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Best Rabbit Water Bottle

Best Rabbit Water Bottle

Who doesn’t like rabbits? Some people like them so much, they like to keep these rabbits as pets. Now, these pets require special care and nurturing at all times. One of those things is feeding. Rabbits are known to be choosy in terms of drinking water from a water bottle.

Sometimes, providing a bowl or cup to drink water does not mesh well with the rabbits. Also, they tend to splash or fall into the water cup, which causes a mess. To dodge such issues, the idea of feeding water to rabbits through a water bottle seems to work.

That is why we bring you a list of the best rabbit water bottles, which provide a convenient way for both the rabbit and the owner. Thus helping your pet rabbit drink water more conveniently at all times.

1. Choco Nose H128 Water Bottle for Small Animals

Choco Nose H128 Water Bottle for Small Animals

Small animals like rabbits need extra maintenance. This is an advanced and creative replacement of normal water bottles used by pets to drink water. If you are tired of the mess created by pets while drinking water and looking for a leakproof Nozzle bottle, this is the best choice.

Now your pets can drink water easily without water leakage, so now you can be free of the stress to change their wet bedding constantly. This water bottle lets your pet enjoy clean water while protecting your house from mess all around.

These bottles are made from BPA-free material which makes them safe for your pets. Invest in this amazing product and come out of stress related to the safety of your pets.

This is the most user-friendly water bottle and has a capacity of about 11.2 oz. It has a screw-on bracket which is easy to install anywhere. Now drinking water for pets has become very easy using this best small animal water bottle.

The bottle can be snapped on or off to clean the bottle or to refill it. It comes with a nail-on bracket which makes it easier to attach it to any wall with screws. Every time you refill the bottle, it is important to tap the metal ball within the nozzle to check if water comes out or not.


  • Have capacity of 11.2 oz
  • Comes with a screw-on bracket
  • Leak-proof bottle
  • Compact size


  • No extra straws

2. Lixit BPA- Free Cage Water Bottles 

Lixit BPA- Free Cage Water Bottles

These amazing bottles are the best water bottles for rabbits. They are easy to use and will make your and your pet's lives easier. This bottle comes with a weather-resistant feature. This water bottle can be used under harsh weather conditions as well.

You can also use it for outdoor pets as it can withstand any kinds of weather changes. It has a wide mouth that will help your pets keep themselves hydrated and help you save your time and energy by cleaning it easily in no time.

This water bottle is made up of stainless steel. However, the double ball-point tube along with a silicone seal prevents the leakage of this bottle. Now install these rabbit water bottles that don’t leak, anywhere in your house and let your pet enjoy clean drinking water without creating any mess in your house. This leak-proof bottle will ensure a clean and dry playing area for your kids.

If you are concerned about the safety of your pets and worry about the material being used to make these bottles. Then relax and enjoy these water bottles as they are made of BPA-free plastic to deliver safe water to your pets. It is a perfect-sized bottle that all the small animals can use, like rabbits or hamsters.


  • BPA Free material used
  • Perfect size for small animals
  • Leak-proof water bottle
  • Weather-resistant bottles


  • Noisy while pets drink water

3. Animal Water Bottle for Rabbits, Hamsters, and Mice

Animal Water Bottle for Rabbits, Hamsters, and Mice

Sometimes, we need bottle that not only look the part but act the part too. That is what we see here in Animal water bottle for rabbits. They came up with exceptionally well looking water bottles that are easy to clean and will last you a lifetime.

If you are looking for the best rabbit water bottle, you have reached a perfect place. This bottle can carry 10.14oz of water in it and helps your pets remain hydrated. This stylish-looking bottle will solve all your problems and is perfect for all of your pets. This bottle can be used by Rabbits, Hamsters, or Guinea Pigs.

If you worry a lot about the safety of your pets, then forget stressing and invest in this safe and secure water bottle. This water bottle comes with a sip spout which is made up of stainless steel. It is also BPA-free and so is safe for your pets.

This product also includes suction cups if you want to attach them to a glass aquarium or any other glass surface. It will stick to the walls easily. So now your pets won't remain dehydrated if you are not nearby. Making it one of the best water bottle for rabbits.

This bottle is easy to refill, and its simple lift-top cap makes it easier for your pets to drink water. This bottle can also be attached to the cages of your pets. You can fix it in the cage using a plastic screw, and your pets can easily use it.


  • The capacity of about 10.14 oz
  • Comes with suction cups for attachment
  • Easy to refill
  • Comes with an easy lift top cap


  • Excessive water coming out

4. Living World Water Bottle

Living World Water Bottle

Especially in summers water bottle is necessary to carry everywhere. The bottles of world living are the best rabbit water bottles because they are perfect in size and easy to carry. This bottle also has many multiple qualities, like it can carry 12-ounce fluid.

The height of this bottle is 12 inches and 2.5 inches width which means you can easily fill 1-liter water in this bottle which is good enough.

One thing we should acknowledge about this bottle that it is made up of recycled glass. Nowadays, in this plastic world, this bottle is very eco-friendly.

It is not difficult to fix and refill this bottle. Where ever you put this rabbit bottle doesn't leak.

This bottle also has a scale on it for the measurement of the water level. Sometimes the water level indicator helps a lot; if you wanted to make some special drink or juice, you need to put the ingredients in a specific amount, so this indicator helps you in measurements.

This bottle comes in four different sizes, which are great as you can buy the size you need. If you have multiple small pets like hamsters etc, you can add them here and let them play.


  • This bottle is eco-friendly and non-polluting.
  • It comes with a good capacity and size.
  • It does not leak.
  • It has a water level indicator.
  • The fungus doesn't grow inside the glass.


  • The glass bottle is breakable.
  • Sometimes nozzle doesn't work properly.

5. Small Animal Water Bottle

Small Animal Water Bottle

If you are an animal lover and you will always be worried about their safety and needs. These are the best rabbit water bottles for you that will help your pet stay hydrated, as this water bottle comes with 8.45 oz, which is pretty enough for the animal to stay hydrated.

This animal water bottle is easy to install or fix wherever you want but make sure to fill this bottle before installing. This is one of the leading animal water bottles that don't leak.

There is always a need for a bottle that doesn't leak in the area where animals are present because if the bottle leaks, it creates a mess, and the area also becomes smelly.

This water bottle is made up of eco-friendly material, which is also harmless for the animals. This is made up of friendly plastic and stainless steel that is why it is very long-lasting for the animals like hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

There is a small roller install at the stain-less steelhead for the ease of animals while drinking, so they don't have to put effort while drinking. One more benefit of this bottle is that the water does not get dirty and smelly in this bottle, or you don't have to clean their water again & again.

The water only comes out when they suck the nozzle; otherwise, the water will not discharge and so will not cause any mess in your house.


  • This water bottle is made up of eco-friendly material
  • The roller is present at the nozzle for easy water discharge
  • The capacity is good


  • Clips are difficult to install on the cage
  • Only comes in one size

6. Kaytee 32-Ounce Water Bottle

Kaytee 32-Ounce Water Bottle

A compact-sized bottle for a cute little rabbit. This water bottle comprises a freely floating duck that reminds the users to refill it before the water finishes. In addition, this ergonomically designed portable bottle is BPA-free. That makes it safe for your pets to drink from it.

This water bottle is compatible with the multiple usage options for many pet animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and your cute and thirsty chinchillas. Moreover, it comes with instructions for careful installation that goes through systematically.

After the installation, you might face difficulty in the extraction of water. However, this is just due to the vacuum bubbles that arise with you open the spout for the first time or after filling. Otherwise, the splash-proof streaming water will keep your pet hydrated, and they can easily suck the water out of it.

Hence, this super crispy water bottle is drip resistant. Along with that, there`s a hanger attached that secures it from falling. The loaded sipper will keep your pet`s habitat neat and clean. With amidst of its sturdiness, this water bottle is so far an ideal choice for your pet.


  • Sturdiness
  • Portable
  • Attached hanger for the secure grip
  • BPA-proof
  • Loaded high-quality sipper
  • Maintains the environment healthy


  • The bottle is fragile, and it starts leaking after the deposition of calcium ions in it.

7. Kathson 17oz Water Bottle for Rabbits

Kathson 17oz Water Bottle for Rabbits

A must-have water bottle for if you are a pet keeper. It seems disturbing whenever you go out, and there`s no proper water bottle or bowl for your miniature rabbits. So, here we are with an ergonomic water bottle that is designed just for your ease.

However, they make such a mess as clinging to the water with their cute little paws. To avoid such hassle, you can also install this bottle outside of the cage, depending upon the owner's choice.

The frame firmly holds the bottle in an inverted position. To refill the bottle, you can pull it upward, detach it easily from the holder, and with an easy snap, you can clean and refill the bottle.

The spout with the hose doesn`t make any noise while rabbits drink water from it. The gravity flow design makes the water run through the bottle with a nice stream. Some bottles are composed of ball bearings that produce noise; however, with this one, and you won`t hear a thing while your pet sucks the water out from it.

It protects their habitat from the splash of water while prevents the dust and impurities from getting mixed with the water. Thus, making up for a leak-proof and exquisitely designed water bottle.  


  • Dustproof and leak-proof water bottle
  • Spillage free
  • Hygienic BPA-free bottle
  • Automatic water dispenser
  • Gravity flow design
  • Hose with a spout


  • The water dish will extract water only when the bottle is at its fullest.

8. Kaytee Chew-Proof 26oz Water Bottle

Kaytee Chew-Proof 26oz Water Bottle

You might have seen many options in the market made of plastic material, offering the same features as that of the sturdily designed water bottle. That being said, this water bottle is completely safe for the hygiene of your pets.

Along with that, there`s also a freely floating duck that keeps in check the water level. Thus, it also lets you know how soon you`re going to run out of it. The chew-proof technology is due to the glass material that has been used with the manufacturing.

It is compatible with ferrets and rabbits. With that being said, the weight of the bottle doesn`t let the rabbits snap and smash it across their cage or with the walls. For that reason, it lasts much longer than the ordinary ones.

The water streams down nice and slowly, thus with the sturdiness, it keeps your rabbit hydrated. You can take this portable water bottle along with the trips, and the large capacity won`t run out of water anytime soon.

Make sure to shake it a little before using it. Calcium deposits and impurities cling to the surface. To run the water smoothly, clean the bottle before every refill. That will make your experience even more fruitful and entertaining than it ever was.


  • Glass material is easier to clean.
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Easy to detach and refill
  • Duck floater that keeps in check the water balanceLeak-proof
  • Chew-proof technology


  • The sealing is weak, as when the bottle turns upside down, water spreads out everywhere, making a mess.

9. Farm Innovators-HRB-20 Heated Water Bottle

Farm Innovators-HRB-20 Heated Water Bottle

Sometimes, you`re in a hurry, and you don`t have enough time to refill the bottle repeatedly after every 2-3 hours. To prevent this hassle, make sure that the water bottle you are looking for has a large volume to store water for much longer.

That is where Farm innovators come in to play. These bottles have been specifically engineered with complete chew-proof technology.

Sometimes, rabbits chew down the spout while drinking and sucking water out of them. There`s a built-in hanger attached strongly to the bottle to keep it in place.

You might experience leakage with some water bottles, but this here is manufactured with leak-proof technology. Along with that, there is so much capacity to hold water for a day for your pets.

Moreover, it ensures that your pet stays hydrated whenever you`re out somewhere and you don`t have enough time to check upon them.

Moreover, the transparent material makes it look more exquisite. You can see the quality of water you are filling up for your pets. Sometimes, certain issues such as hard water and some impurities could cause illness to them.

That being said, it keeps you updated about the water situation, so you won`t run out of the water or else install a filter along with it.


  • Temperature controlling mechanism.
  • Compact size fits perfectly.
  • Leak proof technology


  • Casing deteriorates over time.

10. Wontee Hanging Auto Water Dispenser

Wontee Hanging Auto Water Dispenser

Such amazing water bottles come in a uniquely small and compact size which allows it to fit anywhere. It has a mini-sized nozzle bottle for about 10mm. Thus, a small nozzle size is perfect for your Bunny and other pets like Hamster, Ferret, and also for a Guinea Pig.

Most of the bottles have problems regarding refilling and cleaning of the bottles. It becomes difficult to clean from complicated bottle designs. This bottle is easy to use and clean.

This water bottle comes with a quality guarantee. It also includes a 1-year warranty by the manufacturer. So now you can invest in this product without any problem, but you can always claim a new one or complain about it since it comes with a warranty.

This is the finest rabbit water bottle that doesn't leak and has good drip resistance. In plastic bottles, the water gets hot in no time, but this bottle is made up of glass, so they can easily maintain the temperature of bottles for several hours.


  • Space saving.
  • Easy water flow.
  • Sturdy material.


  • It is too lightweight and may flip over.

What to Look for Before Buying?

Here are some recommendations to follow before making a hasty purchase. So, without further ado, let`s get started.


Plastic material has somewhat unhygienic factors that will make your pet ill. It is hard to understand which one is of good quality and suitable for your pet in the long run. Glass material can withstand harsh conditions, and it is chew-proof and contains a little weight that doesn`t allow them to smash it against the walls.

Rabbit Water Bottle


Look out for the ones that require little maintenance. Some bottles are equipped to filter the impurities and don`t get them mixed with the water. That being said, it allows perfect streaming of water through the spout.

How to make a rabbit water bottle?

There are different ways to make a homemade water bottle for your pets, such as rabbits. Go for the simple and easiest way that requires little equipment and low maintenance.

How to make a rabbit water bottle

Water is essential for all living organisms, but rabbits are programmed to excrete it through skin, lungs, urine, and feces. Thus, they require water in a large amount. Here are some simple steps to make a water bottle for your rabbit:

Find a plastic bottle

There are plastic bottles in almost every home. Find yourself a spare bottle, and let`s cut some slack.

Clean the bottle

Clean your plastic bottle with the dishwashing soap. After that, let it dry for a while.

Punch a Hole for an Aerator

Make small cuts to punch a hole from the feet but not more than 2 inches. Use nail and hammer. This will serve as an aerator for releasing the vacuum when the bottle is refilled.

Rabbit Water Bottle

Place it alongside the Cage walls.

After punching the hole at the feet, place it alongside the cage's wall from upside down. Hang it by using some wire or the hanger to keep it firmly at the place.

Remove cap

After hanging the bottle, remove the cap and place a water tray beneath it. After the removal of the cap, the water will stream down to the tray. The hole will be used to refill the bottle. However, make sure to clean it every day before the refill.

Is your Rabbit`s water bottle leaking? Here`s what to do!

Sometimes, if you have a naughty rabbit down the hole, your rabbit`s water bottle might crack after a couple of uses. To avoid such hassle or to find a solution, we are here to help.

Follow these simple steps to make your water bottle leak-proof.

  • Remove the bottle from the holder.
  • Look out for the leak spot.
  • Clean the water bottle with hot water and dishwashing soap.
  • Mark the leaking spot.
  • Dry your bottle instantly, and then put some adhesive on it.
  • Let it dry for a while.
  • Refill the bottle again and install it in the cage.


1. Do rabbits prefer water bowls or bottles?

Rabbits prefer the thing in which they can get clean water for a longer period easily. In bowls, the water will not remain fresh and spread out easily, but the water remains fresh in bottles and keeps the animal hydrated.

2. Can rabbits drink from a water bottle?

If the bottle has a proper nozzle means whenever they suck the nozzle, the water comes out easily. One more thing the bottle doesn’t leak and is installed properly in the cage, then the rabbits can easily drink from water bottles.

3. How do I get my rabbit to drink from a water bottle?

You should place the bottle properly where the rabbit can reach easily and put the nozzle in their mouth, and then they can gradually learn to drink water from the bottle.

4. Why do rabbits bite their water bottle?

Sometimes they don’t have any activity, or maybe they get bored or frustrated, so they start biting a bottle, but there is no specific reason for this behavior.

5. Why does my rabbit pull on his water bottle?

They might want to play with bottles, or they just wanted to get attention from others that why he pulls on his bottle.

Final Verdict

Whether you were looking for premium quality or aesthetically good-looking water bottles, you got them all in one place. Some of these manufacturers are known to introduce some of the latest features in their products. That is why we provided you with the best manufacturers of rabbit water bottles.

Keep a lookout for bottles with features like the temperature controlling mechanism. This allows water to operate at optimum temperature at all times. Whether it is winter or summer, the water will stay fresh and regulated to your pet rabbit’s needs.

This will also help in stopping the water from freezing or going too high a temperature. Your rabbit may not be able to tell you about the temperature, but these water bottle surely is going to take care of all the rabbit’s needs.

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