Best Rabbit Litter Box

Best Rabbit Litter Box

Pets are the most loved animals in our homes. Yet when they stir a plot for fun, it can be a storm of catastrophe. While all animals can cause chaos in your home, rabbits are on the top of the list. That is why a bunny litter box is needed in every household.

Many homeowners have dealt with their cats, dogs, bunnies, etc., littering all over the house. What you need is a quality litter box. The one that can have adequate space for your animal to sit properly. All the while, high-quality material so it will not break easily.

So here is the list of the best rabbit litter box for your everyday use. We will be looking into built quality, style, and comfort altogether. Let's get started.

1. Van Ness Small Litter Box

Van Ness Small Litter Box

Ideally, when you are shopping for a bunny litter box, you look out for a compact size that can do the job done and look cool, all at the same time. Keeping such goals in mind, the manufacturers developed such a product that not only looks great but also works great for any household.

If you have kittens, rabbits, etc., you can rest assured from Van Ness to get the job done. Such easy entry is well sought out by customers for their pet rabbits. Other times, the setting is spacious enough to give your pet an easy feel at all times.

No plastic odor will stop your bunny rabbit from using such a multi-purpose litter box. Now all your cats and small pups can be trained to use it from time to time. Easy to clean and manage due to its size. A smooth surface allows for easy cleaning and stain removal.

The super shiny surface makes it a perfect litter box for rabbits. Try out their different color schemes for your home decoration. Your pet bunny will be using it in no time.

Such elegant design keeps the litter inside the box at all times. No sand will stick to your rabbit and will save you a lot of hassle of cleaning around your pet’s business. The best thing about this litter box is the ease of setup.

You can have your very own rabbit litter box setup in no time. Just unpack, and voila, you are ready to go.


  • Multi-purpose use for foot soaking.
  • Compact size.
  • Stylish and ergonomic design.


  • It can be a little too small for grown-up kittens, so check the product description beforehand.

2. Kitty’s Wonderbox Litter Box

Kitty’s Wonderbox Litter Box

Ever wondered how your pet kittens or rabbits feel when they have no proper place to complete their business? You need to provide them a top-notch quality litter box, and what better reliable brand than Kitty’s Wonderbox.

This cotton material disposable litter box is perfect for outdoor trips and camping sessions. Your pet is trained to a litter box, and you need to carry their litter box along. Why not make it a disposable litter box so that after usage, you can tend to your bunny needs and keep the environment clean.

Another reason is now you will not need to clean the litter box every time. You can easily dispose of it off as Kitty's Wonderbox is eco-friendly. Not only will this save time but also on cleaning cost. The quality is also super sturdy.

Such high-grade build material is often regarded as weak that it might tear or break. That is not the case here because of bunny litter box with grate that will obviously be strong enough to withstand such weight pressure.

No wonder many users like it so much because of its convenience and easy carry around. Your bunny litter box makes sure it does not take much space in the cage. That is why it can shape around the interior, which makes for easy setup in all situations.

The spacious design is perfect for all kinds of pets. Whether it may be rabbits or kittens, you are sure your pet will have a fun time.


  • Easily get in/out with high borders.
  • Made with disposable, recyclable material.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • The clay used as litter can collect and stick within the litter box.

3. Humorous. P Rabbit Litter Box

Humorous. P Rabbit Litter Box

Do you want to make an impression on your home visitors? Are you serious about your pet rabbit's health? Then try Humorous. P as your first choice as they will be taking care of all your needs. This litter box has it all.

In terms of looks, there is no doubt this is the best rabbit litter box. On the other hand, the added features like the potty trainer box make for an efficient product. The high quality stands out from other manufacturers in all aspects.

The solid rectangular shape with a simple open end allows for easy moving around the litter box. No odor from the plastic is felt whatsoever, which is a great plus. Its strong body can house multiple scoops of litter with no worry of breaking any time soon.

In addition, a rectangular metal wired that sits on top of the litter box allows easy maneuverability of your rabbit. This creates a space between the litter and the pet which means it will not stick to your pet’s body.

 You are also getting a cute bow that can go around your pet's neck for fun times around the house. A broom is also added, which makes it a complete set. All these items allow time-saving and a feel of money well spent. Don't worry; the space is big enough to sit and let them do their thing in peace.


  • Added grill and broom for easy cleaning.
  • Lightweight and vast space.
  • Stylish design and super durable quality.


  • No negative points about this item yet.

4. Kathson Rabbit pet Litter Box

Kathson Rabbit pet Litter Box

When you are in the market for an aesthetically good-looking litter box, you try out Kathson's litter box. They provide the ultimate product for comforting your pet kitten or rabbit when they need to fulfill urgent needs. Your pet will fall in love with this litter box in no time.

Even the potty trainer racket is placed so that the rabbit can sit in place with ease. The large size is there to house bigger rabbits. A vast and spacious design makes for an ergonomic item in your arsenal.

High-quality engineering makes for a long-lasting experience. The ends are not sharp so that your pet does not hurt themselves. Smooth rounded edges make for an easy sitting place at all times. The comfort is guaranteed this way.

Many people complain about the quality of these litter boxes not being of high quality. Therefore, Kathson developed a scratch-resistant litter box that cannot be damaged by your rabbits any time soon. Such initiative is very much needed within the industry from all manufacturers.

As a result, high-quality products will be delivered. The scooper helps to pour the litter in/out of the plastic box. A strong and durable plastic tray allows the rabbit to sit upon it in no time. Thus saving the hassle of litter sticking to the body.

At the same time, it is super easy to clean. Just pop out the plastic try by pressing the clip, and voila, you are ready to go. No stains and any odor are felt among the customers whatsoever.


  • Feeding scooper for easy litter removal.
  • High-end sides keep the waste in the litter with ease.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • Stains can form on the walls.

5. RUBYHOME Rabbit Litter Toilet

RUBYHOME Rabbit Litter Toilet

Sometimes when you want an out-of-the-box-ready litter box, you need some high-quality product from a renowned manufacturer. That is where RUBYHOME comes into play. They are creating some of the most iconic styled ferret litter setups up to date.

The material is super durable and sturdy enough to withstand chewing over time. No scratches are observed right away, which is a plus. The durable metal plate allows easy sitting for your lovely pet at all times.

A suitable companion for any pet owner. You don’t even need to worry about wastage coming out. The litter will keep it in place and free from odor. Speaking of odor, you will not be having any kind of odor or stench from this littering box whatsoever.

Many people have been using it for all kinds of animals. Whether they are big or small, you can have them do their thing with ease. The solid high walls make for easy and comfortable sitting for your pet.

Ergonomic design catches everyone's eyes. Such high quality requires utmost reliability and durability at all times. For this reason, all products are quality assured by the manufacturer. At the same time, positive reviews show this is the best rabbit litter box for covering all your needs.

Easy cleaning of litter boxes is every pet owner's dream. That is why its stain removal technology removes urine stains in no time. Making this one-of-a-kind product in no time.


  • Super easy to clean.
  • The multi-purpose litter box for a variety of animals.
  • Beautiful side guards.


  • The quality of the built material is not so great.

6. Lixit Corner Litter Box

Lixit Corner Litter Box

Pets always make such a mess when it comes to their unhygienic waste material. Especially when talking about the baby rabbits, they need a lot of attention and guidance for their potty training. Nowadays, with the increasing population and congested small houses, there`s less space for your pets to live among others freely.

Given that, you need something compact and portable to train your cute little rabbits about the discipline. Such systematic apprehension requires proper tools. That being said, the Lixit litter box is the one true companion for your pet`s cage. Thus, it is known as the best bunny that will surely lift up your mood.

Lixit is a triangular designed litter box that is a perfect match for your pet`s cages. The best litter box for rabbits should hold much space for the pet so that they can easily fit in it. Moreover, the bright contrast of this ergonomically designed litter tray is appealing to the eye and maintains the cool and breezy outlook of the cage.

Along with that, the triangular corners take very little space, as you can put them aside at one corner of the cage. Thus, saving your pet enough space to move around. However, it also keeps the cage hygienic. Hence, the material that is used for its construction is free from harmful chemicals.

You can easily take it out or put it back by simply sliding it around the corner. Also, it needs very little maintenance and easier to clean. With the ease of installation, every time you need to clean up, dump the soil or the litter that has formed hay due to the feces, voila, it is good as new.


  • Easier to clean
  • Hygienic, non-toxic plastic material
  • Easy to install
  • A triangular shape can be fixed around the corner.


  • There`s only one hole at the top corner that doesn`t add to value.

7. CalPalmy Litter Box 

CalPalmy Litter Box

If you are out in the market looking for the best bunny litter box, here goes the best and top-shelf CalPalmy Litter box for your cute little hamsters, rabbits, and as well as for adult guinea pigs.

This litterbox with a grate for the rabbits is the best option that you`ve got for your pets. With the innovative design, this here comprises multiple options that will keep the cage clean and hygienic. Moreover, make sure that it has got the perfect dimensions that are compatible with your cage capacity.

The color contrast makes it easier to blend in with the versatile themed cages. That being said, it has been manufactured with premium quality plastic material tested to ensure that it is BPA-free.

You must be tired of cleaning the cage systematically after several hours a day. However, CalPalmy is geared with advanced solutions to make your worries go away. It comes with ten additional pads.

Hence, these pads are specifically designed to keep the feces or the waste material away from the surface. The strongly designed tray comes with free pads. You can easily drop them off., dispose of them without the hassle of cleaning the whole toiletry items or the cage.

Thus, it saves you a lot of effort by keeping the workload as minimum as possible. Moreover, the exquisitely designed bunny litter box is wide enough to withstand the adult guinea pigs as well as your cute little rabbits.

If you are a pet lover and you are familiar with the wide usage of the litter box for rabbits, then you must acknowledge that the trays should be wide enough so that your pet can perfectly fit in. It can be easily installed as well as easier to clean.


  • Requires little maintenance
  • Easier to clean
  • The wide and spacious litter box for rabbits
  • Ten free pads along with the purchase
  • Best litter box with grate for rabbits


  • It is not large enough to hold the adult rabbits or the guinea pigs.

8. M-Aimee Square Potty Trainer Litter Box

M-Aimee Square Potty Trainer Litter Box

With the wide range of colors, M-Aimee brings you the most sophisticated and the best litter box for rabbits. Even with the high-end potty trainers, there`s always an issue as they are not odorless. That makes them hard to be put inside the cage for a long time.

The pungent smell of the feces makes it unbearable for the next day. Wherever the strong mesh material of this ergonomically designed potty trainer tray is hygienic and odor-free. That makes it a one-of-a-kind litter box on the list.

With the wide dimensions, it has come a long way with pets. The panel is designed in a wire or a stake pan design. That enables the pets to stay clean even after the excretion. That's because the panel directs the feces towards the base and keeps your pet neat and clean.

Moreover, the size is just another level of comfort and compactness. Therefore, the tray is extremely portable, and you can easily glide it away from the cage and damp the hay, again putting it back in the corner.

Along with that, the spacious area makes this litter box a multi-purpose tray that is compatible with rabbits, chinchillas, ferret, adult guinea pigs, etc. Unlike the other high-end material, this litter box contains dual holes that make it easier to install and perfect fit within the cage.


  • Multiple uses
  • Compatible for different pet animals
  • Portable tray
  • Wire-panel keeps the pet neat and clean
  • Feces can be disposed of easily
  • Odor-less BPA-free material


  • Their feet will get stuck in the wire panel with the baby rabbits and guinea pigs, best suitable for the grownups.

9. SunshineBio Rabbit Litter Box

SunshineBio Rabbit Litter Box

To avoid your toilet from getting messy and dirty and to potty-train, your rabbits require a lot of effort. Especially the right and spacious litter boxes to train them about the discipline. Made from plastic material, this litter box is strong, compact, and durable.

The styled grid panel of this litter box enables the rabbits to stay clean. Moreover, the panel is compatible with the little paw/feet of your pet. That being said, their feet won`t get stuck in between them.

Hence, it is compatible with small pets, as well as your adult guinea pig. However, keep in mind that if you have a rat as a pet, then the panel isn`t suitable for their feet as they could get stuck in it. Hence, this rectangular-shaped bunny litter box is the perfect solution for your pets' potty-training essentials.

In addition, this litter box comprises cross-fixed buckles that work efficiently in keeping the litter box fixed with the cage. Thus, these restless little pets won`t be able to smash and destroy the litterbox anymore. Sunshine litterbox is made from plastic material that is BPA-free as well as odorless box.

The feces will form clumps, and thus, with ease of cleaning and maintenance, you can glide it outside and dump the hay off of it. Furthermore, it is hygienic as it maintains the environment of the cage neat and clean without making a mess of it.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • It requires very little amount of maintenance
  • Perfect for the small pets
  • Sturdy little bunny litter box
  • Compact designed and portable box


  • The metal bars are not strong enough to pull out for long. They happen to be falling, cutting the skin or the nails of the bunny`s paws.

10. Baffect Rabbit Litter Box

Baffect Rabbit Litter Box

Made from the top-quality and highly condensed rich polypropylene material, this here is an ideal choice as your pet`s litter box. This ergonomically designed bunny litter box is tested to ensure that it is safe and BPA-free.

Moreover, sometimes you experience odor from the feces and waste material of the pets. This feels disgusting and unhygienic, even for the pets as well. To avoid such bad experiences, you need a compact, designed litter box that fits in with the cage firmly. Hence, this here is the perfect choice for such a matter. Along with that, the exceptional design is stain and odor-less that makes it the most hygienic and easy to clean litter box.

Given that, the wired grid panel keeps the mess away from the furry body of your rabbit. Hence, it is known as the best space-saving corner-designed litter box. That being said, it is so far a great option in avoiding spills and messes by keeping the cage neat and clean.

Moreover, the built-in wire grate serves you the right purpose as your rabbit won’t be able to kick out the litter from the tray. This box contains a drawer that can be easily pulled out from it and offers you an enormous option for cleaning purposes.

Therefore, the side stump design will prevent the pet from splashing the feces outside while peeing. Hence, this corner litter box with a grate for rabbits is so far a good toilet training tool for your pet toiletries.


  • Built-in drawer for the cleaning purposes
  • Sturdily designed faucet tray
  • Splash-proof
  • Odorless litter tray
  • Compatible with multiple pets
  • Go-to toilet itself
  • Portable


  • The litter tray is shallow and spreads out the litter everywhere whenever you clean it.

Things to Check Before Getting One

There are certain things to keep in mind before making a hasty purchase. We have compiled a list of the ten best rabbit litter boxes to ease the hunt that will help you maintain the cage neat and clean. Thus, follow these steps to avoid such a hassle and get yourself the top-quality litter box for your pet toiletries.

Type of Litter Box

There are multiple options in the market that contain different specifications. Some of them are listed as:

Litter Box
  • Corner Box: They are designed in a way that takes up very little space around the corner of your pet`s cage. They are featured to avoid splashing out of the feces as well as tracking the mess around.
  • Rectangular Litter Box: These boxes contain wide space as they can hold up to 2 rabbits at a time. They sometimes contain a lid that the rabbits are often unfamiliar with.
  • Wire Racks: Such boxes elevated the rabbits away from getting intact with the feces. Thus, keeping your rabbit neat and clean while they do their job.


Most importantly, measure the dimensions of the cage while you search for the right litter tray for your pets. This feature requires in-depth examination. If you purchase a large litterbox that will be big enough to fit into the cage could destroy the money as well as the effort.

How to clean the rabbit litter box?

Keeping the litter tray of your pets is essential as it could directly affect their health. Dirty litter boxes could cause illness in the rabbits. Fungal growth, bacterial production, moths, and whatnot will start accumulating in the tray. However, there are some simple steps to follow for the cleaning purposes, so without further ado, let`s get started:

How to clean the rabbit litter box

Schedule the timing

Before setting up a litter box, check in for the time when you`ve cleaned the box the last time. Get yourself on the schedule. This will help you in recording their timing as well.

rabbit litter box

Litter paper or pads

Put some litter paper or pads, whatever suits you the most, into the box. Take out the litterbox from the cage and pull out the paper by folding it around the edges to avoid messing.


1. How big should a litter box be for a rabbit?

Well, that depends on the size of your pet. If the pet is bigger in size, then you will have to purchase a bigger one and vice versa. Another factor to consider is the space it will take within your home. So a compact size for most animals would be great.

2. Do rabbits like covered litter boxes?

Probably not. The reason is that tight spaces with closed quarters will only make your pet rabbit more anxious. The fear will prevent the rabbit from using the litter box completely. So try to use the one with a completely open front and top. This will, the rabbit will not get claustrophobic.

3. Can rabbits use a cat litter box?

In most cases, yes. Reason? All these cats, rabbits, squirrels, ferrets, etc., have the same body structure and anatomy in some shape and form. For this reason, they can use each other's litter box.

4. How often should you clean the rabbit litter box?

It depends on how long you have .not cleaned it in the first place. If the answer is regularly, you will need only one wash every two to three weeks later.

5. Can I put a blanket in my rabbit cage?

For your sake, do not put it inside the cage. These rabbits can cause madness in a matter of seconds. For such reasons, we recommend not to put any blankets within the cage whatsoever.

Final Verdict

Just try to remember a few things in mind after your purchase of a rabbit litter box. In order to battle the worst areas of litter box use jet spray as some disinfectant, and this will also act as the detergent to pull out the crease and sticky litter from the tray.

Some customers report the use of white vinegar for cleaning. Pour out some vinegar that will mix the urine altogether, thus creasing it down to mix with the water that will further be disposed of easily.  Sun Dry After applying vinegar, run water through it and put it under the sun for complete drying up. Now, your litter box is completely cleaned.

After all is done, you are now ready to take care of your pet rabbit. These cleaning habits will keep your pet safe from diseases at all times, and you, worry-free.

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