10 Best Bedding for Guinea Pig Odor Control For 2020

Looking for some adorable new add-ons to place in your Guinea Pig cage?

Why not get the little guy a cute bedding?

Yes, you heard that right; a bed which is specially designed for the little ones.

There are tons of options in the market to choose from as your guinea pig’s bedding. But don’t worry, this article will guide you through all the confusion to deal with.

After reading this piece whole, you will be a pro at choosing the best bedding for guinea pigs.

It also does not retain much dust, consequently ensuring the robust health of your small buddy. And last but not least, it is super comfy.

Guinea Pig Bedding Options

There are numerous types available in the market which might confuse you when you are on the lookout for the most suitable odor control bedding options.

So, while searching for the right guinea pig bedding, you need to lookforeither the paper-based one, the aspen bedding or the fleece bedding.

Paper-Based Bedding

The paper-based bedding is, yes you guessed it right, made of paper.  If you are looking for a stink-free option, look no further. This type is the ultimate bedding for odor control. Moreover, it is soft and absorbent. Thus, the comfort of your little buddy is ensured.

However, different brands offer different kinds of paper bedding, so you need to keep the following factors in mind while making the final choice:

Fleece Bedding

Another type of good bedding option available in the market is the fleece bedding. It is best for use if the cage of your pet is homemade or made of cubes and coroplast. While opting for this option, make sure that the fleece has a good underlayer that can absorb the urine and its odor well.

There are multiple pros of this type of bedding. It is very cheap and if underappropriately layered, can prove to be a great absorbent. It is reusable as well. But one difficulty while using this is its maintenance which means the bedding frequently needs to be dried and cleaned.

Aspen Bedding

The final type is the aspen bedding, and it is often recommended by vets. The reason for this is its exceptional ability to resist dust and its non-aromatic feature.

One downside is the bedding's low absorption ability, which means you will have to expend a greater effort in cleaning it and the cleaning needs to be done more frequently.

Best Guinea Pig Bedding Reviews:

Your first trip to the market to buy a bedding for your pet can be quite dreadful given your inexperience. That is why; to save youthe trouble, we have compiled our very own list of the best beddingfor guinea pig odor control. Here’s the list of our top picks:

1. Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

This product is made of organic and natural wood fibers that are sustainable and long-lasting. Moreover, it is biodegradable which not only ensures the safety of your pet but also the well-being of the planet as well.

The best thing about the ‘Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding’ is its ability to absorb odors. It is two times more effective than the other similar products in the market and can remain fresh for ten days straight without any cleaning. 


  • Texture is soft and comfortable for your pet
  • Can control odor for 10 days
  • Biodegradable nature ensures eco-friendliness
  • Highly Sustainable, resulting in less frequent changes made in bedding arrangement
  • Great ability to resist dust
  • Extremely absorbent, providing no wetness due to urine
  • Can be cleaned very easily


  • Lack of consistency in texture
  • Sometimes, the materials of the bed can give off a vinegar-like smell

2. Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal Bedding

Our next pick is the Kaytee Clean and Cosy White Small Animal Bedding. The name itself gives off a hint about what it is made of. Yes, white paper. Its size can be changed according to necessity due to its expandable feature. It also ensures your pet's well-being given its ability to resist dust.

But the most important feature you must be looking for is the odor control capability. Well, worry not, because it can absorb 20 percent more liquid than its other competitors.

Moreover, the product comes with a pleasant scent of lavender that helps to eliminate any bad odor. One thing I loved about it is that the product is made of entirely chemical-free materials. This reduces the risk of hazardous accidents in case the pet nibbles on it.


  • Can expand 3 times in volume
  • Absolutely sludge free
  • Dust resistance is high
  • Can control odor 20% better than the other products
  • Absorption capability is high
  • Eco-friendly
  • White color makes cleaning off any unwanted spots easier


  • May have a strong odor of paper
  • If not cleaned regularly, the cage will look messy due to its white color

3. GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0

If you are tired of paper and wood beddings, and looking for something more like a mattress for your guinea pig then look no further. The ‘GuineaDad fleece liner’ comes with thick padding sewn in between the fleece liners which makes it super comfortable and cozy.

And the comfort comes at a relatively lower price compared to its alternatives in the market.

Despite its relative cheapness, the fleece liner needs to be cleaned more frequently. But as it is made of antibacterial fleece, there is nothing to worry about if you see your pet nibbling on it.

And since it is made of cloth, it is completely dust-free keeping your rodent free from allergies. The product is easily disposable as well which ensures its eco-friendliness.


  • Made of fleece which is readily disposable
  • Prevents allergies due to dust
  • Absorbs urine quite well
  • Antibacterial
  • Keeps pets safe from common diseases and infections
  • Bamboo makes it environment-friendly
  • Has a waterproof bottom


  • Frequent cleaning required
  • For cleaning purposes, special pet-friendly detergents need to be used not to damage the material

4. Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

Healthy Pet L0127

This pick is the best for absorbing ammonia, produced from urine. Due to the materials which it is made up of, it can absorb up to 3 times the liquids compared to its weight be it the pet’s discharge, urine or water leaks. Thus, the bed remains dry and damp free, creating a cozy surface for your pet to sleep on.

Another excellent feature of this bedding is its ability to resist dust. This ensures zero respiratory problems for your pet. Wood pulp is used in making it which is biodegradable. The bed can also expand two times of its size providing adequate space for your adorable friend to play on.


  • Very easy to clean
  • Needs to be cleaned less frequently due to dust free nature
  • Can be expanded up to 2 times its size
  • Absorbs urine well
  • Made of biodegradable wood pulp
  • Environmental friendly
  • No trouble sleeping on it due to its level of coziness


  • Might become sticky if it absorbs too much urine
  • More pricey than its alternatives

5. Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding

by Vitakraft 34754

If you are a lazy owner and looking for the product that requires the least cleaning, Vitakraft Crumble Bedding is your best option. It can hold odor for up to 14 days without cleaning due to its highly efficient odor blocking formula.

Moreover, the bedding is made of super soft crumble which makes it very comfortable. The material can absorb liquid up to 3 times its weight. Not only this, the crumble is very eco-friendly due to its non-toxic nature and unbleached property. You also don't have to worry about the dust as it is 99.5% dust free.


  • Can prevent odor for 14 days
  • Contains an odor blocking formula
  • Made of crumble which is recyclable
  • Does not retain much dust
  • Easy to clean and requires less frequent cleaning
  • The crumble is not bleached
  • Absorbs liquids up to 3 timesits weight


  • Lack of consistent quality
  • After about two weeks, the smell becomes unbearable

6. Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liner

Small Pets and Company

The Fleece cage liner is made larger than the size of the cage. This will help you to cover the cage properly and make it as little messy as possible. Additionally, as liners made of fleece tend to shrink due to liquid absorption, the bigger size makes up for it.

However, the fabric is used to make this liner of the highest quality. As a result, your pet will feel very comfortable sleeping on it. You can get rid of the problem of replacing the bedding every few months due to its reusability. Moreover, it is quite easy to clean and does not retain much dust due to the texture of the fabric.


  • Very convenient to use
  • Made of good quality fabric
  • Highly comfortable
  • A perfect fit for the cage
  • Dust free
  • Provides warmth for your pet and thus prevents cold and common illnesses
  • Can be cleaned very easily


  • Needs to be cleaned frequently
  • Spots of stool might be hard to remove completely without a good detergent

7. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Natural Small Animal Bedding

Kaytee 100533037

Paper is the basic materialused to make this product. It can be expanded up to 3 times its size and has 99.9% dust resistance. It also has great absorption property, due to which it can prevent odor to a considerable extent.

This product is also eco-friendly as it is made of biodegradable material. It comes with a range of scents which help to overpower any kind of bad smell coming from the absorption of ammonia. The bedding encourages burrowing or nesting as it can absorb five times the liquid of its weight.


  • Absorption capability of 5 times of its weight
  • Due to higher absorption, prevents odor well
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy to clean due to dust free property
  • Can be expanded up to 3 times of its size
  • Has a range of scents available in the market
  • Very safe for your pet due to its dust control property


  • Needs to be cleaned more frequently compared to its paper bedding alternatives
  • Due to its attractive scent, the pets might sometimes eat off it

8. Carefresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding for Small Animals

Carefresh L0405

Natural materials are the primary ingredients of this bedding. The organic patented formula does not contain any pine or cedar oil and thus, proves to be much safer for your pet compared to the other brands available in the market.

Due to its composition, it is biodegradable and can be flushed in small quantities. It is very comfortable and soft and remains dry due to its amazing absorption capabilities. It can control odor for up to 10 days ensuring less frequent cleaning. The dust-free property helps the small guinea pigs to breathe more comfortably.


  • Very useful for sound sleeping due to its soft and comfortable texture
  • Dust resistant property keeps the guinea pigs safe from allergies
  • Can absorb liquids up to 2 times of its weight
  • Needs to be cleaned less frequently due to its absorption power
  • As it is made of paper, it is biodegradable
  • Does not contain harmful pine and cedar oils
  • Can hold odor for about 10 days


  • Can sometimes smell strongly like glue when unclean
  • After frequent cleaning, the paper can lose a bit of its soft texture

9. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Colored Small Animal Bedding

Kaytee 100513214

This one is a great quality paper bedding product, but fancier and colorful at the same time. As it is mainly made of paper, it is fully biodegradable. So if you love to go eco-friendly, this should be your choice. Plus, the colorful feature encourages the children in your home to take part in the cleaning of the bedding.

One great feature of this particular product is its great absorption capability. It can absorb six times the liquid of its weight and controls odor. Thus, cleaning becomes easier and less frequent. Moreover, due to its multi-colored look, stains are hard to spot which makes the cage look clean and hygienic.


  • Made of 100% natural materials
  • Can absorb 6 times the liquid of its weight
  • Has attractive and eye-catching colors
  • Colorful look helps to camouflage any stain on it
  • Amazing formula controls odor to a great extent
  • Needs less frequent cleaning
  • Highly resistant to dust


  • Color combinations may not always look as shown in the packaging
  • The colorful bedding might sometimes cause your pet to confuse it as something edible

10. Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Small Pet Select BDING-178L

Do you like 100% natural products? Then this should be your preferred choice. This product is made of organic paper and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Thus, it is not only environmentally friendly, but also safe to use as the best bedding for guinea pigs.

The paper used to make this bedding is unbleached. So, if your pet accidentally nibbles on it, the risk of getting severely sick is low compared to other alternatives.

Your little buddy will also face no lack of space to play as the bedding can expand up to 3 times from its original size. And after it is done playing, it can sleep comfortably on this soft and cozy bedding.


  • Very comfortable for the pets due to the soft texture
  • Made of completely natural materials
  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • Safe for pets
  • Can be expanded up to 3 times of its size
  • Easily biodegradable as it is made of paper
  • Unbleached and made of unprinted paper


  • Expensive compared to its alternatives
  • Cannot control odor for a long time and needs to be cleaned frequently

Here's What to Look For Before Buying

Now that you know which brands to buy, it will be easier for you to choose between your desired ones. However, there are some must-have qualities that you need to look for before buying the product.

So here’s a beginner’s guide on what factors to look for before buying;

Your Budget and The Cost of the Product

Given your income, you will need to fix an allocated budget that you are willing to spend on the caring of your guinea pig. A balance between the budget and price is an essential part of your guinea pig bedding ideas.

So, once you are done fixing your budget, carefully choose the bedding that suits both your taste and budget.

The Time You Can Invest in Cleaning

If you are a busy body and have no time to frequently clean the bedding, choose the product that can hold the odor and absorb liquids for the maximum number of days.

On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to clean the pet's cage often, you can choose the more natural alternatives that are environmentally friendly but need more ​regular cleanings..

Size of the Cage

The size of the pen that your pet lives on is a big factor to look at before actually purchasing a bedding. Match the bedding's size according to the cage. You can also opt for the ones that have expendable features.

Nature of Your Pet

Just like humans, guinea pigs also have different personalities. Therefore, depending on their personality, choose the bedding that suits them the best.

Odor Control

The most important feature that you need to look for is how well the bedding absorbs the urine and the accompanying odor. If the bedding of your choice does not cut, eliminate it. Because a stinky cage means an unhygienic habitat and a frequent sick pet.

Anti-Dust Factor

Nobody likes having a dusty bed and your little buddy is no different. If you don’t want him to have respiratory issues, choose the bedding that holds the least amount of dust.

Whether Your Pet Likes to Nibble on Paper

You need to make sure that your pet does not find the paper bedding as something to savor upon. If you notice him nibbling on it, you have to switch to a different bedding option immediately. Because eating the bedding material will lead to health hazards that might even cause the death of your beloved friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pet owners often have different questions in mind to ensure the best care for their adorable friends. Here are some of the most commonly asked ones for their convenience.

1. What type of bedding is the safest for my pet?

All the products mentioned in this article are safe to use for your pet. The materials that the bedding should be made of are paper, fleece or aspen.

2. What are the improper bedding materials on the market that should be avoided?

Number one; “Softwood chips or beddings” that contain cedar or pine oilcan cause respiratory problems. Number two; “Straw”causes low absorption power. Lastly, “Corn Husks” can block intestinal tracts if eaten.

3. How frequently should I clean the bedding?

The best way to keep your rodents healthy and happy is to clean the cages and beddings once a week. It is advised by every vet out there. The more you delay the cleaning, the messier it will get and the risks of your pet getting sick will be higher.

4. In a C&C cage, do you need to put something under the paper bedding (i.e., newspaper, puppy pads, etc.) so the guinea pigs don't slip?

Yes, it is advisable that you put something under the bedding to prevent your pet from slipping in a C&C cage. You can use card boards but make sure that it is not exposed to the guinea pig as the rodent might chew on it. Newspapers can work as an alternative as well.

5. Can these products be used for other pets?

As long as you are using it for pets that are small and similar to guinea pigs, it's going to be okay. For example, you can use it for rabbits or rats. But as a precautionary measure, see the back of the packages to see if they are suitable for other pets or not.

Final Verdict

This article will not only help you to make the best guinea pig bedding for your rodents but will also enrich your ideas on what features to look for, the next time you go out for bedding shopping.

Always remember, whatever product you choose, it should be good at controlling odor, have great absorption capability, comfortable for your pet and last but not the least, dust free to avoid health issues.

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