Best Dog Grooming Scissors 2019 For The Money

Dog grooming is not about making your pet look fantastic only. It is directly related to the cleanliness, physical well-being and appearance of your dog. If you do not have time or energy, you can take your pet to the professional groomers for grooming experience.

But it can be expensive and time-consuming to get the appointment at your convenience. However, it is always possible to start the grooming session at home, which will help you to nurture the bond between you and your pet.

There are varieties of grooming scissors and shears available in the market. Throughout the article, we will talk about the best dog grooming scissors 2019 and the best dog grooming shears for your easy understanding of choosing the right tool for your faithful one.

Understanding Scissors and Shears

Scissors and shears are often considered as the same because of their similar appearance. But the truth is both are different considering their own application and size.

The major difference is scissors have a shorter blade which is below 6 inches and the finger holes are symmetrical, equal sized.

In the other hand, shears have asymmetric finger holes, one is smaller, and the other one is bigger. The blade size is also longer, most likely more than 6 inches in length.

Scissors are mostly used at home, school or offices for light applications such as cutting threads, papers, parcel yarn, etc. There are some specially designed scissors for specific use only, for example, medical scissors used for surgeries.

Some other types of scissors are used for cutting and trimming hairs only.  In the other hand, shears are used for jobs where more force is needed such as gardening, trimming hedges, grass, etc. Some other usages of shears are cutting fabrics, poultry, animal fleece.

And some specially designed shears are used for cutting wires and metal sheets in heavy industries. Despite having a similar look, the functionality of scissors and shears is quite different. Hence, based on your work need, you need to choose the right kind of tool for the best possible outcome.

Our Best Dog Grooming Shears

There are varieties of dog grooming shears available in the market. Based on the functionality and material, the prices vary. For our reader's convenience, we are focusing on the best dog grooming shears available in the market.

1. Gimars Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Kit

Gimars dog grooming kit could be one of your best choices to give a relaxing trimming experience to your dog. It comes with 4 pieces such as straight scissor, curved scissors, thinning shear and trimming comb.

It can be considered as one of the best dog grooming scissors. The tools are titanium coated, and blades are made of stainless steel. Though the blades are very sharp, still it is better to sharpen the blades time to time for a better experience.

The straight scissors are used for cutting long hairs on the body part. The curved scissors are designed in a safer manner which allows you to curve while trimming on the face and paw area without poking the pet. The thinning shear is used for cutting thick, fluffy pets without pulling the hair.

These scissors come in different size and shape for different application based on the body part. The finger loops are cushioned with plastic for easy operation and comfort.


  • Durable, will not rust
  • Nicely packaged in the zipped storage bag
  • Plastic finger grip for comfortable usage
  • Safely designed with silicon pad between handles
  • The tightness of the blade can be adjusted


  • Not suitable for left-handed people
  • Need to be sharpened from time to time

2. Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kits

This product is a complete pet grooming set consisting of two pairs of scissors. The longer one has 6.5-inch blade for trimming body fur. The shorter one has 6-inch micro-serrated blades for detailed trimming on the face, paws, and ears.

For providing the safest trimming experience to your dog, the tools are made of surgical grade Japanese stainless steel. The handles of the scissor are cushioned with polymer and have extra finger rest.  The tips of the blades are rounded for protecting the pets from the accidental poke.

It is beyond safe to use around the face area. It is also noise free so that your beloved little one does not get scared of the sound. You can also use it without sharpening for a few months.


  • Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people
  • The handles are comfortable to use
  • Sharp edges with safety end
  • Finger holes are large enough
  • A high-quality product at a lower price


  • Not good for precision
  • Fingers hurt if hold for a longer time

3. Lilys Pet Professional

Lilys per professional is an amazing grooming set which comes with 7 individual tools! A straight scissor, a thinning scissor, up curved scissors, down curved scissors, a comb, a scissors case and a brushing cloth.

The blades are 7 inches in length. The tools are made of stainless steel to obstruct rusting. It also ensures extra control and comfort with the finger rest grip. It is designed in such a way which will not hurt your finger when using for a long time.

Stainless steels, the one on this pair of scissors are coated with Titanium for making the tools stronger and durable.  The edge of the scissors has built-in razor which helps to do the detailing after trimming. Finishing and shaping are two critical factors which can be done with these scissors.


  • Comes with a nice case
  • Colour does not chip off after sharpening
  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Ensures smooth trimming
  • The material is very strong


  • Right-handed only
  • Need to be sharpened every month
  • Can cut the skin easily

4. Pet Magasin Pet Thinning Shears

Pet Magasin

Pet Magasin is one of the renowned dog grooming shears. Thinning shears are an amazing tool to give the finishing touch after trimming. It is also good at thinning out thick furs, removing mat without creating a bald spot.

It is also known as blending shears which blend longer and shorter fur area to create a natural look. One side of the shears have a smooth blade, and the other side has a comb-tooth blade. The comb portion consists of 28 teeth for easy blending.

Designed in a way to avoid choppy look which is usually created by clippers and regular scissors. The handles are suitable for left-handed and right-handed users. The handle design gives users comfort of use and allows extra control for a precise cut.

You can continue your long grooming session without hurting your fingers.  The stainless edge is very sharp and will ensure smooth finishing. If you have practiced enough, you can create a professional look on your dog leaving the fur looking quiet and neat using this tool.


  • Easy to use, suitable for beginners
  • Creates a professional finishing look
  • Faster than other tools
  • Lightweight and sharp edge
  • Suitable for trimming face area without any cut lines


  • Time-consuming for using on the body
  • The blades get blunt very quickly

5. Titanium Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set


This pet grooming set comes with 4 tools such as 1 straight scissors, 1 thinning scissors, 1 up-curved scissors and 1 down-curved scissors. It comes in a beautiful case and added features like cleaning cloth, adjusted key.

The function of the adjusted key is to adjust the tightness of the scissors. The blades are 7 inches in length. It followed the convex arc design for ensuring a smooth cut. The edge of the blade is evenly polished.

Scissors are made with 6CR high-quality stainless steel.

It also goes through a strictly observed process of polishing and grinding to ensure the durability of the tool. The handles are designed very comfortably so that the user's finger doesn't hurt.


  • Sharp edge
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use for trimming
  • Nice packaging
  • Good deal compared to the price


  • Suitable for left-handed users only
  • Poor adjustment of the blades
  • The design is fault

6. iSeafly Dog Grooming Kit


This long straight scissor is used for cutting the flat parts hair, most likely the body hair. The short one is for sensitive cuts around the eye and face area. The curved scissor is used for beauty modeling around the belly, legs area. And finally, thinning scissor is used to give a finishing touch to bring a natural look.

iSeafly dog grooming set is a combo package of 7 individual tools such as two straight scissor, a curved scissor, a thinning scissor, a pet comb, a cleaning cloth, and a leather case.

All the tools have followed safety measure and have a round tip at the top so that it does not cut the skin accidentally. Best fitted for using on sensitive areas around eyes and ears.

It is made of heavy stainless steel to ensure the durability of the product. Apart from the pet’s safety, it focuses on the user’s safety as well. It is designed ergonomically to give comfort and silicon pad is inserted between handles to avoid accidental clamping.


  • Rounded top to avoid hurting pets
  • Good tool for detailing aspect
  • Designed comfortably to reduce fingers fatigue
  • Finger holes are big enough for most people


  • Rough cutting edge
  • Curved pairs are too warped
  • Needs to be sharpened frequently

7. Rision Pet Grooming Scissors


The Rision pet grooming set comes with 4 grooming kits, comb and cleaning cloth. The grooming tools are consisted of one thinning shear, one straight scissor, one curved down scissors, and one curved up scissors.

Straight grooming scissors can be used finishing, shaping and trimming. Then one side of the thinning blade has a toothed blade, and the other side has a cutting blade to move through dogs hair swiftly. The curved scissors are an essential tool for carefully trimming the eyelashes, nose, face, and ears.

These scissors are made of high-quality stainless steel to avoid rusting. The edge of the blades is very sharp for smooth trimming experience. This particular trimming set will provide you all the necessary tools to complete the trimming process of your pet.


  • It has a rounded tip to avoid accidental poking on the skin
  • Adjustable screw helps to adjust the tightness of the blades
  • It is a complete package for trimming
  • Creates a natural look
  • Lightweight, do not fatigue hands


  • Cheap appearance
  • The alignment of the blades is weak
  • The edges are rough

8. Purple Dragon Professional

Purple Dragon

Purple dragon professional is a complete grooming set which is consisted of 4 types of scissors: up-curved blade, down-curved blade, straight blade and thinning blade. All the scissors are 7 inches in length.

Apart from the scissors, the package also includes a cleaning cloth, adjuster screw, leather case, and lubricant oil. To secure product durability, the tools are made of Japan 6CR stainless steel. It is safe from rusting and breaking down.

The adjuster can be used to adjust the tightness of the blades. It has a sharp edge for easy cutting and ball tipped design to avoid any accidental cut on the skin.

The colors are very nice, and it doesn't come off like few other trimming tools. The manufacturers are highly experienced; they are ruling the market for more than 20 years. It can function for a long time without sharpening.


  • Each of the tools is packaged very carefully
  • Comes with a leather case, easy to store
  • A complete combo set for all the trimming needs
  • Available in 7 wide range of colors
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • Ball tipped design for pet’s safety


  • Heavyweight, not comfortable
  • Fingers fatigue after long term use
  • Blades are dull

9. Kingstar Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set


You can consider buying Kingstar pet grooming set for giving a soothing trimming experience to your dog. It offers three types of scissors: straight scissors, thinning scissors and curved scissors.

The blade size is 8 inch in length. It also includes a comb and a cleaning cloth. Another good thing is it comes with a good quality case, hence it is easier to store after use.

It has a wide range of color options so that you can choose any according to your wish. It is made of 6CR stainless steel and tends to be very strong.


  • Suitable for both home groomers and professional groomers
  • Lightweight, easy to operate
  • Sharp edges cut accurately
  • The comb works very nicely
  • The appearance and color range is beautiful


  • Need to be sharpened every month
  • Finger holes are too small
  • The curved scissors design is faulty

10. Sharf Gold Touch Pet Grooming Shears


Sharf Gold touch curved shears are aimed at creating a perfect, professional look on your beloved dogs. It has a 7.5-inch long blade. It is designed in such a way to provide the best shaping experience on the tails and paws.

It can also be used in areas which are hard to reach like eye,, ears, etc. The appearance of the shear is gorgeous with a shiny golden polish. The finger holes are covered with rubber for the comfort of the users.

You can easily hold and give a perfect look to your pet without being fatigued at all. It is made of 440c Japanese stainless steel for the ultimate sharpness and easy cutting. Another good news is it comes in a beautiful, high-quality case for easy storage and carrying.


  • Made of high quality Japanese stainless steel
  • Suitable for both home groomers and professionals
  • Left-handed and right-handed both types of users can use
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Sharp edges make work faster


  • The screw needs to be adjusted every time
  • The blades need sharpening on a regular basis

Here's What To Look For Before Buying

If you are planning to do a grooming session at home for your dog, you have to invest in the grooming tools first. You can find lots of professional dog grooming scissors review online. But not to worry as we are pointing out the key features to look at while filtering out the options.

Rounded Tip

If you are a beginner, you must watch for tools which have a rounded tip. Sharp tips associate the risk of accidentally poking the skin or sensitive areas of your beloved dog. If used carelessly it might hurt your fingers as well.

Rounded tips are a safer option as it eliminates the risk of hurting the dog, which will reduce your stress and will lead toward a perfect trimming experience.

Comfortable Grip

Grooming session usually takes a long time, so it is a must to look for scissors which feel comfortable in hand. Most of the grooming scissors offer ergonomic handle design to ensure the best comfort.

If held for a long time, sometimes our fingers feel fatigue. To avoid that most of the finger hole are cushioned with rubber or silicone grips. It provides soft support to comfort your fingers.

Another critical factor is the size of the finger rest. If it does not have enough space, you won't be able to use it.

Stainless Steel Material


If you get confused, quickly take a look at the material of the blades. You can rely on if it is made of good quality stainless steels. Products made with stainless steel are tend to be durable and stronger. The sharpness remains for a longer time to provide the most comforting trimming experience.

It means if you buy one tool, you are not supposed to repurchase it in the short term. Stainless steel also prevent the material from rusting. Cheap quality scissors get rust very quickly, and it is hazardous to use rusted scissors on your pet.

The Type of Your Pets Hair

The suitability of the scissors also depends on the hair of your dog. Based on the thickness, the density of hair, different tools have to be chosen. If your dog’s hair is voluminous but thin, thinning scissors can do the magic.

You can correctly trim without any trouble. On the other hand, for shaggy, rough hairs thinning shear will not be enough.  You will need a sharper scissor to complete the task.

Easy Storage

Another simple yet important issue is how to store the tools. You better look for options which come with good quality case or box where you can conserve the tools after every use.

It will keep your precious tools protected from dust and accidental fall. The product is also convenient to find all the tools together in a time of necessity.

Combo Package

There is not only one particular tool that you need for completing the whole trimming process. Different step and cut require different types of scissors. It will be expensive if you try to buy the tools separately.

Rather it is wise to look for complete sets which provide all the trimming solution. It will save both your time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the use of curved scissors?

Curved scissors are useful for creating a round fluffy look. It is mostly used on paws and face area where it is difficult to reach.

2. How to clean the grooming scissors?

Just wash them with any dish soap or mild soap and water. It is important to dry them well to avoid rusting. You can towel dry or air dry them for several hours.

3. Are these tools meant to be for professionals only?

Anyone can use it, regardless of them being professionals or beginners. It is a very simple tool which can be used to trim your pet at home.

4. Do the colors chip off while sharpening?

For most of the excellent quality scissors, the color does not chip off while sharpening. If handled roughly, the colors might fade away after a while.

5. Can thinning shears bring a natural look?

Yes, thinning shears are supposed to be very precise and they do not chop off a large amount of hair. It is fairly easy to control the amount of hair you want to remove. Also, practice is required to grab the right technique.

6. What’s the function of the adjuster key?

The purpose of the adjuster key is to control the tightness of the scissors. If you look at the back of the scissors, you will find a screw. With the help of the adjuster, you can set the tightness according to your comfort.


It is not a luxury anymore to provide a good grooming service to your beloved dog. There are lots of salons to give a tremendous trimming experience to your little one.

But not everyone can afford that. It is good news that the shears we talked about in this writing are very much affordable and also ensures a great outcome.

So without any worry, you can just grab any of them to give the best-desired outlook to your pet.

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