Different Ways To Keep Ants From Dog Food

Dog food serves as a potential option for ants and other insects too. Ants invade dog food generally due to lack of protective barriers around the food. And this can make your dog interested in whatever there’s in the plate.

Not only do they cause feeding problems in dogs, but they may also result in pretty bad stings and potential harm. Although the problem is a great nuisance, there are many ways to get rid of ants and prevent their growth around your dog food.

A few techniques and tricks will eventually help protect your dog from ants in their food and save them from ingesting ants through their diet.

Causes of Ants In Dog Food

Down below is a list of few of the reasons why ants usually drop by to take a bit from your dog food.

  • Keeping the food out in the open for about 7-8 hours will invite ants to crawl on the meal and eat it.
  • Ingredients of dog food attract ants and help them to wander around the food.
  • Leftover food by dogs attracts ants.
  • Food kept without any protective barriers around it or kept at a lower level from the ground helps ants climb the meal more easily.
  • Keeping dog food in unsealed containers will allow ants to accumulate inside.

Consequences of Having Ants In Dog Food

Trust me here, having those ants aint no good sign. They can actually cause a lot of harm, lets learn here about the details below.

  • Ant bites may cause severe itching and pain to your dogs at the time of ingesting ant-contaminated food. Stings can be extremely painful for dogs.
  • Some varieties of ants may cause severe indigestion and vomiting for the dog. This generally results due to the amount of formic acid inside ants. Formic acid results in stomach upset. This problem is hardly noticed in case of a few ants but is considered severe when the eats too many ants and get poisoned.
  • Dogs hardly eat food if they notice ants crawling on them and it can lead to a nuisance for pet owners.
  • Ants may also carry certain bacteria that cause infections in dogs.

Protecting Dog Food From Ants

Creating A Barrier

Dog food can be easily protected from ants by building a fence around it. Making a barrier with black pepper can be useful in preventing ants from crossing it to reach the dog food. Black pepper does not kill the ants, but it acts as a defensive barrier.

Doing so will prevent the ants from entering the dog food. You can do the same with flour by placing them around the ant trails near the food bowl. The flour acts a barrier to ants as well.

You can also make a moat around the food bowl of your dog by placing the container in a pan and filling it with water. This will cause the ants to drown before they reach the dog food.

Another effective barrier against ants around your dog food is the use of Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly around the food bowl. Use some Vaseline to rub it around the edge of the food container to make the surface slippery. This tends to avoid ants from crawling in.

Storing And Sealing Food

 In case you have leftover food and food unattended by dogs over a long time, storage and sealing work best. Try saving the excess food in containers and seal them properly. Airtight containers work best, but if you can manage zipper bags, they work fine as well.

You can also use borate minerals in the containers which are harmless to dogs, but they can effectively prevent ants from crawling over it. Using mint leaves inside such containers can also help ants from getting near the food. Mint smell is something ants hate, so you’ll be doing well on pouring some around the bowl.

Using Natural Ant Killers

Cornmeal and maize grains are natural ant killers and are safe for dogs to eat as well. Sprinkling cornmeal around the edge of the bowl and adding a few pinches to the food will kill the ants.

You can do the same using cinnamon powder in the dog food. Cinnamon acts as a natural ant killer as well. Although the taste might not be appealing to dogs, you can always try out at first. You can also freeze the ants in the food by storing them in a refrigerator which will kill the ants.

Keeping The Area Around The Food Bowl Clean

Mix vinegar and water in a 3:1 ratio and pour in a spray bottle. Spray around the area where you generally keep the food bowl once a day before the dog's meal. Peppermint oil is also an excellent alternative to vinegar as it is highly effective in deterring ants from food.

It keeps the area sterilized and prevents ants from entering the food. It is a great way to keep the area clean and prevent microorganisms from growing around the meals as well. As a result, the food remains safe.

You can also clean the area with a dishwater solution once the dog has finished its meal to prevent ants from tracking the scent of the food.


Keeping your dog’s food safe from ants is totally possible as long as you know how. The measures should always be kept natural as much as possible so that no harm is done to the dog or the meals.

Using pesticides and insecticides should never be an option, as it could harm dogs. They lead to various levels of dysfunction to the dog’s circulatory system harming their lives.

So, when selecting efficient ways of getting rid of ants in dog food, it must always be kept in mind to use natural measures that don’t have any harmful effect with the animals.

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