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10 Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats – Reviews 2020

Litter boxes aren’t important just for cleanliness. For a cat, using a litter box is a purely instinctual response. Cats’ ancestors avoided being hunted by predators by masking their scent. Hiding waste was a way of doing this. If you’ve noticed, the material inside a litter box closely resembles sand—that’s because it’s easy for the cat to […]

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Best Cat Dewormer – Reviews Of Over The Counter Wormers

A study conducted by Cornell University veterinarians found that up to 45% of cats have intestinal worms at any given time. While mildly worm infected kitties might not show any signs, the heavily infested cats suffer from a bloated tummy, irritation around the anus, vomiting, weight loss, and even diarrhea. That said, it goes without saying that […]

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Best Cat Food For Constipation – Reviews and Guide 2020

If you’re shopping around for the best cat food for constipation, you’ll find this guide helpful. Mild, occasional constipation is a common thing in all cats. It’s nothing to worry about. Altering your kitty’s diet can help ease their pain and discomforts and stop constipation before it gets out of hand. In this post, we’ll discuss the foods that […]

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