10 Best Wet Cat Food for Weight Loss – Reviews 2020

An average of 48% cats are obese. And while the numbers may seem highly, there is always a solution to help your pet live healthily.

There are many causes of obesity in cats, with the leading ones being lack of physical exercise and overeating. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to shed the excess weight.

You can start by created a cat-friendly environment with climbing posts and trees. This not only encourages your pet to be active, but also minimizes stress levels.

Implementing a weight loss diet that includes at least 47% protein and low fat content helps. Wet cat food contains both, making it perfect for weight loss.

This post compiles a list of the best wet cat foods for weight loss and provides tips for managing weight in cats.

How Much Wet Food Should I Feed My Cat to Lose Weight?

Determining how much wet food to feed your cat might feel like a difficult decision. The answer depends on the number of calories your pet requires each day. Calorie needs are dependent on many factors, including weight and overall body condition.

For instance, a 15-pound cat with a lean body and large bones needs more calories to maintain the healthy body. A 15-pound cat with small bones and overweight needs fewer calories.

Vets advise feeding overweight cats according to the ideal weight rather than their current weight.

Other factors determine the number of calories needed include age and activity level.

Adult and senior cats need fewer calories than growing kittens.

An active cat that runs a lot needs more calories than one that is less physically active. Similarly, nursing cats need a lot of calories for producing milk without risking their health.

10 Best Wet Cat Foods For Weight Loss

1.Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Satiety Support Weight Management Morsels in Gravy

Kicking off our list is the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Satiety Support. It is packaged I a can and offers more than just weight management. It is ideal for enhancing the immune system and maintaining lean muscle. The main ingredient is meat, including pork by-product, pork liver and chicken liver. Other ingredients used include brewers rice flour and carob bean gum.

The above provide carefully balanced calories help your feline to maintain a healthy weight. They contain Omega-3 and six fatty acids, which are good for healthy skin and shiny coat. This natural cat is enhanced with vitamins and minerals. They boost immune system health, promote healthy oxidative balance and support life stage requirements.

The best thing about this cat food is that is it doesn’t contain artificial additives & preservatives, chicken by-product, soy or wheat.  It is offered by a brand with 40+ years experience in healthy pet nutrition.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in 24/3 ounce can
  • Main ingredients are pork liver and chicken liver
  • Free of artificial additives and preservatives
  • Doesn’t contain poultry by-product, soy or wheat

2. Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe by Nature’s Variety

Available in 2lb, 5lb and 10lb bags, the Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe is made with freeze-dried raw cage chicken. It offers the perfect combination of free kibble, high protein and natural bite-sized raw chicken.

This food contains high protein content and probiotics that promote healthy digestion. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for a shiny coat and healthy skin. There are no poultry by-products, artificial colors & preservatives, potato, corn, grain or anything that may cause allergic reaction.

The Raw Boosted Kibble not only contains chicken, but also freeze-dried cat food toppers. It offers a good balance of nutrients for managing weight. In addition, it comes in a delicious flavor that felines love. As the name suggests, this recipe consists raw meat and whole food ingredients that are minimally processed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Grain free food for cats
  • Made with raw meat and whole food ingredients
  • Main ingredient is raw cage chicken
  • High protein content
  • Contains probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids
  • No risk of allergic reaction

3. Purina Beyond Wild Prey-Inspired Canned Cat Food

If your feline is overweight and struggles with overeating, the Purina  Beyond Wild Prey-Inspired Canned Cat Food will come handy. It offers a healthy alternative to highly priced cat foods. It is formulated using real salmon as the main ingredient. The proteins found in salmon help build lean muscle and ultimately lose weight. Purina also uses other top-grade ingredients like liver ad arctic char.

This food does not contain fillers or unnecessary carbohydrates like brown rice and sweet potato. The formula is completely free of grains and artificial additives. Instead, Purina uses egg to provide most of the missing nutrients like Vitamins A, B & E and potassium. The trade-off is a higher energy count per serving, which your cat may need to adopt a more active lifestyle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sustainably sourced salmon, liver and arctic char
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Few calories and low fat content
  • Two additional flavors available
  • Comes in 3lb bag, 5lb bag or 12 3-oz cans

4. AvoDerm Natural Indoor Hairball and weight Control Formula Cat Food

AvoDerm 100514243

This is the ultimate food for hairball and weight control. Specially formulated for adult cats, this canned dry food is ideal for less active felines that spend a lot of time indoors. It also helps minimize formation of hairballs.

It is made with avocado oil and Carlifonia avocados, which are rich in omega fatty acids. This makes it great for the skin and coat. AvoDerm uses all-natural ingredients for their products. This particular cat food is free of artificial colors, preservatives, soy, wheat or anything that may cause severe allergies.

AvoDerm also uses premium proteins to ensure healthy and balanced nutrition. Other ingredients include flax seed, dried chicory root, chicken meal, dried tomato pomace, whole ground rice, pea hull fiber and chicken fat. This combination lends a good balance of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to boost the immune system.

Highlighted Features:

  • Specially formulated for sedentary cats
  • Made with omega rich avocados
  • Good for reducing hairball formation
  • Made using all-natural ingredients
  • Abundant nutrients to enhance immune system
  • Low calorie count and fat content

5. Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food

Hill's Science Diet 6622

Sold as 24-pack, the Hill’s Science Diet  Wet Food is recommended for adult cats. It is particularly good for felines that love spending time indoors, overweight or neutered. This is basically a liver and chicken entrée, minced for easier digestion and with a taste your feline will love.

 It offers complete and balanced nutrition for boosting the immune system. Being a low calorie formula, it is good for managing weight. It contains 25% fewer calories compared to other cat food formulas. The natural fibers make felines feel satisfied for longer, thus minimizing risk of overeating.

The Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food contains high-quality proteins, ideal for building lean muscles. It is recommended by veterinarians from all over the world for good reason. Its precise nutrition supports healthy skin, shiny coat and overall health.

Highlighted Features:

  • Backed by 100% money back guarantee
  • Low calorie count and fat for weight management
  • Delicious taste of liver and chicken
  • Percentage of sale donated to pet shelters
  • Provides clinically antioxidant benefits

6. Wellness Complete Health Natural Cat Food

Wellness Natural Pet Food 8972

If you are looking for well-rounded weight loss solution, the Wellness Complete Health Natural Cat Food is a good contender. It comes in a 2.5lb, 6lb and 12lbs bag. It is formulated for complete and balanced nutrition. It contains essential vitamins and minerals as well as omega fatty acids. These promote a shiny coat, healthy skin and overall health.

The high protein content combined with a low calorie count makes for a great weight management formula. It is made using natural ingredients that include delicious deboned chicken and whitefish. The increased fiber promotes smooth digestion and healthy weight. It also makes your cat feel fuller for longer.

This formula doesn’t contain wheat, soy, corn, artificial colors, preservatives, meat by-products. You don’t have to worry about severe allergic reactions. Proteins, carbohydrates and select fats are well-balanced, thus providing the energy your cat needs to get through the day. A variety of minerals including phosphorous and calcium promote dental health.

Highlighted Features:

  • Balanced nutrients to boost immune system
  • Multiple minerals for dental health
  • Low calorie and high protein content for weight management
  • All natural ingredients
  • Made with deboned chicken and whitefish
  • High fiber for smooth digestion

7. Purina OM Overweight Management Canned Cat Food

Purina Veterinary Diet

The Purina OM Overweight Management Canned Cat Food is specially formulated to help felines shed excess pounds. It also helps build lean muscle and promotes a healthy urinary system. Highlights include low fat and calorie content. The high protein to calorie ratio guarantees loss of excess body fat while building lean muscle.

The food contains plenty of natural fiber, which helps with smooth digestion and satiety. It prevents development of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals, thus improving urinary system health. A huge amount of antioxidants boosts the immune system.

It has a delicious taste that keeps your cat craving more. The fiber keeps the feline feeling full for long, thus preventing overeating. This food comes in a 12-pack, and doesn’t contain anything that may cause allergic reactions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Delicious and tasty flavor
  • High protein to calorie ratio for weight loss
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Good for building lean muscle
  • Boosts urinary system health
  • Low calorie and fat content

8. Hill’s Diet r/d Feline Weight Loss

Hill's Pet Nutrition FBA_9454

This cat food is clinically proven to have nutrients that will help overweight cats shed a few pounds. It is capable of reducing up to 20% of body fat in a period of three months. Talk about incredible results. The Hill’s Diet r/d Feline Weight Loss Cat Food contains low fat and high fiber, a combination that reduces intake of calories.

The high level of natural fibers keeps your cat feeling full for long and prevents overeating. Also included are increased levels of carnitine, which burns body fat and builds lean muscle. Its delicious taste encourages easy transition from the current food.

The Hills Diet r’d Feline Weight Loss is made with liver. It contains nutrients that not only encourage weight loss, but also boost anal glands health and improve bowel movements. It doesn’t contain artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, wheat, soy, corn or anything that may cause allergic reaction.

Highlighted Features:

  • Low calorie content that most cat foods
  • High fiber for healthy digestion
  • Delicious taste for smooth diet transition
  • Burns body fat and builds lean muscle
  • Up to 20% body fat shed in 3 months

9. Nummy Tum Tum Pure Pumpkin For Pets

Nummy Tum Tum

The Pure Pumpkin for Pets by Nummy Tum Tum is made with the finest organic pumpkin. Nummy Tum Tum uses clean, properly matured pumpkin with golden flesh and firm shells to ensure premium quality. It can be used to manage weight of either cats or dogs, making it incredibly versatile.  You can use it as food on its own, or offer it to your cat as a treat. Either way, it will help shed a few pounds.

It has a high fiber content, which helps with digestion. Fiber is also good for regular bowel movements and healthier anal glands. More importantly, it makes your pet feel fuller and discourages eating too often throughout the day.

It is made purely from natural ingredients and doesn’t contain artificial additives. There is no wheat, soy, corn or anything that may cause severe allergic reactions. The protein content is lower than other foods on this list, but still enough to help with lean muscle building.

Highlighted Features:

  • High fiber content for smooth digestion
  • Effective weight management food for cats and dogs
  • Made from the finest organic pumpkin
  • Can be used as food or tasty treat

10. Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Ultra Light Wet Cat Food Multipack

Royal Canin

Royal Canine Feline Health Nutrition offers a variety of wet formulas designed to meet a cat’s nutritional needs. The Ultra Light Thin Slices in Gravy is our favorite for managing weight. It offers an optimal balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This ensures lasting palatability and makes this the perfect nutritional complement.

Specially formulated for weight loss, Thin Slices in Gravy is a favorite among cats. Your feline gets important nutrients without packing on extra weight. It contains 15% less calories than other cat foods and the high protein content helps with building lean muscle.

Royal Canine enriches this formula with L-carnitine, which burns excess body fat and prevents obesity. It also boosts metabolism. The precise balance of minerals and vitamins maintains overall wellness while boosting the immune system.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect weight management food for 1+ year old cats
  • Contains 15% less calories
  • High protein content for lean muscle
  • Enriched with L-carnitine for better metabolism
  • Precise blend of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fat

What Makes The Perfect Wet Cat Food?

There are multiple factors to consider when shopping for wet cat food for weight management. These include portion sizes, protein to carb ratio, extra activity and more.

Portion sizes

Reading cat food labels can prove a tricky affair, especially since the serving sizes differ from what the cat actually eats.

There is also the fact that most cat owners prefer free-choice feeding. Most cats don’t eat if someone is hanging around and as such, it’s best to leave a bowl and walk away.

You have to stop free-choice feeding when starting a weight loss journey with your feline. Wet cat foods are proportioned into appropriate portion sizes for effective results.

Most manufacturers even recommend portion sizes depending on the cat’s age and weight.

High protein and low carb content

Reducing carbohydrate consumption speeds up the weight loss journey. This doesn’t mean you have to restrict eating for your cat.

Increases protein intake helps with lean muscle building. Proteins are also easier to break down than carbohydrates, encourage an active lifestyle and increase energy.

Cats don’t necessarily need carbohydrates but proteins are crucial. Look for wet cat foods with at least 35% protein content. This ensures your cat maintains lean muscle without packing on extra pounds.

Fiber content

A high fiber diet makes your cat feel full for longer, prevents overeating and promotes smooth digestion. However, it is important that you ensure a good balance of fiber, proteins and carbohydrates.

Too much fiber in cat food can lead to loss of lean muscle, which is what you are trying to avoid. Ideally, the perfect wet cat food for weight loss should have high fiber and protein content as well as low carbs and calorie content.

All-natural ingredients

At the end of the day, you want to help your cat lose weight without putting their health at risk. This means going for wet foods made from the finest natural ingredients.

Whether it is chicken, liver or fish, it should be organically sourced. Anything with artificial additives should be avoided. Ingredients like wheat, soy and corn may cause allergic reactions and should be given to cats.


It’s not just human foods that can be unappetizing. Cats may refuse to eat their food due to bad taste, and this won’t do any good. Read customer reviews to determine if a particular brand is somewhat tasty. It’s also important to pay attention to your cat and identify what kind of foods he likes.

Is Wet Cat Food More Fattening than Dry?

While dry cat food offers more convenience in terms of storage and ease of feeding, wet cat food is more hydrating. But when it comes to weight management, wet cat food certainly takes the crown. Canned food generally contains more meat, hence a higher protein to carbohydrate ratio. This is what makes wet cat food more expensive than dry cat food.

The higher protein and moisture levels in wet food make it perfect for losing weight. Due to low carbohydrates, cats feel full for longer periods of time and don’t have the urge to overeat.

Losing weight on a dry diet may prove difficult and in fact, have the opposite results. Kibble is incredibly dense and due to the low moisture levels, overeating is easy. For best results, incorporate a wet diet. It helps shed excess pounds while ensuring balanced nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my cat is overweight?

The best place to find out if your cat is overweight is at the vet’s. There are also a few signs that will tell you if it’s time to put your pet on a diet.

Excess body fat hanging off your cat or fat rolls is an obvious sign.

An overweight cat tends to be inactive and lies around all day. If you cannot feel the ribs, your cat is most likely overweight and an appointment with the vet is a must.

2. How do I put my cat on a diet?

Self-managing a cat’s diet without the help of a professional is not easy. The trick is to implement a weight loss diet while ensuring balanced nutrition.

Consult a vet before getting started. It is also important that you don’t switch the food abruptly to avoid digestive problems.

Treat this like a process, and mix the old food with new food. Slowly increase the amounts to ensure a smooth transition.

3. How do I get my sedentary cat to lose weight?

Creating an environment that encourages physical activity is a good way to get started. Incorporate climbing posts and trees around the house.

If possible, walk your cat outside. Putting your cat on a weight loss diet, preferably wet food, also helps.

Consider implementing an interactive feeder to stimulate you cat physically and mentally. This also slows down eating and helps your cat feel full for longer.

Final Verdict

When it comes to wet cat food for weight loss, quality is the most important thing.

You want something that balances out the ingredients in a manner that encourages lean muscle building and loss of excess fat. This means high levels of proteins, few calories and zero artificial additives.

The ideal food should also have a considerable amount of fiber for easier digestion.

As with any weight loss plan, consulting a professional before getting started is crucial. It may just make the difference between developing urinary problems and achieving a healthy weight.

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