Best Cat Dewormer – Reviews Of Over The Counter Wormers

A study conducted by Cornell University veterinarians found that up to 45% of cats have intestinal worms at any given time.

While mildly worm infected kitties might not show any signs, the heavily infested cats suffer from a bloated tummy, irritation around the anus, vomiting, weight loss, and even diarrhea.

That said, it goes without saying that deworming your feline friends (both kittens and adults) is a necessary ritual that helps keep their health in check.

Fortunately, deworming your cat is something you can do at home, using over the counter dewormers.

But how do you know which OTC dewormers are good for your cat?

We’ve researched the best cat dewormer for you and found up to 10 OTC products that you can use to destroy the intestinal parasites before they ruin your cat’s health.

Can I Deworm My Cat Myself?

Treating worm infection in your cat(s) is easy, and you can do it at home using over the counter dewormer for cats. But before you can do that, we highly recommend you to first take your cat to the vet for examination and recommendation on the best OTC dewormers to treat them with.

This is especially true if you have newly adopted or newborn kittens.

The vet usually takes a sample stool of your kitty (you can collect this in advance to help save time) and examines it for the presence of worms.

They might also conduct a physical examination to establish whether your cat has worms.

Once he/she detects the presence of (and type of) worms in your cat, the vet can then advise you on the right formula to use for deworming your feline friends—based on their age and the type of worms affecting them.

What’s more, the vet will advise you on the best deworming routine to follow for your cat. Remember the treatment is an ongoing process.

This is how a cat deworming routine usually looks like:

  • For kittens: roundworms are quite common in kittens, especially when you consider they’re taking their mother’s milk. For this reason, it’s crucial to start treating them at an early age (around 6weeks of age).Treat your kittens for roundworms every 2-3 weeks of age 6 weeks until they hit 8 weeks old. And then monthly until they hit 6 months of age.If your kitten has fleas, consider treating them for tapeworms.
  • For adults: for your adult kitties, treat them every month (for outdoor cats) and every 3 months (for house cats) with a formula that’s effective against both tapeworms and roundworms.NOW…let’s take a look at the 10 most effective (and safest) over the counter products you can use to treat your cut for the worms…

10 Best Cat Dewormer (OTC):

1. Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer for Cats

Opening our list of the top cat dewormer reviews is this Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer for Cats. Bayer is a trusted multinational pharmaceutical brand based in Germany. They engineered this particular formula to help effectively and safely flush tapeworms hiding in your furbaby’s body.

This tapeworm destroyer doesn’t require a prescription. This means that you can give it to your cats as soon as you notice the slightest signs of worm infection…and the best indication is the presence of FLEAS (which usually carry the tapeworms’ eggs).

Cat owners love how easy and convenient this wormer is to administer. You can choose to crumble the tablets and mix them with your cat’s favorite treats or food to make it a win-win situation for both you and your cat.

How quickly it kills those tapeworms? Believe it or not, this dewormer gives you pretty fast results. It only takes 2-3 days to get in your cat’s system and destroys those tapeworms like never before!

Don’t forget that this is a 100% safe formula. When you give the pill to your cat, it won’t have any side effects or show any changes in behavior or anything similar. This pill is simply the right gun for the tapeworms!

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for cats over 6 weeks old
  • A genuine product of Bayer
  • Available without prescription
  • Effective for tapeworms
  • Easy to administer

2. CatNDog Cat Wormers

If your cat has fleas moving all over their body, has a bloated tummy, uncontrollable diarrhea, vomiting, or any other signs for worm infection, consider giving them this CatNDog Cat Wormers tablet.

The complete package comes with up to 3 tablets. The formula is specially designed for destroying both the roundworms and tapeworms.

Administering it to your resistant feline isn’t reapply a problem. You simply crush it into powder form and mix it with his/her favorite meal or treat and trust me, he/she will happily take the meal without even noticing there’s a pill inside.

The idea is to get the pill into the body, right?

For the best results, the manufacturer recommends giving the pill to your cut based on their weight; 4.4 lbs. is 1/2 tablets, 8.8 lbs. is 1 tablets, and 9-13 lbs. is 1 1/2 tablets. How much does your cat weigh?

Once administered, the pill works as per your expectations. It works pretty fast, and you’ll not see the scary signs of worms in your cats in a matter of days.

And similar to our Bayer above, this formula is also SAFE for your meow. It causes no side effects or change of behavior in your cats.

Highlighted Features:

  • Round & tapeworm formula
  • Comes in form of tablets
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • A pack of 3 tablets

3. Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer

Here comes another popular otc cat dewormer from Bayer! Unlike the previous Bayer, this is an all wormer formula that destroys roundworms, tapeworms, and even hookworms. For this reason, we highly recommend it to rescue groups with a BIG number of cats to deworm.

This dewormer is costly, but it’s worth every cent! It’s simply the same stuff that your vet recommends. When you notice any signs of worm infection in your feline friends, you just need to administer this formula, and you’ll notice changes within 24 hours.

Bayer recommends giving one tablet per 4-8lbs cat body weight for safe and effective administering. Keep in mind that the tablets come scored to facilitate easy breakage. You can choose to crush the dewormer with some cat’s wet food to trick your cat into taking it.

Unfortunately, this formula can’t be administered to meows below one month of age and with a body weight of less than 1.5 pounds.

The complete packages come with up to 50 pills, which is another good reason we recommend it to folks with multiple cats or rescue groups. The plastic package comes with a seal around it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made for tapeworms, roundworms & hookworms
  • Ideal for cats over 1month age
  • Give 1 tablet per 4-8lbs
  • Package contains 50 tablets

4. Excel Roundworm Liquid Cat De-Wormer

Excel 308345

If roundworms have taken the better of part of your feline friend, get this highly affordable Excel Roundworm Liquid Cat De-Wormer today and stop these notorious parasites from ruining your pet’s health.

Available in liquid form, this dewormer has key ingredients as Piperazine Citrate. As you’ll agree with me, this is the typical ingredients a vet will use to treat tapeworms in cats...and then slap you with an exaggerated bill.

Though the manufacturer states that it tastes great for cats, most pet owners could easily judge that it has a horrible taste based on their cat’s behavior when given the formula. Nevertheless, the trick of mixing it with cat’s food will help you easily give it to your pet.

Count to 2 days from the time of administering this dewormer and the roundworms will be gone. Your kitty will be up again—all playful and healthier than before.

One more thing worth a mention; you already know that you should keep cat dewormers, and generally all types of medications, out of your child’s reach. But if your child still manages to reach out for this dewormer, they can’t get access to its contents, thanks to the special child-resistant cap it comes with. Peace of mind, at last!

Highlighted Features:

  • 4fl oz bottle
  • Liquid dewormer
  • Effective against roundworms
  • Child resistant cap

5. Durvet WormEze Liquid Canine & Feline Antihelmintic

Durvet 001-0545

For the homeowners who with a variety of pets (cats and dogs), Durvet WormEze Liquid Antihelmintic is the perfect otc cat dewormer for you. It comes formulated to drive the large roundworms out of your canine and feline friends body at a fair price.

Like the previous dewormer, this one too comes in liquid form, in an 8oz package.

A product of the reputable Durvet, a US-based brand, this anthelmintic is sure to kick the large roundworm out of your pets’ bodies and make them regain their glorious body and health. Just like in the other liquid roundworm formulas, it comes formulated with piperazine—the critical ingredient for controlling roundworms.

Unlike most of the other formulas, this one comes flavored to make it easily palatable for your cat or dog. This translates to a smooth administering process. If you have problems with your pet taking the dose, however, consider mixing it with their food or water.

Remember that this wormer is ONLY meant for puppies and kitties over 6 weeks of age. For the best results, the owner suggests that you repeat the treatment 10 days after the 1st treatment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for roundworms
  • Comes in liquid form
  • Highly palatable
  • Packed in an 8oz bottle
  • Safe for cats over 6 weeks of age
  • Can also be given to dogs

6. Pro-Sense Liquid Dewormer Solutions For Cats

ProSense  P-87052

If money is an issue, this is the best over the counter cat dewormer we found for you. As inexpensive as it is, this wormer works wonders when it comes to the treatment and control of roundworms in kitty’s over 6 weeks old.

And yes, you guessed it right…the key ingredient here is piperazine citrate which is well known for effectively treating roundworms in cats.

Your kit will start throwing out those large roundworms within hours after ingestion. And it’ll be completely worm-free in about 24 hours.

Just like a few of the formulas we’ve previously discussed, this one is also weight-based—where Pro-Sense recommends giving ¼ teaspoonful per 2.5lbs bodyweight. The dosing spoon is included in the box for easy administering.

If you want to, you can mix the dosage with your cat’s food or milk to make it even easier for them to take. This is especially helpful if you’re feeding a stray cat without catching them.

Highlighted Features:

  • For cats over 6 weeks old
  • Ideal for roundworms
  • Easy to administer liquid dewormer
  • Dosage: 1/4tsp per 2.5lbs body weight
  • Comes in 4 fl oz package

7. HomeoPet WRM Clear

 HomeoPet 4730

If you want value for money, HomeoPet WRM Clear is a great choice. The 100% natural, non-toxic formula provides you up to 90 doses per each package at a fair price—giving you the real bang for your buck.

This wormer comes dedicated to flushing out all the known worms in your cat’s body. These include the roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms.

Instead of killing the worms inside your pet’s body, this formula gently creates an inhabitable environment for the worms in your cat’s body. This leaves the parasites with only one option—to harmlessly move out of the pet’s body. With this in mind, we suggest that you clean your cat’s litter box more frequently, with gloves on, to prevent possible contamination of humans in the house.

The product takes up to 2 weeks to hit its maximum potential in the cat’s body. During this period, you might see worms in the cat’s stool, which is a good indication that the formula is actually working.

Administering the dosage is the easiest part, no doubt! You simply add a few drops of the wormer to your cat’s drinking water and leave it to do the rest. The formal is safe for pregnant and lactating female cats too.

Highlighted Features:

  • Roundworm/hookworm/whipworm/tapeworm formula
  • Non-toxic wormer; 100% natural
  • Ideal for pregnant & lactating females
  • Liquid homeopathic formula
  • Easy to dose

8. Naturpet Dewormer for Dogs and Cats


We found Naturpet Dewormer for Dogs and Cats as another great product for pet owners who crave for excellent value for their money. Despite its fair price, this dewormer comes in a 100 ML/ 3.3 FL OZ which contains enough formula for 2-7 treatments.

As you can tell from its name, the dewormer is designed for both dog and cats. This further makes it a good deal for pet owners who want to deworm both types of pets without buying separate products.

This formula is composed of 100% natural ingredient, making it non-toxic and safer for your pets. Like all the other OTC wormers listed here, it does an excellent job at killing worms (tapeworm, roundworm, giardia, pinworm, ringworm, hookworm) and flushing them out of your pets’ body.

Not only that, it goes a step further to soothe and heal your cat’s/dogs’ digestive tract where the worms have been residing and damaging. It also aids in the pet’s digestion.

Giving this dewormer to your pet isn’t the hardest job on the planet. You just add it to your pet’s food or water or just put it directly to their mouth…whichever method works for you. This dewormer works in a week or so. Presence of worms in the kitty’s or pooch’s feces is a sign of the product working.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% natural; a blend of herbs
  • Mad for cats and dogs dewormer
  • Easy to administer
  • Excellent value for money
  • Soothes & heals the digestive tract

9. Hartz UltraGuard Rid Worm Liquid for Cats

Hartz 3270014108

The second last spot on our best over the counter cat dewormer reviews goes to this Hartz UltraGuard Rid Worm Liquid for Cats.

This is the ideal dewormer syrup for you if your cat starts showing signs of roundworms infection—especially if they like hunting outside. It’s also great for folks who have adopted a stray kitty.

The reasonably priced cat dewormer is extremely easy to administer. For the best results, the manufacturers recommend giving 5ml teaspoon per 5lbs bodyweight.

You can drop the syrup directly to your cat’s mouth or mix it into their favorite food to make them eat.

Repeat the first treatment 14 days (2 weeks) later. And if you notice any re-infestation sign, repeat the treatment in another 14 days.

Keep in mind that this wormer is ONLY recommended for kittens and cats that are over 8 weeks old.

Highlighted Features:

  • Formulated for roundworms
  • Ideal for kittens over 8 weeks old
  • Easy to use syrup
  • Comes in 4fl oz package

10. Pro-Sense Roundworm Liquid De-Wormer

United Pet Group M1717B-002

Closing our list of the most effective, safest cat dewormer reviews is the Pro-Sense Roundworm Liquid De-Wormer. It comes specially formulated to treat large roundworms in your feline friend and help them regain their health.

Available in liquid form, this dewormer contains Piperazine as the key ingredient. This is the KEY ingredient it uses to eliminate the notorious roundworms that might be making your cat have a pot belly or diarrhea and vomit uncontrollably.

Just like all the other wormers featured in this list, giving this syrup to your pet is easy and hassle-free.

It comes flavored so you can put it directly to your pet’s mouth. Alternatively, you can mix it with your cat’s food, milk, etc., and feed it to them. Either way, it enters the body and destroys the roundworms!

This dewormer syrup should only be given to kittens that are 6 weeks old and above.

Highlighted Features:

  • Removes large roundworms
  • Liquid cat dewormer
  • Flavored formula
  • For kittens ages 6plus weeks
  • Size: 4fl oz package

Over the Counter Cat Dewormer Buying Guide

When looking for the best otc cat dewormer to use to treat your cat, you should be highly cautious what product you choose.

Ideally, you should get a safe and effective formula which works according to your expectations.

Having your cat’s age in mind, and the type of worm infesting them is crucial in choosing the right dewormer for them.

Here’s what to look for in an OTC cat dewormer:

  • Type of worm infesting your cat: as you’ve seen in our just concluded list of dewormers above, different products come formulated to treat different worms. A few are engineered to treat all worms. Knowing what kind of parasitic works are infesting your cat is crucial in choosing the right formula for them.
  • TIP: Consult your vet before buying an otc to understand the kind of worms you’ll be looking for a treatment for.
  • Effectiveness: you should also make sure you’re buying a product that actually works. Just like any other field, the cat deworming world has products that work and those that just don’t work. You might consider asking your vet for recommendations. Our list of the 10 top dewormers above will also provide you with highly effective cat dewormers.
  • Ease of administration: your cat might not be willing to take that deworming pill or syrup. Luckily, some manufacturers have a come with a way of tricking your cat into taking the medication by flavoring it and making it palatable to them.You can also apply the trick of mixing the syrup with your cat’s favorite meal or treat to make them take it without any resistance.
  • Safety is crucial: ensure the dewormer you purchase is ideal for your kitty’s age and body weight (the manufacturers usually indicate this vital info). If you prefer natural products, you can look for all-natural cat deworms which are readily available. Some dewormers might be unsafe for lactating and pregnant cats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is cat dewormer and how does it work?

A cat dewormer is usually an oral formulation used for the treatment and control of intestinal worms in your cat—including roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms.

These medications work by either dissolving the worms or making the living conditions inside their host (your cat) inhabitable, causing them to move out with the cat’s stool.

Keep in mind that these formulas don’t permanently stop worm infestation, hence the need for routine cat deworming.

2. Can cat worms pose a risk to human beings?

Absolutely! Coming into contact with the cat’s fecal matter or just the contaminated soil can result in human ingestion and infection.

This is why it’s highly advisable that you clean your litter box every day and wear gloves when doing so to avoid possible contamination.

While still on it, ensure that your children do not play near where your cat passes their feces.

Also, make a habit of covering your child’s sand pit when not in use to prevent your cat from using them and increasing the contamination risk.

3. How can I tell if my cat is infested with worms?

The tell-tale signs for a cat with worm infestation (may differ depending on the type of worm) include:

  • Bloating abdomen
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Blood in stool
  • Worms in stool
  • Coughing
  • Constipation
  • Weight loss

If you notice any of these signs in your feline friend, it’s advisable to pay your vet visit. He/she’ll carry out the necessary tests to confirm if your cat has worms infestation (and the type of worms affecting them).

4. When should I start deworming my kittens?

Your newly adopted or newborn kittens MUST be dewormed, whether they show any signs of worm infestation or not.

The safe age of deworming your kittens is around 6 weeks of age. You can do it every 2 weeks from the age of 6 weeks all the way up to 3 months of age.

After that, you can start deworming them monthly until they hit 6 months of age.

Final Verdict

Deworming your kitty is a key ritual that helps keep their health in check while preventing you and other family members from possible contaminations.

Deworming is also simple and you can do it at the comfort of your home; you just need to ensure you use the right products (safe and effective) and follow a regular deworming program.

Visiting your vet before you administer any deworming formula to your feline friend is crucial to help you determine the right deworming product to treat your cats with, based on their age and the type of worms infecting them.

A professional vet will also recommend a good deworming routine for your cat.

Get the best cat dewormer today from our list of the top 10 OTC (over the counter) formulas above and keep your cat(s) and your family safe.

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