10 Best Cat Tree For Large Cats – Reviews and Guide 2020

Confused about the best cat tree for large cats to buy?

If yes, we tailored this to help you out.

It’s no secret that your feline friend is a natural climber and scratcher. And getting him a good cat tree will give him an excellent environment to do just that without leaving the indoors space.

However, a larger cat has more weight and will need a more robust, stable cat tree to hold him while climbing or perching up there.

We have done our own research on some good cat trees for large cats and found a bunch of them which we’ll share with you shortly.

Plus, we’ll show what to look for when shopping for the ideal cat tree for your large cat.

Let’s do this…

Does my cat need a cat tree?

As we’ve just mentioned above, it’s natural for all cats to want to climb, scratch, or even sleep in high places. A good cat tree enables your cat to do all this without necessarily going outdoors.  It offers your kitty a safe way to have fun and exercise.

If your cat is timid or frightened, getting her a cat tree is an excellent way to ensure her safety. By perching up there, the cat easily sees all her surroundings and become more aware of any approaching enemy. What’s more, it provides a better place for the timid cat to hide than under the bed or behind the furniture.

If you have a multi-cat home, a tree perch can help make your feline friends live in peace. It does this by creating a kind of hierarchy—where the dominant cat that occupies the highest perch on the tree.

Also, if you own a dog, your cat will appreciate a cat tree where they can perch to the highest point and keep away from the canine when they don’t want to be bothered.

The cat tree is also a great source of fun for your large cat by acting as a scratching post. You’ll find most trees with posts covered by sisal (cats love sisal!) or even bare wood to enhance a good scratching environment for your cat.

Above all, having your large cat run up and down a cat tree provides a good platform for daily exercise—ensuring your cat doesn’t become overweight.

10 Best Cat Tree For Large Cats:

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

This is one of the best cat trees for large cat you can get on the market today. Go Pet, the manufacturer behind this tree, is a well-known brand with a variety of quality and creative cat trees designed to meet the needs of different cat owners.

This particular cat tree comes at a fair price and has multiple posts and levels—making it a good choice for multi-cat homes.

It feels pretty stable and supports large cats weighing up to 20lbs or more. It has an overall size of 50"W x 26"L x 72"H. Without the ramp, this tree has a footprint of 28"W by 24"L. If you don’t have space, you can use the tree without ramp, without affecting its stability.

We love how solid this tree feels once it has been fully assembled. It’s made with some kind of heavy-duty cardboard which makes it feel sturdy and strong enough to withstand the weight of your cat without shaking and tipping over.

The durable cardboard is then wrapped with natural sisal rope to satisfy your kitty’s instinct to scratch. With the included step by step instruction and installation tools, putting this cat tower together is quite easy.

Did we say it comes in three different colors—beige, brown, and leopard? You can easily pick a color that matches your interior décor.

Highlighted Features:

  • Overall size: 50"W x 26"L x 72"H
  • Natural sisal covered posts
  • Up to 15 levels
  • Step by step instructions included
  • Base board size: 28"W x 24"L
  • Sturdy wood construction
  • High-quality faux fur covering material

2. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Our second spot goes to another Go Pet cat tree, which has a slightly smaller overall size than its cousin above. It has a total height of 62 inches while the previous model measures 72 inches high. The smaller size is probably the reason for its slightly reduced cost.

Like the above cat tree, this model also boasts of high-quality construction. It’s made using heavy-duty compressed wood for maximum strength and durability. It’s soo sturdy that it accommodates 2-3 of your full grown cats with them playing and wrestling—with no signs of wobbling! Not forgetting it’s covered with faux fur to ensure your large cat feels warm and cozy.

With a slightly reduced footprint of26 W by 19 L inches (minus the ramp), this unit will not occupy much space in your home. But if you’ve got plenty of space, you can always add the ramp to make the tree more convenient for your cats to use.

Keep in mind that this tree also comes with multiple scratching posts (covered with natural sisal) to offer your feline friends a dedicated scratching environment.

Other notable things that come with this cat tree include a condo, hanging toy, ladder, basket, tunnel, and top perch—all of which keep your cat active and entertained. The easy to follow instructions and tools ensure hassle-free assembly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Overall size: 38” x W/27” x L/62” H
  • Base board size: 26 W x 19 L inches
  • Made of durable compressed wood
  • High-quality faux finish
  • Multiple scratching posts
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

3. Armarkat Classic Model B5701 Cat Tree

With a maximum holding weight of up to 40lbs, this cat tree from Armarkat (an internationally recognized brand) is a top choice for your large cat.

This cat trees secret to comfortably holding too much weight lies in a great deal of stability it comes with. It has a base measuring 28 inches wide by 25 inches long, which is a recipe for wobble-free experience for your cat…even when he/she tries to jump and down the tree.

Unlike in the other trees out there, you don’t need to add any weights to this tree to make it stable; it’s just stable on its own.

We like that this cat tree comes with a number of scratching posts to help meet your cat’s fun needs. Like in other top-rated trees, this one too has its posts covered with 100% cured sisal to ensure enjoyable, long-lasting scratchability for your cat.

Assembling this attractive cat tree is also an easy task. You only need an Alan wrench, some large bolts, a washer, and a couple minutes to get the structure together. All the crucial tools and step-by-step assembly instructions are included for problem-free installation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Overall size: 28"(L)X25"(W)X57"(H)
  • Scratching posts lined with sisal
  • Condo dimensions: 15"(L)X14"(W)X12"(H)
  • Max. holding weight: 40lbs
  • Easy and fast to assemble

4. FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture | Tiger Tough Cat Tree

Furhaven Pet 97203

If you want your monster kitty to engage in stimulating activities and have unlimited fun without leaving your indoor space, this is the ideal cat tree to get them today.

It provides your feline friend with a cat-IQ busy box, two separate enclosed cat condos, dangling mouse toy, sisal wrapped posts dangling ball and spring ball cat toy—all of which encourage fun and exercise for your cat.

Other than lots that, this cat tree is made with your large cat’s weight in mind. This is evident from its large and sturdy bottom which keep the tree from wobbling as your cat engages in intense activities up and down the tree. Several columns help make the tree feel solid and secure. And since they’re covered with100% natural sisal, they promote the scratching activity—a favorite game for all cats!

All the cat shelves and houses/condos are covered with soft fabric to offer your cat a warm and cozy feel when they’re resting.

One of the headaches that pet owners go through is trying to maintain a clean cat tree. But this tree is an exception. The manufacturer made it soo easy to clean that you simply need to spot-wash it with a damp cloth and vacuum it when the need arises.

Like the previously discussed cat trees, this one too comes with all the assembly hardware and instructions included for hassle-free setup.

Highlighted Features:

  • Overall dimensions: 19.7" x 19.7" x 69.3"
  • Sisal-wrapped scratching posts
  • Cat IQ busy box
  • Multi-level platforms
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy and quick assembly

5. AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

AmazonBasics CT-114

If you’re looking for the best cat tree for large cats on a tight budget, this is your part. This cat activity tree from AmazonBasics manages to offer your pet a fun place for playing, a way to show off jumping/climbing skills, a surface for sharpening claws—all while keeping its cost at a low (it’s the most affordable structure on this list).

The cat tree comes with an incredibly stable square shaped base, made from durable MDF material. This enables it to deliver reliable stability and can comfortably accommodate more than one cat at a given time.

What’s more, it features up to 7 posts which further enhances its sturdiness and stability.

Like in all the other cat trees that made it to this list, these posts are covered with cured sisal to promote scratching training and pleasure for your large cat.

The three platforms make it possible for different cats to occupy different positions and establish dominance, enabling peaceful coexistence. At the tip of the tree, there lies a rounded platform with curved top rim for extra comfort. This top can double as a cat bed where your cat enjoys great sleeping space after playtime.

Being a simplified structure, it comes with a straightforward screw-together assembly, and you won’t spend a lot of time figuring out how to put it together.

Highlighted Features:

  • Overall size: 17.7 L x 17.7 W x 45.9 H inches
  • Triple platform indoor cat tree
  • Up to 7 scratching posts
  • Stable square shaped base
  • Simple screw-together assembly

6. Vesper Cat Furniture

Vesper 52048

If aesthetics come first in your life, you can’t resist the elegance that comes with the Vesper Cat Furniture. This cat tree comes from vesper’s V-line cat furniture which combines innovative design, kitty-friendly materials, and meticulous workmanship.

This particular furniture is rated as one of the best cat tower for large cats. It provides your fussy feline with a multi-level world. It features 2 cube caves plus one tunnel where your cat can play and rest.

The elegant yet practical cat castle has a broader base (measures25.6 x 25.6 inches) which translates to a stable, non-wobbly experience for your large cats. The fact that it’s made from durable MDF material made from New Zealand pine gives it the strength it needs to hold the weight of your full grown kitty.

It also features a large scratching mat at the top for your large cat to exercise her scratching rights and sharpen her claws. Not forgetting the two poles which are covered with sisal for additional scratching surface.

Other noteworthy features of this cat tower include removable cushions, rounded corners for eye-appealing and safe feel, dangling ball toys, and soft memory foam cushions inside the cubes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Base: 25.6 x 25.6 inches; Height: 40.8 inches
  • Elegant cat tree
  • High-quality MDF construction
  • Soft memory foam cushions
  • Two cube caves
  • Removable cushion and scratch posts

7. FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo

feandrea FBA_UPCT85G

If you’re on the market for the best cat condo for large cats, we found this FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo for you. This luxurious tree condo offers your large feline friends a cozy home where they can play, jump around, take a nap—do anything!

Stability was a top priority when designing this structure. The unit is constructed using high-grade carb-certified natural particles boards for superior durability. Then, the bottom strengthened with battens to ensure overall stability. The anti-toppling fittings help double the structure security.

You can let your huge cat, weighing well over 20lbs, to play and jump around this tree without fear of wobbling.

Another interesting thing about this unit is its all-in-one design. That is, it has a roomy condo where your large cat will comfortably fit in and plush hammock—which combine to offer your cat a luxurious sleep experience. It also comes with top perches with a raised edge to let your cat rest his head as he watches the birds outside.

Like in all the other trees featured here, this cat condo has its posts reinforced with sisal rope to offer your big kitty a nail scratching surface and promote exercise.

Highlighted Features:

  • Overall size: 23.6 x 20.9 x 59.1 in
  • Sisal-covered scratching posts
  • Roomy condo, plush hammock
  • Anti-tipping hardware
  • Toys: fur balls, play rope
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

8. Feandrea 67" Multi-Level Cat Tree

feandrea UPCT18G

If you’re looking for the best cat trees for large cat, this Feandrea 67” multi-level cat tree is a real deal. This tree is like an advanced/upgraded version of the cat condo we’ve just discussed above. It comes with the same design as its cousin above, but with extra enhancements and a slightly higher cost.

One area where the upgrade of this tree is clearly evident is the extra condo it comes with. Yes, it comes with 2 spacious condos which are pretty comfortable inside to offer your large cat a luxurious sleep environment. It also comes with up to 3 large, cuddly perches—allowing multiple cats to enjoy a comfortable view of your house.

Just like all the above unit from Feandrea, they worked on this tree’s stability to enable it to support your large cat’s weight and size.  It has the same superior durability of high-grade CARB-certified natural particle boards with reinforcement of battens at the bottom.

And oh! There are anti-toppling fittings to double the model stability. Honestly, no cat tree goes this far!

If you’re still worried about possible wobbling or tipping over, a wall anchor right at the back of the second condo (from top) lets you attach this structure to your wall for added security.

Other notable features include the sisal-wrapped posts which encourage long-lasting scratching and exercises, a ramp, up to 3 furball cat toys. Installing the cat is easy and fast with included clear, easy-follow instructions and tools.

Highlighted Features:

  • Luxurious home for cats
  • Multi-layered playhouse
  • Up to 2 roomy condos
  • Anti-toppling fittings for stability
  • Sisal covered scratching posts
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

9. FEANDREA 58” Multi-Level Cat Tree

feandrea UPCT15Z

It’s Unbelievable, right? Featuring 3 cat trees from Feandrea in a row! Honestly, we can’t help falling in love with the impressive features and good feedback that these Feandrea cat trees have enjoyed among the cat owners.

As the second last (and the last Feandrea) cat tree on our list, this unit has almost a similar luxurious design as its two brothers above. It boasts of a pretty big condo/cave where your large cat can easily sneak in, turn around, and comfortably nap. What’s more, it comes with a large hammock for napping, which feels like heaven for your large kitty.

Did we mention that this tree also comes with up to 2 perches with raised edges to give your cat unobstructed view of around your house? If you’ve more than one large cats, each can occupy the different perches and have a view of the outside.

The base of this cat tree is pretty much like what we’ve seen in its brothers above. It is large, stable, battens-reinforced, and has anti-toppling fittings to ensure maximum stability and significantly reduces the chances of toppling. The high-quality natural particle boards used to construct this tree ensures superior durability.

Needless to mention, the posts of this cat tree also come wrapped with natural sisal to facilitate nail scratching and promote exercises which will keep your cat from becoming overweight.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2 padded plush perches
  • Spacious, comfy condo
  • Deep basket lounger/hammock
  • Anti-tipping hardware
  • Reinforced base plate
  • Sturdy sisal posts
  • Furballs and play ropes for fun

10. BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo


Last, but not the cat condo for large cats, we have this BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo. This is the perfect choice for families with multiple cats looking for a reasonably priced tree condo.

The tree condo is sturdy and stable, which is why owners of large cats really love it. It features a super-solid construction, well-balanced design with a strong base. A wall anchor helps attach the tree condo to your house wall for maximum security—ensuring that multiple cats adult cats can use it without tipping over or wobbling.

This cat tower will also redefine your cat’s comfort needs. It provides your kitties with 2 nicely cushioned perches with raised edges to allow them to easily view through the window.

The 2 spacious condos with plenty of lounging room and a cozy hammock make the tree a complete paradise for your fur babies.

Don’t forget that this cat condo comes covered with quality plush material all over for added cat comfort. Since the posts of this structure are also covered with natural sisal, they’ll provide your cats with a dedicated surface for scratching, keeping them from clawing your furniture.

Up to 2 interactive jingly balls and a sisal twine help promote playability and mental stimulation in your cats. When fully assembled, the condo has a footprint of 27.6"L x 20.1"W. The included assembly hardware and clear instructions make the setup a breeze.

Highlighted Features:

  • Overall size: 27.6"L x 20.1"W x 57.1"H
  • Designed for large/full-grown kitties
  • Super-solid construction
  • Soft, comfortable plus covering
  • 2 spacious hideaways/condos
  • Sisal scratching posts
  • Cozy hammock
  • Interactive jingly balls, sisal twine

How do you pick a cat tree? Things To Look For

The perfect cat tree for your large cat should be 100% safe for him/her. It should also meet their comfort, fun, and exercise needs.

Below, we outline the KEY things to guide you into choosing a cat tree for your large, adult cat…


One of the most important things you should look for when buying a new cat tree is its durability…or the materials used to construct it.

Remember that the cat tree is going to encounter daily use and your large, heavy cat(s) will put a lot of strain to it as they sit, sleep, jump, and run around it.

This means you’ll need to invest in a stronger structure.

Most of the models we have reviewed above are made from high-grade MDF wood or compressed wood which withstands lots of abuse and lasts long.

If you’re unsure about the durability of a cat tree you’re about to buy, scan through the user reviews to see what they have to say regarding its durability.


Stability is probably the MOST important thing to focus on when looking for a good cat bed for a larger cat.

You want something that your big, heavy cat can sit on without showing any signs of wobbling or tipping over.

Look for cat trees which come with a broader base design as this helps enhance their stability. A heavier lower platform also helps lower the center of gravity of the tree, making it more stable.

Some manufacturers reinforce their trees’ base or use anti-toppling grips, which go a long way in making the structure more stable.

Other things which contribute to a stable cat tree include a flat back which sits flush to your house wall and an attachment strap that you can attach to the wall.


You heard it right! The size of the cat tree is also worth considering when shopping for a cat tree for your large cat.

The ideal cat tree is one which gives your adult kitty sufficient room to play without occupying too much space in your home.


If you don’t have a lot of space, look for a compact to the medium-sized unit.

If possible, look for a cat tower that you can fit in a corner or one which leaves.

You might also consider a cat tree which leaves sufficient room where it can fall over in case it topples.

Ease of assembly

Cat trees are usually shipped in separate pieces, which means you need to put them together on your own.

With that mind try as much as possible to look for cat trees which come with clear, easy to follow directions to help you through the setup process.

Also, look for cat trees which come with the tool required for the installation process—like an Alan wrench, bolts, washers, etc.

Remember that proper assembly of your cat tower is key to making it durable and stable for your large cat.


Just like any other cat products you have bought before, you’re going to notice that the price of cat trees varies as you move from model to model.

The cost ranges from around $30 all the way up to $600.

Make sure you come up with a budget of how much you’re willing to spend to help you narrow down your list of options which you can afford.

Ideally, you’d want a cat tree that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg but has all the basics of a cat tree and stands the test of time.

PRO TIP: Your larger cut will really appreciate if you get them a cat tree with larger platforms, larger holes in the condos for easy entry/exit, and wider stairs. If your unit comes with a hammock, make sure it can support your feline friend’s heavier weight.

PRO TIP 2: A cat tree which comes with additional features like interactive toys (mouse, rope, or hanging ball), tunnels, boxes/caves will make your large kitty playful and stay active.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What cat tree should I get for my large cat?

There are a variety of models out there and deciding which one to buy for your large cat can turn out to be a daunting task.

We suggest that you first decide how much space you have and how many cats you have at home. You should also decide on which style to buy and have a rough estimate of how much you wish to spend.

All these considerations will help you easily choose an ideal castle for your cat.

2. How do I teach my cat to love her new cat tree?

If your cat shows no interest in the cat tree after buying and placing it your house, you have nothing to worry about. It’s pretty normal for kitties to be hesitant to approach new items.

You can make your feline friend love her new home by placing it where he/she likes spending most of his/her time.

You can also try placing most of your kitty’s favorite treat and toys in/on various surfaces of the cat tree.

Placing your cat’s blanket on the new cat tree can also help scent it and draw your kitty to it.

If all that doesn’t work, consider applying a generous amount of catnip or catnip spray on your cat tree and see if it works.

3. How much space does a cat tree occupy?

Since you’re looking for a cat tree for a large cat, you should expect it to be a bit bigger than the standard models.

But this doesn’t mean you should look for cat tree which occupies half a room in your house, especially if you don’t have multiple cats in your home.

You can easily get a reliable model with a footprint of approx. 20 x 20 inch.

This is simply the size of an average chair, so it’ll not take up a lot of space in your house.

Final Verdict

Cat trees are well known to offer an all-in-one safety, fun, exercise, and comfortable space for your cat. It also helps meet your cat’s need for climbing and scratching without necessarily going outdoors.

When looking for the ideal cat tree for your large kitty, however, you should keep in mind that not all of them are suitable for cat trees. Some can wobble or even tip under the weight of your bigger cat(s).

The secret to finding the best cat tree for large cats or adults or full-grown cats is to look for a genuinely stable, solidly constructed tower. A reinforced base with anti-toppling fittings and even a wall anchor are additional things that contribute to a stable cat castle.

ALL the 10 cat towers we have outlined in this guide are exceptionally sturdy and stable and will support the heaviest cat alive.

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