Dog Mountain

Dog Mountain

Distance: 6.9 miles loop
Elevation Gain: 2800ft
Difficulty: strenuous
Fees/Permits: NW Forest Pass

Summary: A popular hike through forest and meadows while taking in views of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens.

Trailhead [map]: Trailhead is on north side of Washington State Highway 14 at milepost 53. Approximately 12 miles east from Bridge of the Gods.

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Don’t Forget…Safe Hiking Tips for You and your Dog

Safety First for you and your dog

Our friends at Portland Mountain Rescue would appreciate us sharing the 4 Elements of Safety:

  • Know the Conditions & Weather
  • Know the route
  • Be prepared
  • Have a backup plan

We also want to remind you to bring extra water for your dog as well as food/treats!! In addition to packing a first aid kit for your pet, we suggest you also pack duct tape as a universal “just in case” … for instance if your dog’s paws start to get blisters or cuts from rocks on the trail, you can use duct tape as a quick, temporary boot for your pup.

Park Passes/Permits

For information about Park Passes and Permits, see these links:

Beware of and prepare for…

Here is a summary of some of the hazards that you need to consider when hiking in the NW.

  • Rocky trails are hard on dog paws – consider carrying booties
  • Hazardous animals – cougars, snakes, bears, skunks, porcupines, salmon (found dead during spawning season) or any raw fish
  • Water from streams may be contaminated with
  • Plants – poison oak & poison ivy, toxic: rhododendrons & azaleas
  • Heat stroke can be fatal to dogs when its 70 degrees or warmer
  • Ticks and Lyme disease

Updated trail conditions

Check for updated trail conditions from other hikers.The Forest Service also provides trail conditions for the Columbia Gorge at this link:
Columbia River Gorge Alerts and Notices

Leash Up, Oregon – in memory of Casey

Many dogs have been injured or killed while hiking in the Columbia River Gorge because they were not on a leash. One misstep by a tired or frightened dog can lead to tragic results. Read [ HERE ] about the rescue of a dog in the Columbia Gorge by OHSTAR team.

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