10 Best Hedgehog Wheels – Reviews and Beginners Guide

Like any other pet, hedgehogs need regular exercise. It not only boosts their health, but also satisfies their active nature. Taking your hedgehog out for long walks in the park or beach is not much of an option. Letting your pet run free in the backyard is not much of an option either. So how can you ensure that your pet gets enough exercise?

Hedgehog wheels are a great investment for pet parents who want to ensure optimal strength and health. The market offers a wide variety, and making the right choice can prove an overwhelming task. What features should you look for? What kind of wheels should you avoid? What are the best hedgehog wheels on the market? This guide seeks to answer all of the above questions and more.

Why Buy One?

Hedgehog wheels are the best solution when it comes to preventing health, stimulation and fitness related issues often faced by indoor adult pets. They offer better exercise activities for hedgehogs and keep the boredom at bay. This in turn helps prevent psychological problems.

These wheels have been known to enhance physical health of hedgehogs. They help eliminate the feeling of being caged. Most hedgehog wheels can be assembled quickly and placed anywhere in your home.

Other benefits of hedgehog wheels include;

  • Reduced risk of respiratory and heart disease
  • Better strength, muscle movement and strength
  • Helps with arthritis and weight management
  • Reduced stress
  • Promotes emotional well-being
  • Reduced behavioral issues
  • High bone strength
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved mobility and joint flexibility
  • Helps maintain regular sleep patterns
  • Better mental stimulation

Next, we take a closer look at the 10 top-of-the-line hedgehog wheels on the market today…s

10 Best Hedgehog Wheels

1. Kaytee Giant 12” Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

Topping our list of best hedgehog wheels is the Kaytee Giant 12” Silent Spinner, which is specially designed for quiet spinning. It is the quietest model compared to other Kaytee products, and offers plenty of bang for your buck. It comes in multiple colors and there are three sizes to choose from i.e. mini, regular and giant-sized.

Highlights include durable build with hard plastic for long-lasting use. This ensures that you can encourage your pet hedgehog to exercise regularly. It is incredibly comfortable, and small pets can use it without straining.

The wheel can be used by other pets including rats and chinchillas. You can either mount the wheel to the side of the cage with clips of or use it as a freestanding wheel. Because it is designed to be a silent spinner, you don’t have to worry about noise disrupting your sleep.

Also featured is a high quality running surface that is incredibly comfortable and safe for your pet.

Highlighted Features:

  • Enclosed spinner hub
  • Silent spinner wheel
  • Available in mini, regular and giant sizes
  • High quality plastic running surface
  • Free-standing or clip to side of wired cage
  • Diameter of 12 inches

2. Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 12” Exercise Wheel

Suitable for sugar gliders, hamsters, gerbils, hedgehogs and other small pets, the Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner has repeatedly exceeded customer expectations. Made in the United States, this exercise wheel features an 11-inch diameter and stands tall at 12 inches. There is a protective wall-to-wall tail shield that prevents your pet’s feet from sliding. This in turn prevents accidental falls and promotes your hedgehog’s safety.

Another notable feature is the solid running surface. It is incredibly solid and doesn’t have any pinch areas. The running tracks are textured to ensure a non-slip grip. You can mount the wheel with the included cage attachment.

This hedgehog wheel doesn’t have a center axle and as such, there is minimal risk of fur or tail entanglement and spinal injury. There are three openings, all of which are naturally bean-shaped. They ensure containment while promoting pet safety. 

The innovative ball bearings make it possible for the wheels to roll silently and smoothly. Additional features include 12” diameter and 4” running track and 14” height when placed on the stand.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for variety of small pets
  • Made without center axle
  • Naturally bean-shaped openings
  • Innovative ball bearings for smooth rolling
  • Textured running tracks
  • Safe, solid running surface

3. Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel

Kaytee is a trusted brand in the pet industry and their Comfort Exercise Wheel offers everything your hedgehog would need to keep busy. It comes in three sizes i.e. small, large and giant to suit different types of small pets. Like most Kaytee products, it can be used either freestanding or attached to attached to the wire cage. A 2-way attachment clip is included for easier installation.

The surface of the wheel is solidly constructed with durable plastic. This ensures comfort and safety when exercising. It runs smoothly and quietly thanks, ensuring the hedgehog’s playtime doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

The Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel is certified to have a tail-safe design. The small size wheel has a 5.5” diameter while the giant size model features a 12” diameter. This makes the wheel an excellent option for encouraging healthy exercise for hamsters, hedgehogs, gerbils and other small animals. There are varied color options as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multiple color options
  • Available in small, large and giant sizes
  • Suitable for most small pets
  • Either freestanding or attached to cage
  • Solid running surface
  • Runs smoothly and silently

4. Kaytee Silent Spinner Assorted Exercise Wheel

Kaytee 100079371

This is another incredible hedgehog exercise wheel by Kaytee. Built with a 12” diameter, the Kaytee Silent Spinner Assorted Exercise Wheel is specially designed to roll smoothly and silently. As such, you don’t have to worry about your pet’s playtime getting in the way of your sleep.

Small and large sized options are also available for purchase. This makes it a suitable choice for other small pets like chinchillas, rats, gerbils and hamsters just to name a few. The running surface is built for longevity and is textured to ensure a solid grip.

Kaytee uses a patented ball bearing technology to make this wheel super quiet. It spins on a plastic spoke that eliminates the irritating sound of metal wheels. You can use it freestanding or attach it to a wire cage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Promotes healthy exercise
  • Ideal for most small pets
  • Quality 2-toned plastic running surface
  • Raised treads for safety and better traction
  • Durable plastic wheel
  • Freestanding or attach directly to wired cage
  • Patented ball bearing technology for silent rolling

5. Wire Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

Ware Manufacturing 	3283

Widely appreciated by pet owners, the Wire Manufacturing Flying is a super silent spinning wheel that comes in three sizes. Our main focus here is the large size, which boasts a solid running surface. It doesn’t have spaces that may cause fur/tail entanglement or worse, a spinal injury.

This wheel is available in a variety of colors and features a 12-inch diameter. It is completely safe, offering zero risk of toe or tail entanglement. The running surface is great for small pets including hedgehogs, hamsters, rats, chinchillas and more. It offers good traction and ensures stability during exercise.

The wheel measures 12” width by 12” depth by 7.5” height. This means plenty of room for your pet hedgehog to exercise and have fun. It is constructed to satisfy the urge to exercise for a long time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large size flying saucer exercise wheel
  • Small and giant sizes also available
  • Toe and tail safe wheel
  • Super silent and smooth by design
  • Solid running surface for small pets
  • Promotes physical exercise
  • 12” diameter

6. Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Exercise Wheel w/Cage Attachment

Exotic Nutrition 43672

If you are on the market for a wheel that will not keep you up at night, the Silent Runner Exercise Wheel by Exotic Nutrition is your best bet. It features an innovative rolling ball bearing design that allows for super silent and smooth spinning. Like other Exotic Nutrition products, it does not have a center axle. This minimizes the risk of tail entanglement and spinal injuries.

Its 9-inch diameter is ideal for a variety of small pets including hedgehogs, hamsters, rats, squirrels and more. You can also opt for the larger 12” model if you have a glider or chinchilla The solid running surface doesn’t have pinch areas, hence completely safe for pets. It features textured running tracks that ensure a non-slip grip.

You can also buy extra tracks to provide more surfaces to run onto. They are a great way to ensure your pet doesn’t slip and keep their nails neat.

This wheel comes with a cage attachment for easy installation. There are four openings, all of which are bean-shaped. They allow for safe containment and playtime. The wheel stands at 11” tall when placed on a stand and has a 2.5” wide running track.

Highlighted Features:

  • Innovative ball bearing technology
  • 9” diameter and 2.5” running track
  • Larger 12” model available
  • Made without center axle
  • Four bean-shaped openings
  • Textured running tracks
  • Cage attachment included

7. Kaytee Run-About Ball Mega Clear 13”

Kaytee 100079360

This exercise wheel has a 13” diameter and is the largest offered by Kaytee, hence the name Run-About Ball Mega. It is the perfect wheel for larger pets and offers your hedgehog plenty of room to exercise. It is also good for pet chinchillas and rats. The wheel fits nicely onto the Kaytee Hamtrac, thus providing a safe and controlled environment for working out.

Made from durable plastic, the Run-About Ball Mega Clear encourages healthy exercise in a secure way. It offers a temporary place to hold your pet while you tackle other house chores. It also provides interactive fun for both pet parent and pet. In addition to hedgehogs, this wheel can be used for chinchillas, rats, hamsters and other small animals.

The running surface is textured to provide good traction and prevent sliding.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super smooth and silent rolling
  • Physical exercise in a controlled and safe environment
  • 13” diameter
  • Fits perfectly onto the Kaytee Hamtrack
  • For hedgehogs, chinchillas, rats and other small animals

8. Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield

Suncoast Sugar Gliders

This is a 11” running wheel is designed for small pets and can be used to exercise chinchillas, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, rats etc. It is made in the United States and has a diameter of 11 inches. It stands tall at 12 inches when placed on the stand, and is designed to provide years of fun on the run.

Highlights include a wall-to-wall tail shield. The closed wheel is a favorite among small pets and is incredibly durable. The Nail-O-Matic nail trimmer is patented and offers a more convenient way of trimming your pet’s nails. It gets the job done as your hedgehog runs endlessly.

The wheel and nail trimmer are easy to clean. Also featured is an inner wall-to-wall track that seats onto the covers of the wheel, thus hiding the axle. This helps minimize risk of tail-axle injuries and optimize safety of your pet hedgehog.

Highlighted Features:

  • Closed wheel design perfect for small animals
  • 11” diameter and 12” height on stand
  • Hidden axle for optimal safety
  • Includes Nail-O-Matic nail trimmer
  • Wall-to-wall tail shield
  • Inner running track

9. Kaytee Silent Spinner 10”  Exercise Wheel

Kaytee 100533403

The Kaytee Silent Spinner 10” is a premium exercise wheel that offers your Pet hedgehog hours of endless fun. This is also ideal for other small animals like sugar gliders, gerbils and hamsters. It runs smoothly and silently, thanks to the innovative ball bearing technology.

This wheel fits perfectly inside a new critter trail super habitat. You can also attach it to a wired cage. It is a great exercise wheel for small to medium sized pets such as Syrian hamsters, gerbils and sugar gliders.

When fully assembled, the wheel measures 9.44” long by 4.13” wide by 11.61” height. The running track is smooth and offers decent traction to prevent sliding. It promotes healthy exercise for small pets and its 12” diameter offers plenty of room to be active.

Highlighted Features:

  • Specially designed for quiet running
  • 12-inch diameter
  • Enclosed spinner hub reduces noise
  • Freestanding or attach to wired cage
  • Encourages your pet to be active

10. Ware Manufacturing Metal Small Pet Tread Exercise Wheel

Ware Manufacturing 3275

Concluding our list of best hedgehog wheels is the Ware Manufacturing Metal Small Pet Tread Exercise Wheel. It is available in four sizes i.e. mini, small, medium and large. As the name suggests, the entire wheel is made from metal for longevity. The powder coating adds to its durability and boost visual appeal.

This exercise wheel fits on any cage, making it easy to install and incredibly versatile. You can use it for any small pet including sugar gliders, hamsters, hedgehogs, rats, chinchillas and more. The large size model has a 10.75” width, 7” depth and 12.5” height. It is a great tool for keeping your pet busy while encouraging them to be active.

The all-metal design allows for a textured running surface, hence good traction and stability. This helps prevent tail, toe and spinal injuries.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy powder coated metal design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Promotes active lifestyle for pets
  • Safe for pet’s tail, toes and spine
  • Four sizes available

What to Look For Before Buying

Whether you recently got a pet hedgehog or looking to upgrade the cage, purchasing the right hedgehog wheel is important.

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing an exercise wheel such as compatibility with cage, size of pet, durability etc. as outlined below:


The wheel you choose should coincide with the size of your pet. The ideal wheel for a hedgehog has a minimum diameter of 7 inches, but some have a larger diameter of more than 10 inches. The height and depth vary greatly depending on the model. Make sure the wheel can accommodate your pet’s body width. This ensures optimal comfort when running.

Compatibility with cage

If you already have an existing cage, an exercise wheel that is compatible makes installation easier. Some brands like Kaytee offer models that can be used freestanding or attached to the cage. Others offer a cage attachment for easy installation. Ideally, the wheel should be smaller than the cage.

Avoid rungs

The inner surface of some hedgehog wheels features horizontal rungs placed close together. Such should be avoided because your pet’s feet gets caught in between, leading to injuries. Go for a model whose inner surface is made from metal or plastic. A textured running surface is best since it offers better traction without putting your pet’s safety at risk.


Hedgehog wheels are made from either metal or plastic. The latter are cheaper and don’t last as long as metal wheels. Both materials offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. For instance, plastic wheels don’t have rungs on the running surface but need to be replaced at least twice a year. Regardless of the material you choose, it’s important to ensure that the wheel has a smooth running surface. Keep in mind that the running track can be textured, so long as it doesn’t put your pet’s safety at risk. If metallic, ensure it is polished or powder coated.

Quiet wheel

Hedgehogs have a habit of sleeping during the day and being active at night. As such, a noisy wheel is not an option unless you don’t want to rest peacefully. Many hedgehog wheels incorporate a quiet design. Look for models marked as silent on the packaging. They are a little pricey, but you can’t really put a price tag on good sleep.

With time, metallic wheels may become squeaky and noisy. Applying vegetable oil to them can help eliminate the noise. A few drops will suffice. Avoid chemical lubricants as these can potentially harm your hedgehog.

Avoid mesh and crossbars wheels

Mesh wires can be dangerous for any pet and as such, should be avoided. They easily get caught in the toe nails or legs, resulting in injuries. Crossbar wheels are equally dangerous, even more so when your pet tries to step off while it is still rolling. This leads to bleeding and injuries.

Stability and safety

Stability is incredibly important as it contributes to your pet’s safety during exercise. Go for an exercise wheel with a stable base. It should be able to stand its ground and not tip over during use. Reading customer reviews offers a great insight into the stability and features of a product. After all, customers love nothing more than addressing concerns or showing appreciation for products they pay for.

As for safety, hedgehog wheels should be feet-safe. You want your pet to have the time of their life without risk of injuries. Models with ridges or ribs are not only comfortable, but also keep the feet from sliding off the running track.

Enclosed wheels are a great choice if you don’t have more than one hedgehog. They are also easy to clean, provide great stability and don’t put your pet’s safety at risk.

Ease of cleaning

Every pet needs a clean environment, and hedgehogs are not the exception. It would be a good idea to choose a wheel that is easy to clean. Plastic exercise wheels are easy to clean and don’t accumulate a lot of dirt. All you need is a mild detergent and warm water. With metallic wheels, there is always the risk of corrosion and that’s a whole other issue.

Final Verdict

Hedgehogs may be lazy compared to cats and dogs, but they still need physical exercise. It helps improve heart and respiratory health, manage weight, promote emotional health, minimize stress, provide mental stimulation and more. The fact that they are dormant during the day and active during the night makes it difficult to manage their exercise schedule.

A hedgehog wheel ensures that your pet can keep busy and satisfy their need for physical stimulation even when you are asleep. While difficult, choosing a hedgehog wheel becomes easier when you know what to look for.

Our reviews provide a good place to start your search.  All of the models offer great features at a reasonable price. They are safe, comfortable to run and incredibly quiet.

And yes, all the 10 wheels are durable and don’t interrupt your sleep. The buying guide section will assist you in choosing just the perfect hedgehog wheel for you.

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