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How To Play With Your Guinea Pig?

One of the vital roles as an owner is setting a time to spend with your furry little animal. Though, it is indeed hard to schedule your playtime escapades, especially if you do not know how to make your pet happy. First-time owners often do not know how to interact with their guinea pig, especially with […]

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How To Set Up a Guinea Pig Cage?

When thinking about getting a guinea pig, you should also think about the most suitable home you can get for it. Before adopting, you should already have an idea of the structure and overall enclosure, to avoid facing the dilemma at hand. Aside from letting in a new member of the family, even if it is […]

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How Often Do You Feed a Guinea Pig?

At the end of the day, as you scrabble and bolt to the door as you get back home, do not be surprised if you find your adorable pet nibbling on some hay ever so often. It is because they are known to be grazing animals, which means that they eat whenever and wherever they can. […]

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