10 Best Cat Collar – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

The cat collar is more than just a pretty necklace. It lends a unique sense of identification, making it easier to find your pet in case it wonders outside. It tells people that your cat in not a stray, but an actual pet with a loving home. Both outdoor and indoor cats need a collar.

In addition to identification, modern collars offer a variety of beneficial features. Such include reflective accents for traffic safety, glow-in-the dark capabilities, and breakaway buckles. If you are fashion-conscious, the world of styles and colors as well as coordinating pieces will appeal to you.

The obvious benefits offered by cat collars don’t make it any easier to make a choice. There are thousands of offerings on the market, all with varying features and styles. This post identifies the best cat collards and breakdown the features to find out if they are worth the hype. As a bonus, we provide a few tips on how to choose the right cat collar.

Do Cats Like Wearing Collars?

It really depends on the cat. Some cats love collars and view them more a piece of jewelry and in a way, they are. On the other hand, collars can prove a nuisance for your cat. This is particularly true if the collar has large attachments and the bell is too loud. Cats are indoor creatures that love a serene environment, and having a bell that jingles every time they move irritates them. This is made obvious by signs such as gnawing at the collar.

Your cat’s behavior will tell you a lot when attempting to introduce them to a new collar. Is it trying to bite off the collar? How easily does the cat break free? Does the collar have frayed threads that get stuck between the teeth? These are just a few of the things that’ll tell you if your cat likes its collar.

Our Best Cat Collar Picks

1. Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

If you are looking for something to fight pest infestation, the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats is a good contender. It is recommended by veterinarians from around the world and understandably so.

A single collar can provide up to 8 months of protection from fleas and ticks. This eliminates the need for monthly treatments. It is water-resistant, odorless and non-greasy.

Perhaps the best thing about this collar is that unlike other collars that kill fleas and ticks through biting, this one only needs contact. It doesn’t require a pill or liquid to apply.

Also featured is a release mechanism that allows the cat to widen the collar. This comes handy in case your cat is trapped as it allows quick release.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sustained release technology
  • Kills through contact
  • Up to 8 months of tick and flea protection
  • Ratchet release mechanism
  • Pre-determined break-point for easy application
  • Non-greasy, odorless & water-release

2. GoTags Personalized Breakaway Cat Collars

The Personalized Breakaway Cat Collars by GoTags come in bright colors. As the name suggests, they can be customized with your phone number and cat’s name. They are a great option for cats that hate dangling tags. These embroidered collars offer lightweight convenience and integrate large easily-readable text.

They offer plenty of room for adjustment, and can be expanded from 8” to 12”. This makes them an appropriate choice for small and large cats. There are five colors and 15 embroidery thread colors to choose from, hence a great option for fashion conscious pet parents.

Go Tags made the Personalized Breakaway Cat Collars with durability and comfort in mind. The nylon webbing boasts smooth tapered edges that ensure a comfortable fit, even when worn for extended periods of time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cat collar with bell
  • Safety release buckle
  • Personalized with cat name and phone number
  • 5 colors and 15 embroidery thread colors
  • Nylon collar with smooth tapered edges
  • Adjustable from 8” to 12”

3. Bemix Pets Reflective Cat Collar

Sold as a six pack, the Bemix Pets Reflective Cat Collar is designed to provide optimal safety for your feline. It offers great value and is made to last a long time. The breakaway buckle offers an added layer of safety in case your cat is trapped. A bell is incorporated, making it easier to locate your cat.

The collar is made using nylon and has a smooth tapered edge for a comfortable fit. It has different colors and is reflective for visibility. You can use it for either cats or dogs thanks to their incredible adjustability. The collar can be adjusted to 7-11 inches, hence ideal for small and big cats. It is backed by Bemix Lifetime Guarantee.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable range of 7-11 inches
  • Reflective collar for easy visibility
  • Available as a six pack
  • Multiple color choices
  • Durable build with nylon
  • Integrated bells and comfortable fit

4. FlowerTown Cat Collar


If you are looking for customizable and stylish cat collar, the FlowerTown Cat Collar should make the shortlist. It is also secure and incredibly comfortable to wear. This is one of the most affordable collars on the market. You can have it customized with your phone number and cat’s name in embroidery.

There is a breakaway clasp that allows your cat to break free in case of an emergency. A stainless steel D-ring makes adjustment easier. The quick release buckle also helps with adjustments. If your cat has a tendency to wander at night, you’ll appreciate the reflective surface of this collar.

The embroidery is stitched through the collar, thus guaranteeing lasting reliability. You can choose from 6 collar and 12 embroidery thread colors. FlowerTown makes this collar with durability and comfort in mind. The nylon webbing has smooth tapered edges for a comfortable fit. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Personalized with cat name and phone number
  • 6 collar and 12 embroidery thread color options
  • Embroidery stitched through collar for lasting reliability
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel D-ring
  • Highly reflective surface
  • Nylon webbing has smooth tapered edges

5. Intimate Lover Bell Chocker Collar Necklace

Intimate Lover

Available in more than 40 colors, the Intimate Lover Bell Chocker Collar Necklace is made to last a long time with PU leather. It is incredibly sturdy and doesn’t pose any harm to your pet. It has a total length of 19.5 inches and can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

This is a great collar choice for the fashion conscious pet owners. It also comes handy as a gift for Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Engagement, Graduation and other celebrations. The collar attaches to a leash with a gentle pull thanks to the D-ring. It can withstand rigorous pulling as well. The attached bell jingles, making it easy to locate your cat.

Highlighted Features:

  • Splendid kitty collars for cosplay
  • Integrated bell for easier cat location
  • Backed by 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Total length of 19.5 inches and o.75” width
  • 100% adjustable for comfortable fit
  • Durable build with PU leather

6. Paccomfet FunPet 6 Pcs Breakaway Cat Collars


The Paccomfet FunPet Breakaway Cat Collars are sold as a pack of 6 in different colors. They are affordable, comfortable and incredibly durable. They are made to lasting using strong nylon. Smooth tapered edges ensure a comfortable fit.

The reflective strip makes it easy to locate your cat at night and motorists to see it, thus improving their safety.

These collars have a breakaway clasp that promises safety in case of an emergency. It allows your cat to break free when stuck onto something. A D-ring for attaching a leash or ID tag is incorporated into the design.

Each collar has a bell that alerts birds or rabbits of an impending attack. The collars have a snap buckle that allows you to adjust from 8” to 11” for a comfortable fit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in a 6-pack
  • High quality nylon collars in different colors
  • Reflective strip for visibility at night
  • Breakaway buckle for added safety
  • Adjustable from 8” to 11” for comfort

7. Kzhareen Reflective Nylon Breakaway Cat Collars


If you have more than just a few cats, the Kzhareen Reflective Breakaway Cat Collars will prove a great purchase. They are sold in a pack of twelve collars, in six colors to match different occasions. These include yellow, pink, red, green, blue and black.

The collars are incredibly comfortable thanks to smooth tapered edges. They offer lasting reliability due to durable construction with nylon.

Another notable feature is the breakaway clasp, which allows for quick release when your cat finds itself in sticky situations. The collars can be adjusted from 8” to 12” for a comfortable fit, and are 3/8 inches wide.

They are made from strong nylon to ensure long-term reliability. A breakaway clasp is incorporated, guaranteeing that your cat can break free in the event of an emergency. The safety release buckle allows for easy donning and doffing. Ringing bells are attached to let you know where your pet is at all times.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sold as set of 12 collars in 6 colors
  • Breakaway buckle
  • Ringing bells for locating your cat
  • Safety release buckle for taking collar on and off
  • Reflective strip for visibility at night
  • Made from high quality nylon

8. Ermgy Flea Tick Collar for Cats


The Ermgy Flea Tick Collar for Cats is a great choice for treating ticks, especially since it is non-toxic. The treatment is made from 100% natural ingredients including cinnamon oil, citronella oil, eucalyptus oil and more.

It is quite effective for protecting against hairball formation and skin allergies. The collar is designed to provide up to 8 months of consistent tick and flea treatment.

It is adjustable and as such, can be used for cats of varying sizes. You can also cut off the excess length of collar is too long.

The collar is non-greasy, odorless and water resistant, thus ideal for playing in water. It doesn’t cause irritation, or allergic reactions. In addition to fleas, it also protects against lice, mosquitoes, larvae and ticks. It is backed by a refund lifetime guarantee as an assurance of quality.

Highlighted Features:

  • Up of 8 months of consistent protection
  • Treatment made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Non-greasy, odorless and water-resistant
  • Can be used for cats of different sizes
  • Excess length can be cut off
  • Protects against pests, hairball formation and skin allergies

9. Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

Bayer 80000-2

As the name suggests, this cat collar is specially designed for treating flea and tick infestation. It offers up to eight months of consistent protection from fleas and ticks. They are designed with the patented Sustained Release Technology, which allows for consistent release of treatment for 8 months.

The collar is non-greasy, odorless and water resistant. The treatment itself is a mixture of flumethrin and imidacloprid. And while the active ingredients wear off with time, the Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea & Tick Collar does a great job of replenishing the hair coat and skin. Rather than biting, this collar only needs to be in contact with fleas and ticks to dispense treatment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Prevent tick infestation within 48 hours of application
  • Treatment is mixture of flumethrin and imidacloprid
  • Offers consistent treatment for 8 months
  • Sustained release technology for consistent release of treatment
  • Good for hair coat and skin
  • Treats through contact with active ingredients

10. TCBoy Breakaway Cat Collar


Concluding our list is the TCBoy Breakaway Cat Collar, which sold in a pack of six. You can easily adjust the collar from 7” to 12” to ensure a comfortable fit for your cat. The collars are 3/8 inches wide, and feature a reflective strip for better visibility at night. They come in multiple colors to suit varying style needs.

A strong breakaway buckle is incorporated for easy donning and doffing. It also makes it possible for your cat to break free when in sticky situations. The adjustable strap is made from durable and skin friendly nylon fabric.

The vibrant colors make it easier to find your cat in the dark. TCBoy backs this product with a 100% money back guarantee and integrates a bell for easily locating your cat. The D-ring comes handy when attaching an ID tag.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sold as a set of 6
  • Snap buckle for adjustability
  • High quality construction with nylon
  • Reflective strip and bright colors for visibility at night
  • Adjustable collar from 7” to 12”
  • Breakaway safety release buckle

What Makes a Good Cat Collar?

The ideal cat collar is safe, stylish and makes it easy to identify your cat when it wonders far from home.

That said, here are the KEY features to look for when shopping for a cat collar:

Breakaway buckles

Cats are naturally curious, and this makes them prone to getting into sticky situations. Should the collar get caught onto something, your cat should be able to open the collar and escape. Non-breakaway collars increase the risk of strangling and chocking.

It is important to note that some breakaway buckles snap open too easily, and this leads to loss of collars. High quality breakaway collars break off only when necessary. A great alternative to breakaway buckles is elastic. It stretches to create room for your cat to escape safely in case of an emergency.

The only downside is that elastic is not nearly as safe as a breakaway collar. This is because there’s still a considerable risk of twisting and tightening. Elastic sometimes gets stuck on the jaw.

Consider a collar that combines elastic with a breakaway buckle or hook and loop closure. They are safe for pets.

Collars with bells


These were traditionally used to scare away birds and prevent cats from getting a hold of them.  Today, the bells act as a warning system when you cat is up to some mischief. Collars with bells are a great option for those who want to keep their gardens populated by birds without being killed by your feline.

Identification tags

A good cat collar should have an identification tag. Some collars have D-rings for attaching an ID tag while others allow for custom embroidery. With the latter, you can have your cat’s name and phone number embroidered in the color of your choice. Most cats don’t like hanging metal ID tags as they are heavy and noisy. Embroidered collars are the universally accepted choice.

Quality and durability

Unless you are okay with replacing the cat collar every few months, quality should be at the top of things to consider.  Collars made from high quality materials such as leather and nylon webbing will serve you for a long time. Other materials used by manufacturers include polyester and cotton. Some cats are allergic to synthetic fibers and would be better off with natural fibers.

Safety hazards

A top priority for pet parents is the safety of their cats. The primary reason for getting a cat collar is safety, but the collar itself can prove harmful to your pet. Look for safety features like breakaway clasp or reflective strip. A stretchy collar may also come handy in sticky situations.


The sky is the limit when it comes to collar styles. Most models are available in a variety of patterns and colors, which is great for customization. Regardless of your style preferences, you can be sure that there is a collar that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Some models combine functionality with style. Functional collars are simple and often incorporate a bell and ID tag. They come in multipacks and are more affordable. Some have a reflective strip for visibility in the dark.

If you are a fashion conscious pet owner, collars that allow for embroidery customization will appeal to you. These come in many colors, patterns and sizes, and are a great option for dressing up your cat.


Reflective or glow in the dark collars make it easy to locate your cat in low-light conditions. You’ll be able to find your cat if it gets in a dark space or wanders to the yard. Reflective collars also make it easier for motorists to spot your cat.

Adjustability and fit

You should measure your cat’s neck before starting your search. Comfort is incredibly important, especially since your pet will be wearing the collar for extended periods of time. We recommend adjustable collars since they are neither too tight nor too loose. If adjustability is not an option, check to see if two of your fingers fit snugly between the cat and collar.


If the collar is too heavy, your cat will certainly feel some discomfort. Signs to look for include skin irritation, attempts to scratch and/or remove collar and frequent vocalization. Collar weight has a huge impact on the comfort of a feline, especially when young. A lightweight cat collar is your best bet for ensuring long-term comfort.

Cat behavior

This plays a huge role in the kind of collar you purchase for your cat. For instance, if your cat likes wandering off in the night, a reflective collar ensures he can be seen by motorists in the dark. Cats with a medical condition require regular medication, and this is something that should be indicated on their collars. Extremely quiet cats need collars with a bell. This makes them easy to spot in the dark. A breakaway function comes handy for extremely exploratory cats that are always getting stuck.

Are Cat Collars Safe?

Most pet owners assume that putting a collar on their cat makes them responsible. After all, it tells people that your cat is not a stray. But are cat collars safe? And if so, just how safe are they? Not all cat collars are safe. There have been cases of legs getting stuck in collars and frayed threads jammed between the teeth. Poorly fitting collars have been known to cut into necks and armpits, causing wounds.

The good news is that there are several measures you can take to ensure your cat’s safety. Some are highlighted below.

  • Always ensure that your cat’s collar is fitted properly. You should be able to fit 2-3 fingers between the neck and the collar. You don’t want the collar to be too tight or loose as this could lead to injuries.
  • Regular collar checks are a must, especially if you have a kitten. With a growing cat, there is always a risk of the collar becoming too tight. Performing regular checks makes it easier to know when the collar is becoming uncomfortable and needs to be loosened.
  • A quick release collar is an absolute necessity, especially if you have an adventurous cat. It makes it easy for cats to break free if trapped, thus lowering the risk of injuries. Consider purchasing something that can withstand moderate force.
  • Stuff like bells and tags attached to your cat’s collar may make identification easier, but they can also prove a safety hazard. Claws can get caught in D-rings. Always check the size of the attachments and ensure the groove of the attachment ring is wide enough to accommodate your cat’s claws.
  • Avoid purchasing poor quality collars made from materials that fray easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do cat collars do?

They offer a way for people to identify your cat and return him home. They also make medical issues obvious. Attaching a medical tag to the collar can prove instrumental in saving your cat’s life. A collar tells people that your cat is not a stray, something a microchip doesn’t always achieve.

2. Can bells on collars prevent cats from catching birds?

Yes, and no. The bell on your cat’s collar jingles as they walk and the noise may be enough to protect the bird population.

However, cats are incredibly intelligent animals and can easily prevent the bell from making noise when stalking prey.

While advantageous, bells can become choking hazards. They are a great collar feature, but not always essential.

3. What should I avoid when shopping for a cat collar?

Cat collars made from cheap and poor quality materials will fall apart easily and need to be replaced soon.

You should also avoid anything overly large and noisy bells. These are incredibly annoying, for both you and your pet.

4. Is a microchip important?

Microchips contain information that links you to the cat and inserted subcutaneously. They are incredibly useful for finding a lost pet but that doesn’t make them essential.

A cat collar with an ID tag is effective for keeping your feline safe. It offers a voice and prevents your cat from getting lost.

Final Verdict

Whether you cat indoor or outdoor, it could certainly benefit from a collar. It offers a sense of identity and makes medical conditions obvious.

The market offers hundreds of collars to choose from, making it difficult to find the right one for your cat. This post offers a comprehensive guide on features to look for when shopping for a cat collar.

The most important thing is to ensure safety and comfort. If you are shopping for the best kitten collar, it’s best to choose one that is adjustable. It guarantees comfort and safety as the cat gets older.

We have also listed the best cat collars on the market for every cat owner. Whether you prefer Velcro cat collars or stretchy cat collars, there is something for everyone.

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