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Dog Friendly Hikes

This page provides a selection of hikes and urban walks available to you and your dog. We have included a variety of distances and levels of difficulty for you to choose from.

Please be safe and courteous of others and the environment. Click any link immediately below for tips and recommendations for safe hiking for yourself and your 4-legged companion.

To see the locations of all of the listings below click our [Map]. Map opens in new window. Click any map point for details.

But first, some tips…click links below to expand content.

Safety First for you and your dog

Our friends at Portland Mountain Rescue would appreciate us sharing the 4 Elements of Safety:

  • Know the Conditions & Weather
  • Know the route
  • Be prepared
  • Have a backup plan

Park Passes/Permits

For information about Park Passes and Permits, see these links:

Beware of and prepare for...

Here is a summary of some of the hazards that you need to consider when hiking in the NW.

  • Rocky trails are hard on dog paws – consider carrying booties
  • Hazardous animals – cougars, snakes, bears, skunks, porcupines, salmon (found dead during spawning season) or any raw fish
  • Water from streams may be contaminated with
  • Plants – poison oak & poison ivy, toxic: rhododendrons & azaleas
  • Heat stroke can be fatal to dogs when its 70 degrees or warmer
  • Ticks and Lyme disease

Updated trail conditions

Check for updated trail conditions from other hikers.

The Forest Service also provides trail conditions for the Columbia Gorge at this link:
Columbia River Gorge Alerts and Notices

Leash Up, Oregon - in memory of Casey

Many dogs have been injured or killed while hiking in the Columbia River Gorge because they were not on a leash. One misstep by a tired or frightened dog can lead to tragic results. Read [ HERE ] about the rescue of a dog in the Columbia Gorge by OHSTAR team.

Select hikes in the Columbia Gorge | Portland Metro | Vancouver, WA

The Columbia Gorge
Angels Rest Dist: 4.5 mi Elev Gain: 1500ft moderate
A hike that includes two waterfalls on the way to a summit with a 270 degree sweeping view up & down the Columbia River. Trailhead [map]: Eastbound on I-84, take Bridal Veil Exit #28. The trailhead is south of the Historic Columbia River Hwy, opposite the junction with the interstate access road. Fees/Permits: None
Dog Mountain Dist: 6.9 mi Elev Gain: 2800ft strenuous
Hike through forest and meadows while taking in views of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens Trailhead [map]: Trailhead is on north side of Washington State Highway 14 at milepost 53. 12 miles east from Bridge of the Gods. Fees/Permits: NW Forest Pass
Eagle Creek Dist: 12 mi Elev Gain: 1600ft moderate
A popular hike through lush forest with numerous spectacular waterfalls. Trailhead [map]: Coming from Portland, travel eastbound on I-84, and turn off at Exit #41. At the bottom of the ramp turn right. Go about 1/2 mile to the end of the road. Fees/Permits: NW Forest Pass
Hamilton Mountain Dist: 7.5 mi Elev Gain: 2100ft moderate
A hike that has everything – waterfalls, forests, plus incredible river and mountain views. Trailhead [map]: Off of SR14 (WA) near Beacon Rock, 35 mi east of Vancouver, 7mi south of Bridge of the Gods Fees/Permits: None
Horsetail Falls Trail Loop Dist: 2.6 mi Elev Gain: 610ft easy
This stunning hike starts with a waterfall at the trailhead and leads you to the backside of a waterfall looking out towards the Gorge. Trailhead [map]: From PDX east on I-84 to the Bridal Veil exit (#28). East on the Historic Highway 5.6 miles to Horsetail Falls Fees/Permits: None
Triple Falls Dist: 3.2 mi Elev Gain: 610ft moderate
Hike through forest past a series of waterfalls, ending with the spectacular Triple falls. Trailhead [map]: FromPDX east on I-84 to the Bridal Veil exit (#28). East on the Historic Highway 5.1 miles to a small parking lot on the left, just before the Oneonta Gorge Fees/Permits: None


Portland Metro Area
East Esplanade Dist: 3.2 mi Elev Gain: 100ft easy
Walk right along the Willamette river with views of downtown riverfront. Cross the Steel and Hawthorne bridges. Take in the Saturday Market. Trailhead [map]: SE Water Ave & Hawthorne Blvd. Free street parking as well as paid lots available. Fees/Permits: None
Forest Park Dist: 3mi & up Elev Gain: 200ft – 800ft moderate
The largest forested urban park in the United States (approx 5,400 acres). Many trails to explore including the 30 mile Wildwood trail. Trailhead [map]: 2999 NW Upshur Street is one of the many entrance points. Fees/Permits: None
Hoyt Arboretum Dist: 1 mi, 2mi & 4mi Elev Gain: 100ft easy
An urban oasis in Washinton Park boasting trees from around the world. Several self-guided hikes available (see website). Trailhead [map]: Visitor Center is at 4000 SW Fairview Blvd. Near the Zoo off of Hwy 26 & Canyon Rd Fees/Permits: None
Powell Butte Perimiter Dist: 4 mi Elev Gain: 500ft moderate
Powell Butte Nature park offers many trail options, this trail follows the perimeter and offers views of Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams. Trailhead [map]: Start at 162nd & Powell. Drive south on 162nd and you will enter the park immediately. Continue up the hill about 1/4 mi to the parking lot. Fees/Permits: None
Sandy River Delta Hike Dist: 4.2 mi Elev Gain: 100ft easy
No real trails, but plenty of footpaths and old roads to explore. This is a popular place to let your dogs off-leash. Trailhead [map]: From PDX east on I-84 to Exit 18. Loop around to a stop sign. Turn right drive under the freeway and park in the lot to the left. Fees/Permits: None
Springwater Corridor Dist: 20+ miles of trail Elev Gain: 100ft easy
A multi-use scenic trail for biking, walking & running through wetlands, buttes, fields and pastures, residential and industrial neighborhoods. Trailhead [map]: Numerous entrance points, we suggest Sellwood Park as a great place to start (SE Spokane St & SE Oaks Park Way) Fees/Permits: None
Tryon Creek State Park Dist: 2.7 mi Elev Gain: 125ft easy
A forested park with trails, right in the middle of SW Portland. Trailhead [map]: Off SW Terwilliger Boulevard, about 2.4 miles south of I-5 Fees/Permits: None


Vancouver, WA
Discovery Historic Loop Trail Dist: 4 mi Elev Gain: 100ft easy
History and scenery a mere step away from Downtown Vancouver. Sites include Fort Vancouver, Pearson Air Museum, Providence Academy and Esther Short Park. Trailhead [map]: Easy parking on East Evergreen Blvd. at Officers Row. Fees/Permits: None
Frenchman’s Bar Trail Dist: 2.5 mi Elev Gain: 100ft easy
Walk along the Columbia River and then Vancouver Lake which offers lovely mountain views. Open space and views. Trailhead [map]: I-5 to Fouth Plain (West). Becomes Lower River Rd,follow signs. Fees/Permits: None
Salmon Creek Trail Dist: 3 mi Elev Gain: 100ft easy
Explore wildlife interpretive areas, wetlands and ponds, duck nesting boxes and restored habitat. Trail is wide and multi-use. Trailhead [map]: Trail begins at Salmon Creek Pk 1112 NE 117th Street. Fees/Permits: None
Waterfront Renaissance Trail Dist: 5 mi Elev Gain: 100ft easy
A wide multi-use trail along the Columbia River. Walk past historic points of interest while enjoying water and mountain views. Trailhead [map]: 115 Columbia Way at Waterfront Park. Fees/Permits: None