Best Guinea Pig Foods To Fulfill Diet Requirements – Reviews 2020

The best is what you want to provide to your guinea pig as these adorable looking creatures are the heart and soul of your family.

This starts from the best environment to best bedding to the best toys. But the one thing that’s really important and very vital when it comes to taking care of your guinea pig is food.

When it comes to food, there are a lot of things you need to keep an eye on since they are adorable but quite prone to a lot of diseases if not fed properly.

So, obviously, your intentions will be to maintain a perfectly planned guinea pig diet and ensure them the best guinea pig food.

Why Following Products Are Suggested?

Now, if you are looking for precise products, there are a lot of crucial points you need to keep in mind whether the product has the right amount of supplements or vitamins or calcium, etc.

For example, guinea pigs are herbivores or vegetable eaters that rely on bacteria within their intestinal tracts to help them digest their food. So it's necessary for you to maintain a proper guinea pig diet.

As there are a variety of products available in the market, it gets tough when it comes to choosing a product especially when some of them are quite similar.

In this article, the following products are suggested because they come with all the essential needs to provide the perfect guinea pig food.

10 Best Guinea Pig Food

This list right here is the ultimate solution for you not to go mad on endless researches in the market so that you can get the right food for a guinea pig.

Just sit back and relax, here are our top considerations recommended for your pal!

1. Vitakraft Guinea Pig Food High Fiber Timothy Formula

To start things off, this one is a very high-quality product to keep the little one's life healthy and happy. It’s enriched with natural formulas to keep the picky eaters satisfied and deduct the number of boredom they tend to face at times. Not only that, but the formula also helps increase healthy foraging behavior.

To stay healthy throughout all the life stages, this product is made with timothy hay pellets that are very high in fiber and essential nutrients.

Speaking of fiber, the product is loaded with them. Hence there is no need to worry about your guinea pig’s digestive and immune system as the fiber provides major assistance in them along with antioxidants for additional support.

The Timothy hay pellets are probably the best guinea pig pellets. Mixed with this product’s food if you serve your piggy plenty of timothy hay regularly along with some fresh green leaf lettuce and carrots, the cute little animal can live happily for years.

Apart from all that, the product is high in DHA Omega-3 which will help your bunny out in its brain development and health, keep its heart functioning properly, keeping the animal’s vision clear and also ensure vigorous skin.

Then, there is the bag which is over 8 pounds that provides the additional benefit of making fewer purchases.


  • High bioavailability of nutrients
  • Contains Natural oils, flaxseed and omega fatty acids for shiny coat and healthy skin
  • Fortified nutrition
  • Value for money


  • Contains food coloring

2. F.M. Brown's Tropical Carnival Gourmet Guinea Pig Food

If you are looking for something well-balanced which has a mixture of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds along with a crunchy vibe, then this is your product.

As it is entirely timothy hay and alfalfa based which provides the best pellets for guinea pigs, your piggy's digestion and metabolism will not only remain stable, but it will also tend to improve every day.

With the additional support of probiotics, the furry animal can make the best out of the natural ingredients. The most highlighted part of this product is that it contains the famous Zoo Vital biscuits produced by F.M. Brown's. This ensures healthy gums and teeth for your guinea pig.

Not only that but the Zoo Vital biscuits ingredients also cover-ups the overall well-being of your cavy.

To meet with the regular dietary needs of the guinea pigs, this premium product is not only nutritious but also vitamin fortified. You can say it's the best product if you are planning for a healthy diet of your furry animal.

There is also extra support provided with the mixture of antioxidants and Vitamin C. This is a vital supplement for the improvement of your guinea pig's immune system and also proper maintenance of it.

But one thing you need to keep in mind is that you ensure a consistent supply of hay and fresh water to keep the balance intact with the product. Because overeating of this product could lead to obesity as it is delicious.


  • Variety of grains, fruits and vegetables
  • Vitamin C added to assist in maintaining a healthy immune system
  • Available in a couple of sizes
  • Rich in fiber


  • A bit costly
  • Contains artificial flavors and FD&C Colors

3. Kaytee Fiesta Guinea Pig Food

Best nutrition for a long lasting and healthy life is what this product offers to your cavy. This food offers a fortified gourmet diet which consists of a mixture of grains, vegetables, fruits and seeds for an absolute variety of nutritious product.

Apart from all that, the product contains probiotics as well as prebiotics which gives your bunny’s gut a soothing flow along with better digestion system.

Chewing activity doesn’t get any better with this product. As it features food with a variety of mixtures and that has different colors, shapes, and sizes to support the furry little one's dental health issues.

Always make sure to keep fresh water in hand as the pigs get thirsty very quickly after having a tasty meal which this product provides. Otherwise, it could lead to severe diseases due to overheating problems.

Containing Omega-3 and DHA, the brain cells of your bunny will always remain safe and secure. Not only that, but their eyesight will also improve along with their heart that has won many hearts will also remain stable.

One crucial factor of this product is that it provides no artificial flavors or colors, just ultimate freshness.


  • Long Lasting Vitamin C
  • For better digestion, prebiotics & probiotics
  • Added enrichment through assorted veggies and fruits


  • Some parts of the food are bit large for the guinea pigs

4. Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig (Timothy Based) 10 Pound Bag

Oxbow Animal Health 744845402918

Now this one is a product highly recommended for an adult guinea pig owner.

It is an absolutely essential factor to provide the adult guinea pigs with high-quality and fiber formula food to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Food of this product is solemnly health-focused which means fewer protein grams, calcium, and calories since the adults need to consume way fewer nutrients than the younger ones.

Hence, due to the product containing fewer nutritious elements than others out there in the market, it keeps the digestive system of your guinea pig on track. Plus, along with the provided extra fiber, the digestion flow goes smoothly.

To prevent the guinea pigs from selective feeding uniform pellets are also blended in the product.

The overall health of your piggy is maintained thoroughly by the usage of stabilized Vitamin C as well as the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio. This is one massive factor of a guinea pig’s life to remain healthy.

No more frequent purchasing as the bag of this product is over 10 pounds. Hence, your pet's belly will always remain full, and you don't have to worry about going to shop often.


  • High in Fiber
  • Perfect for adult guinea pigs
  • Keeps the animal's stomach occupied for a long period
  • Fitting formula for a healthy diet


  • You might find it a bit costly

5. Wild Harvest Wh-83545 Advanced Nutrition Diet for Guinea Pigs

Wild Harvest WH-83545

Sealed and secured is what best describes this product of choice.

With a nutritive mixture for your cavy, the food assists a lot in maintaining and developing proper health.

Apart from physical health, the product stands out in nurturing the mental health of a guinea pig. Due to the natural ingredients contained in the container, it helps out your pal jump out and enjoy in a much better way.

The product doesn't only offer nutritious components such as vitamins and minerals but helps out a better lifestyle for the furry animal.

Speaking of Vitamins, the Vitamin A, C, and antioxidants sealed inside the food are the key to the maintenance of the overall health of a guinea pig.

Now, what sets the Wild Harvest Wh-83545 apart from the other products available in the market? It's top-notch quality packaging.

Freshness will always remain intact inside the container, and the bugs will be out, which provides the guinea pig with more enhanced food which other products are failed to deliver.

Not just that, the flip container ensures more leniency for you as you can store it precisely anywhere. Following that, a container is way less messy than a bag.


  • Filled with fruits and vegetables
  • Container keeps the food inside fresh for a long time
  • Helps improve digestion
  • Contains enough Vitamin C for proper health


  • Not all the ingredients are liked by the guinea pigs
  • Might just be a little pricy

6. Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Guinea Pigs

Wild Harvest G1970W

Here’s one product for you that’s very nutritious and equally lenient for use.

It is designed to give your pet pig a very well-balanced diet system. The product has something which is not established in a single grain food formula; an enhanced variety of ingredients ensuring the furry animal with a happy life.

Enriched Vitamin C inside the food accommodates your pet to a wholesome health stimulation which will give you in return more happiness and less worry.

There are a lot of different sizes available for this product; hence you will always find what's the precise amount of guinea pig food that you will be needing.

The main reason why this product delivers a well-rounded diet is because of the perfect blend of vegetables, seeds, grains, and fruits.

Guinea pigs do love a lot of affection from the owners which leads to treats. Well, the Wild Harvest does provide best treats for guinea pigs as their food has a lot of different textures ensuring an unspoiled meal.

Another highlighted fact of this product is that it contains the fruit amp formula which provides the added antioxidants and nutrition necessary for the optimum health of your pet.


  • Vitamin Enriched with natural resources
  • Diversity of diet due to variety of shapes and ingredients
  • A lot of sizes available
  • Affordable


  • Packaging is not so lenient

7. Kaytee Supreme Diet for Guinea Pigs 

Kaytee 100526200

Are you looking for an all-natural product which will provide your pet guinea pig with a healthier lifestyle? Well, the food inside in this product will surely make the furry creature jump all day long.

It comes along with clean and very wholesome ingredients which offer high-quality fiber, proteins and other nutritious elements which will help your cavy stay healthy.

The long-lasting Vitamin C along with calcium and magnesium will surely provide the utmost support needed for the well-being of this adorable animal.

A complete and balanced diet for the petite buddy is ensured with enhanced antioxidants, minerals and vitamins mixed with the food.

Natural grains and seeds with a wholesome blend of ingredients such as alfalfa, corn, molasses, and wheat are completely formulated to provide your critter with the absolute best product.

Ideal freshness is naturally preserved by top quality packaging ensuring proper food as fresh food plays a vital role whenever it comes to feeding your pet guinea pig.

Speaking of packaging, the product comes along with a lot of different sizes, so you have all the freedom to choose from the amount of food that your guinea pig needs. Although larger sizes are a bit expensive, it provides a complete value for money.

Brand value of over 150 years and the ultimate nutritional experience speaks a lot about the product itself; the rest is up to you to decide.


  • No Artificial nor flavors provided
  • Great source of Vitamin C
  • High-quality ingredients


  • Not a brand of pellets

8. Hartz Guinea Pig Small Animal Food Pellets

Hartz 3270098212

Looking for a product which almost guarantees to provide 100% complete Nutrition? You’ve got no reason to search for more as this product will be the right choice for you.

The product is a combination of small, brown, pellet-shaped tads which provides utmost satisfaction and nutrients for the little one.

It provides a ton of quantity in one packet than any other available products in the market ensuring proper value.

Fortified with Omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants, the immune system of the creature is thoroughly maintained. Not only that, the fatty acid also keeps the coat and skin very shiny and healthy.

Since we are talking about nutrients, Vitamin A and C are also there for the complete well-being of the pig. The package of this product is just impeccable. Tight and fully secured along with a plastic bag that holds off all the food inside correctly.

Due to its safe packaging, you can be ensured of high quality and fresh products before it gets opened up for your pet to completely devour it.

Pouring and sealing has been made very easy with this product by the Zip-Pak slider. Now transferring and storing food would be lenient which will prevent contamination and ensure superior quality.


  • Improvement in dental health
  • Diet Fortified with Vitamins
  • Scientifically formulated to meet the necessary nutrition needs


  • Needs a bit of development in the quality of guinea pig foods

9. Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig (Timothy Based), 5 Pound Bag

Oxbow Animal Health OCC200

When the product involves of timothy grass meal, you are surely getting quality. As it includes rich fiber to meet with your critter's needs. Uniform pellets inside the food ensure minimal selective feeding.

Adults require way less protein and calcium than the younger ones; hence this product's food is completely focused on health.

The perfect balance of phosphorus and calcium keeps the structure of the little one's intact. Food also comes in different delicious shapes, sizes, and texture to meet with its health requirements and appetite.

Apart from a healthy lifestyle, this product is a life changer for your guinea pig as the food is packed with nutrition that has a lot of components which will aid in your little companion’s life.

Starting from the fact that it has nutritious elements which provide a ton of energy, vitamins to assist in repairing cells and calcium to improve the growth of your pet.

Now the main difference between the two Oxbow products in this list is the size difference. Due to this one being 5 pounds, it is pretty easy to carry it around everywhere.

Ziplock on the top portion of the package seals the product perfectly to keep the freshness inside, hence providing quality food for a long period.


  • All in one pack, safe and nutritious
  • Rich in fiber
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to carry


  • At times, the ziplock doesn't work

10. Ecotrition Essential Blend Food for Guinea Pigs


The last one to make an entry in this list of best foods for guinea pigs probably has the best combination of food in their products. From fruits, grains and vegetables along with pellet shaped food is just a guarantee to provide the best taste for your guinea pig.

More choice in food is also available for your little friend due to a variety of colors. This also ensures more fun while having a meal.

Digestive health remains as smooth as possible due to probiotics being involved inside the food. It has rich vitamin C scientifically formulated to meet the needs of your cavy which helps them flourish in their well-being.

For that additional flavor and texture, the product contains essential ingredients such as nuts and vegetable seeds.

Due to the fact that the weight is relatively low of the product, it will be easier for you to carry it around. Also, the plastic bag packaging seals off the contents inside very comprehensively to keep the freshness intact.

Lastly, keeping the colorful taste and nutritious bits is the priority, and the job is done quite well with this product by making sure everything is natural as your little friend gets its desired food regularly.


  • Enriched with Vitamin C
  • Massive health benefits packed in one product
  • All natural and healthy ingredients


  • Slight lacking in quality

What to Look for Before Buying?

It is not always about buying the most popular or the most expensive food available in the market. Before buying food for your guinea pig, you need to know what it needs and buy food accordingly.

However, there are a few common things that you need to look after before buying food for your guinea pig.

Solid Based Food

Since guinea pigs do not need much protein or calcium in their nutrition chart, it is wise to keep in mind the food base of the food that you are feeding your guinea pig. It is wise to feed them vegetable-based food instead of protein ones.

The better option for your guinea pig is a solid based food like alfalfa or timothy hay. These are very important ingredients because these are made from grass or hay which is an essential ingredient in a guinea pig's diet.


Now, this depends on what kind of a guinea pig do you own. If it is a young guinea pig, then it is essential to feed them with food containing high nutrition values.

Because your guinea pigs need to develop their health and digest system when they are young, the digest system is very important for guinea pigs when they turn old.

Their small body does not need much protein and calcium. Although, a minimum level of calcium and protein value should be present in the food that you are getting for your guinea pig.

On the contrary, when it comes to older guinea pigs, it is not necessary to feed them with foods containing high nutrition values.

Food Exceptions

Only knowing what to feed your guinea pig is not enough in some cases. You also need to know what things that you cannot feed to your guinea pig.

For example, chocolate, meat, corn syrup etcetera can be major health hazards for your pet guinea pig.


As you know, the digest system of a guinea pig is a very important factor in its healthy development. Be it young or old; a guinea pig always needs food with high fiber to maintain a safe digest system.

Their small bodies are always prone to get affected by high protein or calcium. As a result, it is important to maintain a strong digest system. For this reason, it is wise to get them food containing high fiber values.

Fiber helps the guinea pigs to develop and maintain a strong digest system. Especially, when it comes to the old guinea pigs. So, it is wise to get them food with extra fiber.

Small Batches

This is a minor thing a lot of people tend to overlook. Which is whether the food is coming in small batches or not. Since guinea pigs are small animals, they do not need much food per intake.

So, if you buy a big container, there will be a possibility that the food might get damp due to weather or just because of the condition you’re keeping it in. This is kind of risky to your guinea pig’s health.

It is wise to buy food in small batches because it helps the purpose of giving your guinea pig fresh food.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the mandatory ingredients in a guinea pig’s regular diet?

Usually, the moderate amount of grass and hay, fresh vegetables and fruits for the supply of anti-oxidants and water are the key elements that should be present in guinea pig's regular diet. Here's what can guinea pigs eat.

2. What is an ideal based guinea pig food?

The ideal based guinea pig food is generally timothy hay and alfalfa. However, it is wise to feed timothy hay-based food to the adult guinea pigs.

3. What are the things that should be avoided in a while feeding the guinea pigs?

Artificial food, Corn syrup, Dairy products, and chocolates are the food you should avoid keeping in a guinea pig's diet because these can cause a health hazard for a guinea pig.

4. What kind of hay is good for guinea pigs?

Generally, hay is pure food for guinea pigs since they do not contain any hazardous elements. Although, the recommended ones are alfalfa and timothy hay when it comes to the daily diet of guinea pig.

5. Are fruits good for guinea pigs?

Fruits are very good for a guinea pig. However, too much fruit can cause diarrhea.

Final Verdict

Your guinea pig definitely deserves the best kind of food out there in the market. However, it is important to feed them according to their needs. Our recommended food tries to serve that purpose.

Although there is a small limitation of uncertain age groups, considering from an all over perspective, the best food for guinea pig does serve all the purposes.

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