10 Best Chicken Coops – Reviews and Guide 2019

So you’re planning to raise chickens in your backyard?

If yes, then I can assure you that you’re about to get into one of the most rewarding ventures. From my personal chicken raising experience, you’ll always enjoy a constant supply of fresh, yummy eggs, healthy and delicious meat, and pets to keep your company.

That said, one of the KEY items you need for successful chicken rearing is the best chicken coop— it offers your chicken a SAFE home where they can spend days and night without worrying about predators, bad weather, and other dangers.

BUT…what type of coop should you buy?

The perfect coop for you should depend on a list of factors, like how many chickens you plan to rear, where you live, and others.

I’ve done comprehensive research on the best coops on the market today (I focused more on the space, ease of access, ease of maintenance, features, and customers’ ratings).

And I was able to compile up to 10 great coops on the market today that I’ll be sharing with you shortly.

What Size Chicken Coop Do I Need?

The chicken coops come in a variety of sizes, and the ideal size for you directly depends on your specific chicken rearing needs and requirements.

Asking yourself these questions will help you determine the right amount of space of coop to buy:

  • How many chickens do I plan to rear?
  • Do I plan to extend my flock of chickens? If yes, how soon?
  • What type of bleed(s) do I intend to rear?
  • Do I plan to set up the feeder and watering dispenser inside the coop?
  • What are the climatic conditions of my area?
  • How much is backyard space available for setting up a coop?

The rule of thumb states that you should consider 2-3 sq. feet space for each chicken inside your coop. And 8-10 sq. feet for each chicken when on the run. The more space there is, the speed the better.

Keeping in mind these chicken houses space requirements will help you get the right size of a coop.

If you plan to increase your chicken flock in future, then you’d want to get an even larger chicken coop.

If you’re raising the larger chicken breeds, it means you’ll need even more space per sq. feet for each bird.

Remember all these space requirements are for fair weather.

What if you live in areas with cold climate?

Well, in that case, you’ll need an even larger space per chicken since the birds will be spending a lot of time cooked up inside their house.

And yes, if you plan to set up the feeder and watering dispenser inside this coop, then you’ll need a bigger size.

WARNING: Never cramp too many chickens in a small coop. This will only lead to stress, pecking, cannibalism, and sometimes death among the birds. Diseases can also spread easily in such conditions. Adequate space in a coop is the recipe for raising a happier and healthier flock.

Overall, the MORE chicken you have (and the larger your chicken breeds), the LARGER a coop you’ll need.

Let’s take a closer look at the 10 best chicken coops for sale on the market today…

10 Best Chicken Coop Reviews:

1. Sunnyglade Large Wooden Chicken Coop

Sunngyglade is one of the safest, most comfortable, and durably constructed wooden chicken coops you can get on the market today. With an overall length of 58 inches and a height of 33.5 inches, we highly recommend it for anyone looking for a large chicken coop.

It features awesome poultry-friendly design that comprises of the resting box, nesting box for laying eggs, and the ramp. It comes with a sliding door and ramp which enable your chickens to easily enter the raised perch (the sleeping area). Inside this raised perch, your flock will remain safe from predators and keep warm especially in the rainy and cold days.

The window on the raised perch allows light penetration, free air circulation, and solar collection.

The pitched roofing of this chicken house is 100% waterproof, ensuring that your chickens remain comfortable on the rainy days. It also shields your chicken from the sun.

Another fantastic feature of this coop is the removable bottom sliding tray which facilitates easy cleaning. The gridding fences offer ventilation to your pets for a healthier atmosphere while further shielding them from predators.

This coop is constructed using premium natural fir wood. On top of this, it features a waterproof, UV-resistant, and corrosion-resistant paint. This ensures a long-lasting, comfy house for your chicken.

Although the coop comes disassembled, the previous users have openly expressed that putting it together is incredibly easy for everyone.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy and weatherproof design
  • Spacious space w/user-friendly design
  • Removable bottom sliding tray for easy clean
  • High-quality gridding fences
  • Lockable door for flock safety
  • Dimensions: 58” Length, 33.5” Height

2. BestPet Chicken Coop

If you’re looking for a great, affordable playground or exercise pen for your chicken flock, you can’t go wrong with this BestPet Chicken Coop. Your chicken will happily and freely enjoy playing inside this playpen. It can also accommodate ducks, turtles, rabbit, and guinea pigs.

One of the top reasons why we feature this coop on our list is because of its solid construction. It’s designed using durable metal with epoxy coating finish that’s resistant to rusting, corrosion, and fading—even in the most extreme climate conditions. The result is an extended lifespan!

Because the coop has easy access, lockable door, you don’t have to worry about the hawks and other predators taking away your chicken for a feast. The spacing between the bars is 1 3/8 inches, which further ensures no predator can easily find its way into the cage.

Included in the box is a waterproof cover to let your chicken play and exercise in the pen even when the weather tries to go against it. This cover perfectly fits the steel roof frame with enclosed ends to provide your chicken with full protection against rain, sun, snow, etc.

Assembling this playpen isn’t rocket surgery, and you can do in a matter of minutes. Likewise, taking it down is quite simple and fast, so you won’t be waiting all your time on it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Solid wire design for durability
  • Anti-rust metal exercise coop
  • Waterproof cover included
  • Lockable door for safety
  • Incredibly easy to setup

3. Best Choice Products 80in Outdoor Wooden Chicken Coop

Here comes the best backyard chicken coop for raising up to 4 chicken. This safe and comfortable coop is not only ideal for rearing chicken but also ducks, roosters, rabbits, and other small animals.

Like the other wooden coop we discussed earlier, this one is also constructed from solid waterproof fir wood. This enables it to keep your chickens safe from various weather elements while extending its lifespan.

The impressive design of this coop is also worth a mention. It comes with a nesting area where your chooks can lay the eggs. The nesting area has easy access open/close top that enables you to hassle-freely collect eggs or feed and water your chicken.

It also comes with a raised house area which provides your chickens with plenty of comfortable living space.

A sliding ramp allows your chicken to easily move from the playing area into the raised house (the restroom).

You’ll also be able to easily access any part of this coop since it comes with two large doors. Remember that the doors have a metal locking mechanism to ensure predators don’t easily open them.

Other noteworthy aspects of this coop include the metal wire fencing which ensures maximum ventilation for healthier poultry lifestyle while protecting your animals from predators.

The removable sliding tray gives you easy access to the chicken dropping for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Solid rainproof fir wood construction
  • Removable bottom sliding tray
  • Metal wire fencing ensures ventilation
  • Sliding door and ramp
  • 2 doors w/metal locking system
  • Dimensions: 79.5" L x 26.5" W x 51.5" H

4. PawHut 63" Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop

PawHut 	D51-007

PawHut 63” takes the badge for the best small chicken coop on the market today. It comes with a compact, low footprint design that enables it to occupy an incredibly smaller space while meeting your chicken raising needs and requirements.

You’ll be wrong to think that this coop doesn’t have much to offer because it has a compact design. We found everything about it pretty appealing. It comes with an incredible design with a variety of accommodating features for your chicken. It has a nesting place where the hens can lay eggs. And the nesting area has a hinged top to facilitates an easy way to collect or deposit eggs.

More on the design, it has two perches (yes, two of them!) which provide your chicken with a spacious roosting area, day and night. The included ramp facilitates easy entry into the perch. And the screened window allows for proper ventilation and airflow.

As your chicken take a trip down the ramp from the perches, they’ll discover a large outdoor run that’s fenced with metal wire to allow them to play and exercise without the fear of predators.

Oh! There’s also a planter box which allows you to grow some fresh produce for your chicken or family in the same space! The roofing is 100% waterproof to shield your flock from various weather elements.

Above all, this coop boasts of sturdy wood construction which translates to exceptional durability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact, low footprint design
  • Sturdy wood construction for durability
  • Large outdoor run
  • Screened windows for ventilation
  • Up to 2 raised perches
  • Ramp for easy access to the perches
  • Dimensions: 63.5" L x 31.5" W x 44" H

5. SnapLock Formex Large Chicken Coop


If you’re looking for a LARGE chicken coop without run, this SnapLock Formex Large Chicken Coop is a great option. Designed with folks who plan to raise many chickens in mind, this backyard hen house can comfortably accommodate 4-6 large chickens or 6-12 bantams.

Out of the box, this coop feels incredibly lightweight and sturdy. This is because it’s constructed using blow molded plastic material which makes it sturdy and incredibly lightweight (at only 40 lbs.). For this reason, you can easily take the coop from place to place without requiring any assistance.

The coop comes in two sizes but I highly recommend you to go for larger model which holds 7-12 bantams. It features a ventilation system that you can easily adjust to allow free circulation of air inside for a healthier chicken lifestyle. It also boasts of a bottom that easily slides to give you easy access to the eggs.

Since the different parts of this chicken house are designed to snap together, assembly becomes a breeze, and you don’t need to use any tools. Keep in mind that these material are also chemical and UV resistant, assuring you of a long-lasting coop. What’s more, you can easily clean the material using soap and water.

The overall durable construction of the coop combines with the secure door locking mechanism to ensure that your flock remains safe from predators. The built-in roost bars give your chickens comfortable resting places at night. Not footing that the walls are insulated to ensure your hens feel warm and cozy in the cold climates.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large chicken coop
  • Made in the USA
  • Sturdy thermoplastic construction
  • Removable litter tray for easy cleaning
  • Large, adjustable ventilation
  • Easy, no-tool, assembly

6. Purlove Wooden House Chicken Coop


Purlove Wooden House Chicken Coop also made it to our list of top quality chicken coops on the market today. It boasts of a novel combination characterized by a combination of Auburn and white color—like the view of your courtyard!

It provides your chickens with a nesting box where your girls can comfortably lay eggs. The nesting has an easy open/close top that allows you to get easy access to the laid eggs or to deposit eggs for your hens.

Just like most of the other wooden coops out there, this mold also features a comfortable resting place for your chicken in the form of raised perch. It has a screened window to facilitate penetration of light and air. And roofing that’s entirely waterproof for shielding your birds from various weather elements.

And yes, it also comes with a pretty spacious activity area (or outdoor run, if you like) which ensures your chicken have a comfortable place for playing and exercises. Keep in mind that this area is enclosed with wire mesh to keep them safe from predators.

The included ramp allows for easy access to the resting place and nesting area from the activity area. The lockable doors ensure added security. And the removable litter tray means easy cleaning.

As with most of the previously discussed wooden houses, this coop is also designed using durable (fir wood) to make it strong and long-lasting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Size: 71” x 28.5” x 48”
  • Complimentary steel slide pole
  • Durable & mesh wire for durability
  • 100% waterproof roofing
  • Testing box and outdoor run
  • Warm sheltered resting room

7. Merax Wood House Chicken Coop

Merax  MOMO-R-HA9-7008588

Also appearing on our lineup of the best-rated chicken coops is this Merax Wood House Chicken Coop. It comes designed using high-quality fir wood (fully treated and grooved) to provide your poultry with a place they can call home for years and years.

Like most of its competition, this coop is highly multi-functional. In other words, it’s an all-in-one deluxe house that comes with a nesting box, resting place, and even a run backyard. The resting area is fully enclosed to ensure you chicken enjoy a warm, relaxed, and safe all night and day.

As you get to the nesting area, you’ll notice that it comes with a removable divider that helps you partition it into two nest areas. The play area is also large enough to allow your chicken to have fun and catch fresh air. Note that the wire cage or the run is made using galvanized wire to help keep off predators.

The entire coop features waterproof roofing that ensures no snow, sun, rain, etc., can compromise the comfort of your flock.

There are two doors—one on the first floor and the other on the second—both of which feature heavy duty locks to help keep the chicken from escaping while keeping them safe from predators.

Cleaning this hen house is probably the easiest part. Why? Because you just pull out the draw (the removable litter tray) to get rid of the dropping and clean it before taking it back.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: :80” L X 30” W X 45.6” H
  • Solid fir wood construction
  • Durable waterproof paint
  • Removable litter tray
  • Steel slide pole
  • Hinged door for security
  • Built-in window for circulation

8. JAXPETY 77" Wooden Rabbit House Hutch Chicken Coop


JAXPETY 77” is one of the best chicken coops for folks who want a good chicken house for raising 2-4 bantam chickens.

The nicely built wooden chicken house also features durable wood construction, locking doors for maximum safety of your chickens, and a nesting area where your hens can lay eggs. The nesting box can be easily opened to extract the eggs. It also comes with a run, made using heavy-duty galvanized wire, to help keep predators out and provide the chicken with a spacious play area with free air circulation.

It also provides your chickens with a sliding access door plus a ramp to enable them to easily get into the resting area when they’re done playing in the run.

The two large hinged and lockable doors (for the run and resting area) provide you with easy access when feeding the chickens or when cleaning the coop. The fact that this house has a removable bottom sliding tray makes the cleaning task even easier.

Remember that the resting area has a green asphalt composite material as roofing. This material is fully waterproof to protect water penetration into the coop as well as other weather elements.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 76.4"(L) × 29.1"(W) × 40.3"(H)
  • Locking door for chicken safety
  • Removable bottom sliding tray for easy clean
  • Waterproof roofing
  • Heavy-duty galvanized wire run
  • Hinged door for easy access
  • Sliding access door with ramp

9. ECOLINEAR Outdoor 80'' Wooden Chicken Coop


If you’re looking for the best chicken coop kit for housing up to 2 to 4 chicken, ECOLINEAR Outdoor 80'' Wooden Chicken Coop should be at the top of your list. The coop has it all in terms of style and functionality.

It comes with a pretty large inside resting which is elevated to prevent possible damaged from wet conditions. It also features a super-spacious run that gives the birds the freedom to move around and have fun without fear for the predators. The run boats of heavy-duty galvanized wire fencing for strength and durability and to allow maximum ventilation.

The hen house also presents you with a big nest house that can hold up to 2 hens at the same time.

As we’ve seen in all the other wooden coops in this list, this model also comes with a sliding door and ramp to facilitate easy entry of your poultry into the housing area. The removable bottom tray makes cleaning easy.

For the construction part, this chicken house boasts of solid, rain-resistant fir wood construction with eco-friendly painting to make it fully waterproof and corrosion-free. The green asphalt roofing shields your chicken from rainwater and harsh sun heat.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 80.7"L x 26"W x 44.5"H
  • Durable and waterproof design
  • Removable bottom sliding tray
  • Heavy-duty galvanized wire fencing for run
  • Holds up to 2-4 chickens
  • Clear manual for easy assembly

10. Pets Imperial Clarence Chicken Coop

Pets Imperial

Lastly, in our chicken coop reviews (but not the least one), we have the Pets Imperial Clarence Chicken Coop. This is also a top-quality wooden coop that I highly recommend to anyone looking for an affordable backyard house for up to 2 chickens.

Just like all the other coops that made it to this list, this one too provides a safe, secure, and comfortable space for your flock. It has a run area, nesting area, resting area, and a ramp leading the way up from the run to the raised resting room.

It’s designed using quality animal-friendly timber that’s tongue and groove treated. This enables it to serve you for years and years to come.

Unlike most of its competitors which feature a green asphalt roofing material, its roofing is made of wood. This is a plus for you since you can easily open the tip to get full access to the coop when feeding, collecting eggs or cleaning it. Not forgetting that this timber roofing is also waterproof to help shield your poultry from rain, fog, sun, and other elements.

The galvanized metal pull-out metal tray, which you can pull from the front side of the coop, further makes it easier for you to clean this poultry house. The coop comes flat packed with clear instructions on how to set it up.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 5ft (W) x 2ft 3" (D) x 3ft 1" (H)
  • Roof opens for easy coop access
  • Stunning compact design
  • Made from quality, long-lasting timber
  • Galvanized metal pull-out tray
  • Clear instructions for easy assembly

What To Look For Before Buying a Chicken Coop?

Coop size

How spacious is the coop you plan to bet your money on? This is probably the number one question you should ask yourself when looking for a chicken coop.

As we mentioned earlier, the question of space should boil down to your unique needs and requirements.

Here’s a quick reminder:

Determine the number (and breed) of the chicken you plan to raise to help you choose the right size of a coop.

A typical egg-laying hen will require around 2-3 sq. feet space inside the coop and approx. 8 ft on the run. If you’re raising larger chicken breeds, then you’ll need even more space.

Keep in mind that the amount of space in your backyard to successfully set up your coop also determines the size of a coop.

Or just follow our rule of thumb: buy the most spacious chicken coop you can afford.

Construction material

Another essential thing to consider when shopping for a chicken coop the material used in its construction.

As you have noted in our section of the top quality chicken coop reviews, the most common materials used to design chicken houses are wood, metal, and plastic.

  • Wood: it’s the most popular (and standard) material used to construct chicken coops. This is because wooden coops are incredibly strong and tend to hold up well to various weather elements. They also promote free air circulation and insulate your flock against the cold weather.
  • Metal: even though stronger than wood and plastic, metal isn’t a popular choice for many chicken owners. They fear the risk of corrosion in the metallic structure. Other reasons that make metal coops less desirable include their poor insulation and ventilation properties.
  • Plastic: despite being the least durable of these 3 materials, is gaining popularity in the coops’ world. It’s capable of handling most weather elements pretty well and doesn’t breathe like wood.

Which chicken coop should you buy? In our opinion, a coop made from quality, weatherproof timber is better than a metal or plastic one.


Just like we human beings, the chickens also love a home that’s comfortable, safe, and friendly to them.

A complete coop design should feature the following:

(i). Nest: eggs are one of the main reasons why you want to keep chickens. And you should make sure you buy a hen house with a nesting area where your hens will feel comfortable laying eggs.

(ii). Resting area: This is the main poultry house where your flock will be spending their nights. The ideal rest area should have roosts (length of wood extending from one side of the coop to the other). It should also have a window to allow light and air into the “room.” And it should have rainproof roofing.

(iii). Run: this is basically a playpen where your flock can stretch their legs and play when they wake up. The playpen should be made of rustproof wire fence for maximum ventilation. If you have extra space in your backyard where your flock can free roam, the run might not be of much use.


A great coop should come with at least half or all of the convenient features listed below…

  • Easy clean: make sure the coop you buy is easy to clean/maintain. Its doors should be large enough for easy access when cleaning. Removable litter tray is a good sign of easy to clean coop.
  • Ventilation: ventilation is crucial for the overall health of your poultry. Make sure the run area of your coop comes with wire fencing to allow free air circulation. Likewise, make sure the roosting area has a screen window for unrestricted airflow.
  • Lockable doors: the main reason why you’re buying a coop is to protect your poultry from predators, right? A coop with a lockable door ensures that no predators can easily gain access into your flock. It also prevents your birds from escaping (and probably meeting their death). Windows (if any) should be secured as well.
  • Rainproof roofing: A coop that comes with waterproof roofing protect your chooks against various weather elements, improving their comfort.
  • Easy egg collection: ensure the coop comes with an easy-access nesting area. For instance, a nesting area with a top that opens up makes it easy to collect or deposit eggs.
  • Portability: is the coop you’re planning to buy designed to be fixed to the ground or can you move it around when the need arises?

Can You Build a Chicken Coop Out Of Treated Lumber?

YES, you can make chicken coop using treated lumber.

There was a time when treated lumber was unsafe for both human and livestock.

The timber was treated using Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), which contained arsenic that posed serious health risks to both humans and animals when touched or breathed.

Good news:

Recently, a SAFE method of treating lumber has greatly reduced the risk associated with the pressure-treated lumber.

This new method involves using Micronized Copper Quaternary (MCC)—where the absence of arsenic makes it 100% non-toxic to you or your poultry.

And this affirms our answer that it’s 100% safe to use treated to build a chicken coop.


You can use a new kind of treated lumber known as Accoya wood. This beats the pressure treated lumber and is 100% sustainable, natural, non-warping, and incredibly durable.

NOTE: Even if we have said that treated lumber is safe to use, I still suggest that you read the labels before buying any treated lumber to ensure it’s safe for you and your poultry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best chicken coop size to buy?

The perfect coop size for you will depend on a list of factors such as how many chicken you plan to raise, the breed of your chicken, the available space in your backyard, and whether you intend to extend your flock in the future.

If you’re unsure about the right size of the coop to buy, I advise you to get the largest model you can afford.

2. Can I build a coop on my own? Do I need any carpentry skills to be able to make it?

Yes, it’s possible to come up with a great, durable chicken coop from scratch. And yes, you don’t need any special carpentry skills to be able to do it.

All you need is a list of the tools, instructions to follow, and you’re ready to build a coop!

Check an example of wooden chicken coop below.

3. Can chicken stay in a coop all day?

Yes, if you have a well-designed chicken coop—with the running area, nesting area, and roosting area— then you can let your chicken stay in all day long.

Remember the run offers your chickens an area where they can stretch, exercise, and play all day long. Plus it comes with a wired enclosing to ensure your chickens are safe from predators.

If your coop doesn’t have a run, however (some models don't come with a run), and you’ve sufficient space in your yard, then you can let your chicken free roam in the garden.

4. Where can I buy a chicken coop?

There are numerous places you can buy a good chicken coop, whether it’s from the online store or your local pet supplies store.

However, I’d suggest that you buy your chicken house from Amazon. Why? Because you’ll have countless options. And for each option, you’ll be able to read previous customer reviews to see how well the coop holds up and if it’ll meet your needs.

Final Verdict

I have raised chicken for years, and I can tell you that waking up to fresh eggs every single day is one of the best feelings. And taking that delicious meat from chicken raised by your own hands feels even better.

If you have decided to start raising chickens, whether it’s for meat, eggs or just pets to have around, you’ll need to provide them with a safe, secure, and comfortable house where they’ll be spending most of their time.

The ideal coop should be spacious enough to comfortably hold all your chickens. It should come with a nesting area, roost, and run area to make it poultry-friendly. Above all, it should be constructed using non-toxic and durable material that can last longer with exposure to various weather elements.

Grab one of the 10 best chicken coops we’ve outlined above and start raising your chicken the best way.

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