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10 Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats – Reviews 2020

Litter boxes aren’t important just for cleanliness. For a cat, using a litter box is a purely instinctual response. Cats’ ancestors avoided being hunted by predators by masking their scent. Hiding waste was a way of doing this. If you’ve noticed, the material inside a litter box closely resembles sand—that’s because it’s easy for the cat to […]

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Best Cat Dewormer – Reviews Of Over The Counter Wormers

A study conducted by Cornell University veterinarians found that up to 45% of cats have intestinal worms at any given time. While mildly worm infected kitties might not show any signs, the heavily infested cats suffer from a bloated tummy, irritation around the anus, vomiting, weight loss, and even diarrhea. That said, it goes without saying that […]

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