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If you keep a pet as a companion, you should take proper care of it. The more care and maintenance you can give it, the better its health will be. we have a range of article of most popular pets and everything you need to know about their care and feeding habits.

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Pet knowledge

We write about pets in general. So if you need to know about anything, it's highly likely we have an article on that here

Health and Maintenance

Pet maintenance and well-being are tightly connected. The better you keep your pets, the more playful they get. 

dog Pet tips


We review the best pet accessories such as belt, harnesses and toys. 

Pet products

We review pet foods and supplements so that you can easily find the best one for yourself. 

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Dog health

If you're an experienced dog owner or adopting one for the first time, we have articles that talks about to keep your canine friend's health & well-being in the best way possible.

Dog products

We also sell dog foods and care products like belts, harness and medicines.



Cats are very emotional. They display a range of feelings, but they're a bit more complicated than of humans. We have expert written articles about cat health and mental well-being.


Hamsters are lively little pets that fits perfectly in small hands. However, they can be picky and sometimes get high maintenance. 



If you have time to spend with, a ferret can be a great companion. 

Guinea Pig

Although not as commonly kept as hamsters, guinea pigs are very popular and active pets. They are popular among children.



Hedgehogs have been wild for the most time but recently there is a domesticated version of African pygmy hedgehogs that have gotten popular. 


Who doesn't like rabbits? Rabbits are the closest thing to cats in cuteness and can be kept by people of any age. 



Birds aren't the best pets for everybody. As a pet, they come with some benefits and a few issues. 


Keeping chicken as pets have started to grow popular in 2000s and this is the most popular pet bird worldwide. It's easy to keep and care for.



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