10 Best Harness for Small Dogs Reviews and Guide 2020

Thinking of taking your little mutt out for a walk?

Well, the first thing you'll need is a safety harness.

The best harness for small dogs is extremely important if you plan to take it out for a walk. Some people make it do without a tackle, but there is always the risk that your dog will see something interesting and run after it.

This is too big a risk, especially if you have adopted your dog quite recently and it isn't fully trained yet.

You can also use a dog collar and attach a leash to it, but it will not give you the security and comfort of a harness, whatever be the case.

Why Use a Harness?

A harness not only provides your dog and you with security but it is also relatively more comfortable. Taking your dog outside without a leash on is complete suicide, because dogs, being curious creatures tend to go after anything they find interesting.

Moreover, your dog may run amidst traffic and have the risk of being hurt or run over.

Some people use a dog collar and leash to take care of the problem. This is not a bad arrangement. But if you are going out for long periods, pulling on the leash attached to your dog's collar may hurt your dog's neck.

Sometimes, dogs become stubborn and do not want to move. You might end up pulling too hard on the leash and hurting your dog's neck.

To solve this problem, you can easily buy a harness for your dog. Since the harness covers the chest and back of your dog, when you pull on the leash, the pressure is evenly spread throughout the upper part of its body.

This ensures that your dog is not hurt. Besides, it is more efficient to keep the balance when you are tugging at your dog's whole body, rather than just its neck.

So, getting a harness will not only make the walks more comfortable but also more secure.

Our Best Small Dog Harness Reviews

Keeping in mind how difficult it is to find the perfectly fitted harness for small dogs, we have reviewed the products available out there for small dogs and have compiled a review of the 10 best products!

1. Voyager All-Weather No Pull Step-in Mesh Dog Harness Padded Vest

This is one of the best harnesses for small dogs available in the market.

It doesn't matter which breed your dog is or what its size is; Voyager has a harness for every dog. Detailed size charts are provided on their website, as well as their Amazon page. Pick the size that best fits your dog so that you don't have to change it later.

These harnesses are designed to be perfect for all weather conditions. So, with one of these, you don't need to worry about Summer or Winter. The mesh fabric is breathable and keeps your dog dry while walking.

The harness has a step-in mechanism that makes it entirely hassle-free for being put around your dog. So, you will not have to struggle with your dog every time you go out for a walk. The fabric and the fastenings are also highly durable, making these harnesses last for a long time.

The Velcro closure is strong, while heavy-duty metal D-rings are attached for a secure leash attachment. You will never have to worry about your dog getting out of the harness and running away.


  • Very long-lasting
  • Strong velcro with metal D-rings
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Easy walk-in fittings


  • The buckle isn't adjustable
  • The fastenings are a bit bulky

2. Copatchy No Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness

In the world of the best small dog harnesses, this is a good one.

This harness is made of comfortable sponge fills that make it all the more comfortable for your tiny friend. Due to the presence of sponges, there is relatively less pull on the shoulders of the dog, and there is no possibility of choking either.

This is the best solution for dogs who like to pull on their leashes since these are incredibly comfortable. Clips are attached both around the neck area and the chest to ensure a snug fit and ease of putting it on and taking it off.

You don't have to do much work since the harness slides down perfectly and gets clipped on. The material is breathable mesh, keeping your dog cool and dry during walks.

Size charts are provided on the website as well as on Amazon for you to choose the perfect size from. But it is always better to check the reviews to be sure if their size charts are accurate.


  • Breathable mesh fabric keeps dog dry
  • Sponge filling keeps the dog comfortable
  • Clips on neck and chest for easy and snug fit
  • Perfect for even hiking or training


  • Doesn't have a chest plate between the legs
  • Harness rotates sideways when pulled hard

3. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness Front 3M Reflective Pet Vest

One of the best harnesses for small dogs; this Polypet harness is a real deal.

It is a no-pull harness that has 2 easy buckles on the belly and one lockable buckle around the neck. The buckle on the neck has a Quick-snap technology that is extremely easy to put on and use. This design doesn't need to be slipped around your dog every time, and you can just put it on without hassle.

Two sturdy metal leash attachments are present that have reinforced webbing at the attachment points. The front clip keeps your dog away from pulling and keeps it relaxed. The harness is made from soft, breathable mesh and has soft padding for extra comfort.

This harness is perfect for walking your dog and even hiking or training. The dual elastic construction around the belly makes the harness stretchable and comfortable. The pads also absorb jerks and strain and keep your dog safe from any injury.

It also comes with a padded handle that lets you pick your dog up when necessary. You can also use it as a loop for a seat belt while driving to the park.


  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Extra padding for comfort and safety
  • Three locks keep your dog secure
  • Dual elastic design makes it stretchy and flexible


  • Plastic buckles are prone to breaking
  • Straps may rotate sideways if pulled too hard

4. EcoBark Max Comfort and Control Dog Harness


Built with no-pull and no-choke formula, this harness is one of the best small dog harnesses out there.

This harness has a double-layered breathable mesh, making it more durable than most dog harnesses. The Custom Switched Cover Design protects your dog from rubbing against the fabric. This ensures that your dog has the ultimate comfort and security.

The straps are made from environment-friendly recycled materials. They are dyed to match the rest of the harness. Although recycled, the material is highly durable.

The Specialized Safety Buckles provide a perfect fit around your dog. These buckles are solid and long-lasting, making these vests escape proof. Special care has been taken so that the design does not obstruct your dog's trachea.

It is also straightforward to put on and take off. You just need to put the harness over your dog's head and fasten the buckles.


  • Extremely durable double-layered fabric
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Extra strong buckles
  • Environment-friendly recycled materials for straps


  • The double-layered mesh might make your dog too warm
  • The size chart might not be too accurate

5. PHOEPET No Pull Dog Harnesses for Small Puppies


Giving your dog the most refreshing look ever, this harness is one of the best dog harnesses for small dogs.

Built with 2 sturdy metal hook loops, this harness has the best protective facility for attaching the leash. The front hook at the chest keeps your dog safe from pulling, but if you prefer the back hook, that's okay as well. Since the material is reflective, it looks amazing in the dark.

Besides looking amazing, reflective fabrics give your dogs extra protection by making them visible from a long way off. There is a handle at the back that you can use to stop your dog or pick it up. You can also help your dog easily get into the car with the help of this handle.

But to get the best out of it, you will need to measure your dog carefully and get the size that fits best. It is better to make sure that you can slide in two fingers under the vest to make it perfectly comfortable for your dog.


  • Reflective fabric makes your dog visible in dark
  • Metal hook loops provide better protection
  • Soft handle for better control
  • No-pull design protects from pulls


  • Fabric comparatively less breathable
  • No extra protection against rubbing

6. Comfort-fit Easy to Put on and Take Off Small Dog Harnesses

Comfort Fit Metric USA

Comfort-fit comes with the best comfort harness for small dogs that are cushioned in ways other harnesses aren't.

This harness is extremely easy to put on and take off. It comes with a Quick release clip that helps you use it without any hassle. The design is especially applicable for dogs that tend to escape from the harness. It includes two reinforced D-rings that securely lock themselves around your dog once the harness is put on.

These D-rings make it extremely difficult to escape even for a dog which is an escape artist. It also comes in an incredible weight of only 2 oz., which makes it super comfy for your dog.

The harness is padded for externally and internally, ensuring utmost comfort for your dog. It is also straightforward to clean and maintain, that saves you from the headache of having to continually clean smelly harnesses.


  • Secure with metal D-rings
  • Extremely comfortable because of cushioning
  • Quick release clip makes putting on and taking off easy
  • Weighs only 2 oz.


  • Not very breathable because of the cushions
  • Not the best option for Summer-dominated places

7. PUPTECK Soft Mesh Dog Harness Pet Puppy Comfort Padded Vest No Pull Harnesses


If you prefer a bit of fashion for your dog, you can easily choose a harness form the classic designs of Pupteck, which also produces extra small dog harnesses.

This harness is made from 100% polyester, making it incredibly durable. The fabric is also breathable since it's made from air-mesh. Furthermore, the material is very soft and comfortable as well.

Its straps and buckles have gone through safety tests, ensuring the highest level of security to your dog while wearing it. It comes in a vest design and is comfortable during movement. Thus, it is great for walking your dog, and even running or hiking with your dog.

The best feature is probably the patterns these harnesses come in. You can choose from a variety and colors of classic plaid that compliments the fur of your dog. We can guarantee that your dog would look the best in one of these plaid patterned harnesses.


  • Classic plaid patterns for vests
  • Polyester fabric makes it super durable
  • Breathable air-mesh fabric keeps your dog dry
  • Safety tested straps and buckles


  • Does not have a handle
  • Cushioning is not present

8. RYPET Small Dog Harness and Leash Set


Rypet gives you the best step-in harness for small dogs in the market.

Here is yet another brand that offers your dog style while walking. Made in classic plaid designs, these harnesses never go out of date. In addition to the plaid design, cute bow ties are added at the neck of these vests that make your dog look simply adorable.

A small bell is also attached to the bow ties so that it is always easy for you to know exactly where your dog is. The metal clip can be moved up and down to adjust it to the size of your dog, which is a great feature.

These harnesses come in three different sizes to choose from, but according to the manufacturer, if you are in doubt, choose the bigger one. They are made from breathable mesh fabric which is extremely comfortable, light and cool. The fabric is also very soft and keeps your dog super comfortable.


  • Classic plaid design for vests
  • Comes with cute bow ties and a bell
  • Breathable mesh fabric keeps your dog cool and dry
  • The vest is adjustable by moving the metal clip


  • The vest is not cushioned
  • A handle is not provided in the vest

9. SELMAI Puppy Cat Small Girl Dog Dots Vest Harness Leash Set

SELMAI XY000301-Pink-L

Looking for something more fashionable for your girl? Selmai brings an extremely stylish, girly and classy harness, which is available in both black and pink.

These polka dotted harnesses will never look bad on your lady dog and will make her look sassy. The leash matches the color and pattern of the vest too, that makes it all the more attractive. These harnesses come in four different sizes to choose from.

The harness is made from mesh that is very breathable. Plus, the body of the vest is padded so that your dog is perfectly comfortable and safe from rubbing against the skin. It has a strong Velcro closure that keeps your dog safe and secure.

The Velcro is adjustable which is simply great because you can fine tune the vest according to the size of your dog. It comes with a webbing nylon leas and clip. You can attach the vest with the help of its buckle and hoop design which is very reliable.

A detailed size chart is provided by the manufacturers, but if the measurements do not match exactly. So the manufacturers have advised picking the size that perfectly matches the chest size.


  • Classy polka dotted pattern of vest and leash
  • Unique design and style
  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Padded, breathable, mesh fabric


  • The size chart may create some confusion
  • Difficult to put on if your dog doesn't like walk-in harnesses

10. Multitude Dog Harness & Leash Set for Small Breeds


Your dog will never walk with a cooler harness on than in one of these designs from Multitude.

Multitude produces the coolest dog harnesses in exclusive designer patterns that represent colors and patterns of the world. Available in four different sizes, these harnesses give you better control while walking. It offers an easy to put on and take off design that enables you to handle it effortlessly.

More so, the vest comes with a double buckles system that keeps your dog perfectly secure. The heavy-duty Velcro adds strength to the fabric, besides making it comfortable for your dog.

Its buckles are adjustable which makes it easier for you to fit it around your tiny dog. The vest can also be used with or without the collar as per your wish. Although they have provided a very detailed size chart, the harnesses are based on the chest girth. So, make sure you have the accurate measurement before you order one.


  • Unique designer pattern
  • Adjustable buckles for better fit
  • Made of breathable mesh fabric
  • Can be used with or without the collar


  • No extra padding provided
  • No extra handle provided

What to Look for Before Buying?

Before buying a particular harness, please remember to check these following factors carefully;

1. Size

Size can be the most critical factor when it comes to buying a harness for your dog. The main point of a harness is that it will secure your dog tightly, but at the same time, comfortably.

If the size is not right, it will either be too tight for your dog or too loose, both of which would cause equal inconvenience and make the harness useless.

2. Material

The material from which the vest is made is extremely important. When your dog goes out for a walk, because of the exercise, it easily gets sweaty and hot.

You need to get a harness that comes with breathable fabric so that the heat can pass off and air can get in and out. This way, your dog will be cool, dry and comfortable. For example, take the harnesses from Rypet and Selmai.

3. Chest Plate

Chest plate connects the two halves of the harness and keeps your dog secure. In the absence of a chest plate, the harness will work only partially, resulting in more pressure on the upper portion of your dog's body which will make it very uncomfortable.

Besides, if pulled hard, harnesses without chest plates will easily rotate and get displaced, rendering it completely useless. You can easily buy harnesses with chest plates from Voyager and Poypet.

4. Adjustable Straps

Although you will consult the size chart and measure your dog to get the best size of harness for it, sometimes harnesses need fine tuning to the particular body shape of your dog.

In this case, you need an adjustable strap to fine tune the harness according to the body shape of your dog and ensure a perfect fit. So, try to buy a harness that has adjustable straps and buckles to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

For example, harnesses by Multitude and Phoepet have adjustable straps.

5. Cushioning

Cushioning is very important for your dog because sometimes, the harnesses can be harsh to their skin and create injuries.

Harnesses that come with cushioning or padding easily protects your dog from rubbing against the fabric and edges of the harness. Besides protection, padding makes the vest extra comfortable and keeps your dog happier.

However, there is a slight problem with cushioning. Cushioning can make the fabric less breathable and make your dog hotter. So, it is better to avoid cushioned harnesses in warm weather and use them in comparatively cooler climates. You can easily get cushioned designs from harnesses by Comfort-fit and Ecobark.

As long as you follow the above-mentioned five factors, your harness should give you a very good service. As for patterns and designs, you can go wild!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions while buying dog harnesses;

Q. Which size will be perfect for my dog?

A. Size charts are provided with all dog harnesses. Measure your dog correctly and match the measurements with the size charts. Get the size that is the closest to your measurements. If in doubt, go for the size that fits the chest girth best, for example, the harnesses from Multitude.

Q. Will it be too hot for my dog?

A. Most harnesses are made from breathable mesh which is perfectly breathable. However, you may need to be extra careful while buying padded harnesses because some of them can be less breathable, for example, the harnesses from Comfort fit.

Q. Is this a no-pull harness?

A. Most harnesses are designed in a way that minimizes pull, but it is better to buy the design that specifically claims itself to be a no-pull design, for example; the harnesses from Phoepet.

Q. Is this machine washable?

A. It is better not to put harnesses in machines since there are metal hoops and plastic buckles. Hand wash them and dry them as you please.

Q. Is this harness comfortable?

A. Most harnesses provide standard comfort, but if your dog likes extra comfort, it is better to buy padded designs which ensure better comfort, for example; harnesses from Comfort-fit.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the questions mentioned above, if you have more specific questions, you can easily check the reviews and answers left by other customers before you. You can also directly call or mail the manufacturer for more direct and correct answers.

We believe you are now thoroughly educated in harnesses for your small four-legged friend. Now, go and get the best small dog harness for it.  Be extra careful about the size you choose and get adjustable buckles if possible. Hope you have very happy walks with your little buddy from now on!

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