcoming towards new members. If they are stressed, they try to run away from their location. So, an owner should take necessary measures in case they are unhappy.

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