Dog Motorcycle Helmet and Goggles_ Protecting Your Friend

Dog Motorcycle Helmet and Goggles: Protecting Your Friend

When you hit the road with your motorcycle, you don’t leave your 4-legged best friend behind. That’ll be so selfish of you. You want to bring them along to give you a companion and make your trips more fun.

Just like we humans, your pooch also needs some protection when you bring him aboard your two-wheeled machine.

A doggy motorcycle helmet and a pair of goggles are sufficient to keep your pup’s noggin and eyes protected while you two enjoy a thrilling ride together.

Fortunately, the market has many helmets and eye goggles designed for your doggy. And all you have to do is to choose the perfect gear for your dog.

BUT before you head to purchase a helmet and goggles for your doggy, read our quick guide below to discover more details about these two protective gear for your beloved pet.

Does Dog Motorcycle Helmet Protect your Doggy?

Generally, yes!

Motorcycle helmets made for your doggy will offer them some protection benefits when you bring him aboard your motorcycle.

But when we get into the key reason why manufacturers design doggy helmets, you might doubt if they’ll really protect your pet.


What we mean is that most manufacturers usually design helmets for novelty value in mind.

Despite this fact, helmets will still offer your pet some protection. A properly fitting helmet around your pup’s dome is better than nothing. It will help provide your dog some protection from minor bumps, scrapes, road debris, and flying projectiles, which you’ll encounter along the way.

And in the event of a crash, the helmet will cushion your dog’s noggin against impact.

Also, a helmet on the head will keep your dog’s head shielded from rain, hails, and even sun.

What happens if you supplement your doggy’s helmet with some eye protection (goggles)?

You simply take your pet’s protection a notch higher!

They help protect your dog’s eye from drying out as you ride at high speed on the highway. They also shield your dog’s eyes from the insects as well as tiny rocks, dirt, sand particles that get kicked up from the road.

And if the google comes with UV protection, then they’ll also shield your dog’s eyes from the harmful UV sun rays—ensuring he rides with comfort like you do.

How do you Choose The Perfect Helmet and Goggles for your pet?

When you set out to buy a pair of goggles and helmet for your pet, you’ll doubtlessly be met with multiple choices.

Don’t let the good looks tempt you to hit that buy button.


We advise you to take your time to evaluate different models to ensure you get the perfect gear for your pouch.

Keep these factors in mind when making a selection:

Proper fit

As it’s the case with helmets for motorcycle riders, doggy helmets might not offer much protection if they don’t fit your pet properly.

That said, it’s essential that you take the time to look for the best helmet size for your doggy.

The manufacturers will provide you with a sizing chart for easy sizing. You’ll first need to take your dog’s head measurements and use them to find the ideal helmet size for them.

NOTE: To help you obtain the best fit for dog helmet, you’ll need tow measurements at hand; width and circumference.

Here’s a quick guide on how to take the two measurements:

  • Width measurement: measure the distance across the top of your dog’s head, from ear to ear to get the width. Be sure not to bend the measuring tape to avoid getting the wrong measurements.
  • Circumference measurement: this is the distance from across your dog’s forehead to the back of its head. For a dog with floppy ears, be sure to measure around the ears. For a dog with straight ears, fold them down so that they’re accounted for in the measurement.

Helmets with adjustable straps are also good as they help you customize them to fit your dog’s specific head size.

Goggles with adjustable straps and flexible bridges will also offer a good fit (and thus, protection) to your pooch.


Although we said that doggy motorcycle helmets don’t offer much protection to your best friend, we can’t deny the fact that some models are way better than others when it comes to protection

To ensure you get a helmet that delivers a good level of protection, look for materials used to design it. Go for models made with strong, durable plastics- like quality ABS materials- as they’re known for providing excellent impact resistance.

Still, at it, a layer of padding, say a molded foam insert, is also acceptable as it will cushion your dog against impact in a crash.

For the goggles too, you want to make sure they come armed with safety features such as shatterproof material for the lens, UV rays protection, and full eye coverage.


According to Bikersrights, if you buy something that’s not optimized for comfort, getting your dog to wear in the first place will be a hell of an experience.

Make sure the helmet you buy comes packed with comfort features such as plenty of padding on the interior, adjustable/padded chin strap, and a sun visor.

A helmet that feels light is also a good choice as your doggy won’t want to wear something that feels like a burden on their head.

Quick Tip: If your dog has erect ears, you’d want to ensure the design of the helmet you plan to buy will fit your pup without any problems. Looking at the helmet photos will give you a clue if the helmet will feel comfortable on your dog’s head.


Looks aren’t everything in a helmet, but they also matter when it comes to choosing the right model of helmet.

The idea behind choosing a stylish helmet is that you both you and your pet loves is that you’re more likely to remember it every time you plan to go for a ride together.

Luckily, the doggy motorcycle helmets come in plenty of styles and colors—making it easy for you to choose something that makes your doggy look super-cool or matches their unique personality.

Where To Buy Doggy Helmets and Goggles

There are multiple avenues where you can get a great helmet plus a pair of goggles to keep your best friend protected on the next trip.

Popular online shopping sites like eBay and Amazon have an extensive collection of doggy motorcycle helmets, with varying sizes, styles, sets of features, and more.

Some sellers are now offering customized helmets, where they let you customize everything to your like…whether it’s the color, texture, customized names—everything!

So, where should you buy?

We always vouch for shopping on popular online stores like Amazon.

One huge benefit of buying from online stores like Amazon is that you get to read previous customer reviews of any product before you buy. This will give you a good idea if the product meets your needs.

Getting Your Dog to Wear the Helmet & Goggles

So you have finally received the motorcycle helmet and goggles for doggy you ordered, and you can’t wait to put it on your dog’s head.

Not so fast, dude!

The experience won’t be as smooth as you might be thinking…

Truth be told, your dog will be frightened with the new sensation of wearing that lid on their head or getting those goggles strapped across their heads. They’re not to blame anyway, they’re not used to this stuff.

Here, your PATIENCE will be the surest bet. You need to introduce the helmet to the gradually.

We suggest that you let the just sniff and interact with the new gear at first. And don’t forget to offer treats and praise as a way of forging positive associations.

When they become comfortable with it, but the gear around their head for a short period of time (remember you’re doing things gradually!)

As your doggy gets more and more comfortable with the helmet and goggles, you can increase the length of time they wear it.

REMEMBER, you should always reward them with a treat every time they wear the gear.

Eventually, your patience will pay, and your dog will be fully comfortable having a helmet around their head and goggles on their eyes for long hours. At this time, you can comfortably bring the pooch aboard your motorcycle and hit the road together!

Wrap up

Before you bring your four-legged best friend onboard your motorcycle for a ride, make sure you equip him with protective gear to ensure they stay safe all through the journey.

The two most crucial motorcycle protective gear for your doggy include the helmet and goggles. The helmet will shield your pet’s head from any from impact in case of a crash while the goggles will prevent the eyes from drying up, from insects and flies, and the harmful UV rays.

The above guide will equip you with the important info you need to about dog motorcycle helmet and goggles before you can head out to buy them, and how to make your dog wear them.

Arm your best friend these protective gear next time you hit the road together. They’ll really appreciate you deep down.

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